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Final presentation 2-ppt

  1. 1. Arise--A virtual Sales World Expands Arise--A virtual Sales World ExpandsBy: Enid Stern EDUC-6105-3 Organizations, Innovation, and Change 09/07/2010 - 10/31/2010 Instructor: Laurie Bedford
  2. 2. History Founded in 1997 and based in Miramar, Florida, Arise Virtual Solutions Inc. is the pioneer of the at-home agent industry. The company’s mission is to match the capabilities of the Arise Certified Professional with the goals of its clients and the needs of their customers – inspiring trust and creating results for those it connects.
  3. 3. Structure HR Structure Sr. Management working from home office in Miramare, FL Middle Management consisting of : Technical Support, Training, and Supervisors, working mostly from home Cyber Agents Individual contract corporations working from home Corporate Structure Home Office Headquarters: ●Sr Management, Operations, Finance, HR, Legal, IT, Sales Client Companies PBS, Circuit City, Office Depot, Apple, Sports Authority, Barnes&Noble, ToysRUs Middle Management: ●Technical Support, Training, and Supervisors, working mostly from home Cyber Agents Individual contract corporations working from home
  4. 4. Culture Based on the typical Hierarchical corporate structure Sr Management ●Makes all decisions- Created the Ideology of Virtual Call Center and Virtual Corporations, On-shoring, UTP ●Provide leadership, structure, development, communications, Inspiration, Client Corporations Are the customers the organization is contracted with they provide one of the revenue streams Middle Management Mostly a contracted force of Supervisors and indirect service indiviuals Cyber Corporations The first point of contact for the client companies customers Arise’s vision is to virtualize enterprises worldwide to accelerate unparalleled business results. Our mission is the achievement of Undisputed Top Performance™ — for our clients, the Arise Certified Professionals, our Arise employees and our company as a whole. Arise’s operating values guide our approach in undertaking our vision and mission as a corporation. They also create the foundation from which Arise employees act and the environment in which they interact. COMPETENCE — WORK that not only meets expectations, but exceeds them. CONFIDENCE—FREEDOM to challenge what cannot be understood nor supported. CONSIDERATION — TRUST through mutual respect, integrity and inspiring people to be all they can be. INNOVATION — RESULTS created through the passion for new ideas and the investment in capabilities to
  5. 5. New System, New Clients, New Agents and New Customers Installation of new IT system- required to take on more business Hiring 5 new client companies- required to acquire leading position in virtual call center industry Hiring of 300+ new agents- required to take on more business Predicted 30% increase in Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales- Increase holiday season profits
  6. 6. Action the actions undertaken by leadership throughout the process Planning- Lead and directed by Sr. Management ●Communication provided via Middle Management in the form of email alerts and newsletter Implementation ●In the form of installing a demo system, setting up training material and classes, test launches, and mock runs Strategies for overcoming resistance ●Preparing middle management with rehearsed responses to agents questions Sustaining the change ●Live implementation of new system
  7. 7. Results overall effectiveness of the change process ●What was done well ●Education- overall communication about and during the transition ●Training- System specific, application specific, client specific ●Holiday season metrics ●What might be done differently ●Scheduling system overhaul ●Revised schedule selection process ●Honest communication v. hours and pay ●Revised agent contracting procedures
  8. 8. Conclusion How does Arise responds to innovation and change? From a technological point of view they should be seen to be quite innovative with a nimble ability to respond to the changing business dynamic of its industry. ●The preeminent virtual call center company From the point of view of a business model they could be seen as having a dynamic and innovated structural model within their industry. ●Arise only contracts with incorporated entities From the standpoint of providing multi-channel customer contact, they have a strong presence within the major retail industry ●Customer relationships with- PBS, Sports Authority, Barnes&Noble, Disney, AAA auto clubs