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The Extraordinary Japanese Customer Service Model


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What we can learn from the extraordinary Japanese Customer Service Model and it's key ethos called Omotenashi

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The Extraordinary Japanese Customer Service Model

  2. 2. Customer Service in Japan is consistently good across all walks of life. Not just in 5 star hotels or their many Michelin Star restaurants
  3. 3. Why is Japanese customer service so good? Customer Service Attitudes lead to Customer Service Behaviours They have a different idea of what a “Customer” is The idea is that the customer is also a guest So that customer service is a form of hospitality This idea lets them effortlessly deliver consistently high level service without feeling servile
  4. 4. Why would I want to adopt these customer service philosophies for my business? Because by 2020 Customer Service will have become the key brand differentiator In a world of instant negative Social Media Feedback Extraordinary customer service increases customer loyalty, retention and sales Lower your staff turnover costs by reducing the burnout that comes from feeling servile
  5. 5. Are these behaviours hardwired into Japanese cultural DNA? No. They can be easily adapted to suit our western markets.
  6. 6. We studied Japanese Customer Service from first principles And created an easy to understand model of the philosophies and behaviours
  7. 7. We show you how to adapt some of the Japanese CS behaviours and service styles To easily and rapidly improve your CS/X here in U.K.