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  1. 1. General informationPalma; formerly Palma de Mallorca is the major city and port on the island of Majorca and capital city of the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands in Spain. The names Ciutat de Mallorca (English: City of Majorca) and Ciutat were used before the War of the Spanish Succession and are still used bypeople in Majorca. However, the official name was Mallorca, the same as the island. It is situated on the south coast of the island on the Bay of Palma. As of the 2009 census, the population of the city of Palma proper was 401,270, and thepopulation of the entire urban area was 517,285, ranking as the twelfth largest urban area of Spain. Almost half of the total population of Majorca live in Palma. The Cabrera Archipelago,though widely separated from Palma proper, is administratively considered part of the municipality. Its airport, Son Sant Joan, serves over 22 million passengers each year.
  2. 2. History: The city of palma has been populated by verydiferent civilisations during hundreds of years. First, byRomans, then by the Byzantines, after them came theMuslims, for a very long period, and finally came theChristians.
  3. 3. The cathedral It is the mostrepresentative monument of Palma, so you must visit it!
  4. 4. I is a gothic style cathedral. I construcction t tsbegan in 1229 and it was finished in 1346.I is one of the most important symbols of tPalma and the whole island.
  5. 5. It is a gothic style castle built in the 14 century. thIt is one of the few castle in europe that is circular. It was used at the beginning as a residence of kings, and after as a prision.
  6. 6. La RamblaIt is a very beautyful street near the centre of palmawhere are concentred most of the flowerss trademans.It is a good place for these who have girfriend ;)
  7. 7. If you like doing sport, walking, orenjoying the seas views, thats yourplace!
  8. 8. Images of it: Isnt it beautyful?
  9. 9. Es mercat de sOlivarIt is a very fine traditional market in Palma,near Plaza España. There, fish, meat, fruitand vegetables of the Mallorcan peasants aresold.
  10. 10. Shopping centres El corte InglesFor those who likeshoping!! Porto pi center
  11. 11. Plaza EspañaIt is the reference point in Palma to goanywere. All the buses lines passes there,and theres also a train station in front of it. Hi! Im Jaume 1 the Conqueror
  12. 12. What do you want?Cinemas, restaurants,shpos, hours of fun?So, Festival Park isyour place.
  13. 13. Images of it:
  14. 14. Plaza de CortIn this square there is the city hall, and its inbetween Plaza Mayor, Plaza de Santa Eulaliaand The cathedral. Its a good place to takephotos sitting in a big bank that there is in thefront of the building and standing up nex to avery big and old tree.
  15. 15. Other VillagesIf you want to go to visit other places in Mallorca youcan go to Intermodal station in front of Plaza Españaand ask for information about the train and busservices. Theyre really useful, and you cannot only stayin Palma, because there are a lot other beautyful placesin Mallorca!