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Soft Copy of Executive Search Nusantara\'s brochure for executive search networkl Asian operations in Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.

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Executive Search Nusantara Brochure

  1. 1. Executive Search Network Asia Executive Search Nusantara EXECUTIVE SEARCH NUSANTARA Now under the executive search group Executive Search Network Asia, Executive Search Nusantara, was one of the first international executive search firms in Southeast Asia, and was the first to establish a permanent presence in Indonesia. Originally founded in 1983 in Indonesia, our regional headquarters was established shortly afterward in Singapore, from which the Asia region was serviced for one of the largest global executive search groups at the time. Executive Search Nusantara’s early history focused much on the markets of Singapore and Malaysia. In 1988, operations were begun in Thailand. During these years, there was also pressing demand in Hong Kong and Taiwan, from regional clients. Indonesia, opened in 1983 as a satellite office, soon began to eclipse the operations in the neighboring countries just from the sheer potential of the Indonesian market. By 1993, ESN was the largest recruitment firm of any type in Indonesia, and all operations were consolidated in Jakarta in order to service the needs of that market. In 2003, ESN reopened the market of Vietnam, which had been serviced by an affiliate up until 1999. In 2005, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore operations were reestablished. And in 2007, ESN is again expanding, this time into the Philippines market, also previously serviced by an affiliate. In addition, ESN has now re- forged strategic alliances with old partners covering the markets of Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China, to assure consistent quality of service in those markets also. We continue to follow the printed Principles of Practice and Code of Ethics of the Association of Executive Search Firms (USA). And our clients can be assured of receiving the level and quality of service in Jakarta and around Indonesia that they are accustomed to in other world markets. All assignments are undertaken based on extensive, and exhaustive written contracts, which highlight all aspects of the operations and commercial terms. Fees are charged on a retainer basis, at the usual international fee levels, and expenses are budgeted and charged to the client inline with actual expenditures. info@esn-asia.com Page 1
  2. 2. Executive Search Network Asia Executive Search Nusantara PROCEDURES GOVERNING OUR OPERATIONS The Search Strategy Our systematic approach to executive search normally involves selecting target institutions and, within those targets, individuals identified as having the appropriate experience, education and personal characteristics to meet your requirement. This is done in a highly confidential manner. Our systematic executive search process saves a client's top executives valuable time, which can be more productively spent fulfilling other corporate/institutional responsibilities. We prepare a comprehensive confidential report on each candidate, which covers the candidate's working career, those personal aspects which are relevant to the position and our appraisal of how the candidate's qualifications relate to this specific opportunity. Based on many years of experience, the Executive Search Network Asia’s philosophy of executive selection is that what a person has done in the past is the most reliable indicator of what he or she is likely to do in the future. If an individual has been as effective performer, thinker or leader, that person will likely bring the same qualities to the position under consideration. A compelling personality, for example, means little if it has not resulted in superior on-the-job performance. Confidentiality: it is our general policy not to divulge our client's identity without prior permission. Candidates will not be apprised of your identity until we have preliminarily confirmed their qualifications and potential interest. Our usual plan is to defer that until time of face-to-face interview. Exclusivity: Executive Search Network Asia establishes an exclusive consulting agreement with our clients. We expect you not to separately advertise nor use a competing organization on the same engagement during the period of involvement. Unnecessary duplication puts all parties in a potentially embarrassing situation and may result in the downgrading of the position in the eyes of potential candidates. info@esn-asia.com Page 3
  3. 3. Executive Search Network Asia Executive Search Nusantara Communications: Establishing frequent and effective communications between consultant and client is often the key to completing a search successfully. Our rule of thumb is simple: more is better than less. The same holds true for the front-end discussions where we are introduced to the specific issues driving the search. The more we can learn from a client, the more familiar we are with your goals, leadership and culture, the more effective we can be serving as your enthusiastic and informed representative in the market-place. Many tough searches have been completed because the search consultant was able to sell as well as evaluate. Process: Our search methodology would normally encompass the following steps: 1. Initial Discussions/organizational Assessment: Our first step always involves personal, in -depth discussions with our client's key leaders. These sessions enable us to become knowledgeable about the position, its responsibilities, the experience and personal attributes of the successful candidate, and to understand the way in which the position relates to your strategic objectives. Only with such detailed knowledge can we be effective in presenting the viability of this opportunity to the candidates. 2. Position Specification: We then draft a position description, describing our client, the nature of the opportunity, and the professional and personal qualifications required for the ideal candidate. These specifications assist us in discussing the opportunity with interested candidates and sources in a knowledgeable and motivating manner. It is also critical in documenting our understanding of situation and need; so that you will be comfortable we are moving in the right direction. 3. Search Strategy: The specification then drives development of the search strategy. We will review key elements of this with you as they are developed. During our initial discussion, we did begin to develop a list of target locations in which we might locate candidates. info@esn-asia.com Page 4
  4. 4. Executive Search Network Asia Executive Search Nusantara 4. We then identify prospective candidates through the full range of executive search techniques. This includes research in the form of directory and library science techniques. We access the Fischer International data base of names from prior assignments and make telephone sourcing inquiries among people from reluctant institutions and with our own network of contacts. We then contact prospective candidates by telephone. We provide interested and apparently qualified prospects with the position specification/candidate profile and ask for a resume. Typically, we initiate between 100-200 calls to build a pool of candidates whose backgrounds, experience, and accomplishments match those sought. We ask that internal and prospective candidates identified by the client be forwarded to us. This process avoids duplication of effort, relieves the client of the burden of responding to such individuals and allows us to incorporate these candidates into the screening process. We then assess potential candidates prior to your meeting them, screening those candidates identified through sourcing and other search techniques. This step includes in-depth evaluation interviews, background inquires and informal reference checking. Through this process, the field is narrowed to a limited number typically three to five - of those exceptionally qualified and interested candidates whom we recommend for your formal consideration. Before narrowing the field to finalists, we recommend and interim review providing you with a range of potential candidates whom we find initially promising. This would include a brief summary of their background, compensation, educational credentials and other information relevant to our specification. 5. Presentations: Our presentation of finalist candidates is made to you in writing via a detailed confidential report for each candidate containing a narrative of their employment info@esn-asia.com Page 5
  5. 5. Executive Search Network Asia Executive Search Nusantara history, any initial references and our summary appraisal. This is followed by introduction of candidates to the client. 6. Hiring: The final step in attracting an outstanding candidate is a join effort between you and us. We assist in determining what is needed in terms of position, resources commitments, growth opportunities and financial incentives in order to hire the outstanding candidate. When appropriate, we also assist in negotiating a mutually acceptable offer. 7. References: It is our practice to directly contact superiors, peers, and subordinates of current and past employers of the final candidate(s). The reference checks verify factual data and report achievements, explore strengths and weaknesses, and provide insights into personal and professional style and other attributes. We summarize our findings in writing to the client and provide a verification of the candidate's education and any certificates or licenses. In order to protect the confidentiality of the candidate, reference checks are typically performed at the end stages of the search process or at such time as an offer has been extended to the individual. In the latter case, the offer is made contingent upon satisfactory reference checks. 8. Follow-up: Lastly, within the first six months following your successful candidate's starting date, we will initiate a detailed discussion with that individual regarding your first weeks together. Your new leader knows that our conversation will take place with your knowledge and that it will be subsequently reviewed with you. We have found this discussion to be an excellent time to reinforce the correctness of the decision by both parties and to identify any misunderstandings or misconceptions that may have developed in the early weeks. Periodically, during the next 12 months, we will speak with the successful candidate and you to assess the integration of the candidate with your organization. info@esn-asia.com Page 6
  6. 6. Executive Search Network Asia Executive Search Nusantara Executive Search Network Asia's Qualifications An established, international firm with extensive experience in recruiting senior professionals in all industries assures the advantage of ready access to prospective candidates in all relevant career arenas through a state-of-the-art information system, extensive research facilities and continuity of service. Our knowledge of the structure, dynamics and financing of private/public sector organizations and consultative approach to search assures that we understand your needs and are able to effectively assist with recruiting, evaluating and selecting candidates. Our process orientation enhances the probability that a consensus choice will be made and that all key organizational constituents will perceive that they have been represented in the decision process and are committed to the individual selected. Founded in 1983 in Singapore and Indonesia, Executive Search Network Asia was the first international executive search firm to enter the rapidly growing and extremely challenging Indonesian market. Our dedication to performing high quality search in a timely manner, now extended throughout Asia, has enabled us to maintain long-term relationships with organizations around the world and has made us an industry leader in the proportion of engagements and referrals coming from former clients. Additionally, we have access to the international resources of our affiliate firms in other Asian markets and around the world. Our consultants are mature, seasoned search professionals who have had extensive experience in business prior to their association with the firm. They are supported by a professional research staff and a state-of-the-art information system. We utilize an internal computerized database and a complete library of reference materials and industry publications. These information sources are augmented by a networking process, which taps the collective experience and personal network of firm's consultants. info@esn-asia.com Page 7
  7. 7. Executive Search Network Asia Executive Search Nusantara OUR PROFESSIONAL STAFF Joseph F Keiser has been in the executive search practice in Southeast Asia since 1985. He assisted in opening the regional office of one of the major international executive search firms and served as the Regional Managing Partner until 2001 when he began devoting all of his efforts to Indonesia. In the more recent post-financial crisis period, more focus has been given to the other developing economies of Southeast Asia, especially Thailand, following the requirements of client focus. Mr. Keiser is a veteran of our industry, having successfully completed many assignments for both multinational and local clients in Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Besides his East Asian experience, Mr. Keiser previously worked for one of the best- recognized consumer goods companies in building up their operations in the Middle East and Africa. Originally from America, Mr. Keiser speaks Bahasa Indonesia and is well versed in the Southeast Asian cultural environments. Ati Prayitno is our top ranking Indonesia in charge of our Research Department. Javanese by birth, as Senior Consultant she is able to gain access to the full complement of information resources required for the successful completion of all of our assignments. Ms. Ati is responsible for all assignments within Indonesia and overseas. She joined us shortly after the office was first opened in Indonesia. Jarunee Dulyasatit is our top ranking Thai in charge of our Thailand domestic searches. Originally from Bangkok, as a Consultant and Recruiter she is able to gain access to the full complement of information resources required for the successful completion of all of our assignments. ”Koong” is responsible for Candidate Development on all assignments within Thailand. Fluent in English and active in community projects, she joined ESN from one of the largest Thai conglomerates. info@esn-asia.com Page 9
  8. 8. Executive Search Network Asia Executive Search Nusantara EXCERPTS: MARKET SEGMENTATION STRATEGY INDUSTRIES SERVED:  Consumer Goods Industry  High Technology Industry  Pharmaceutical Industry  Oil / Petrochemical Industry  Mineral Extraction Industry  Financial Institutions  Local Conglomerates  Trading Companies  Agribusiness  Transportation / Cargo  Manufacturing  Hospitality Industry  Automotive Industry GEOGRAPHIC DESPERSION/EXPANSION TARGETS 1. Jakarta/JABOTABEK 2. Indonesian provinces 3. Singapore 4. Kuala Lumpur 5. Bangkok 6. Chonburi 7. Ho Chi Minh City 8. Hanoi 9. Manila/GMA 10. Phnom Penh 11. Vientiane 12. Yangon info@esn-asia.com Page 11
  9. 9. Executive Search Network Asia Executive Search Nusantara HISTORY:  1983 Jakarta Operations established  1985 Singapore Regional Office established  1985 Kuala Lumpur office established  1983 - 1989 IndonesiaHandled from offshore  1988 Thailand Operations established  1989 Fully-licensed Rep office opened in Jakarta  1991 Indonesia PT Company formed and gazette  1992 All operations consolidated in Jakarta Regional Office  1993 Achieved leading position in Indonesia market  2003 Entered Vietnam market (affiliate closed 1999)  2005 Reestablished Singapore/Malaysia/Thailand operations  2007 Entered Philippines market (affiliate closed 2000)  2007 Re-Established affiliate relationships in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and China PHILOSOPHY:  quot;Professional Client Service Comes Firstquot;  quot;Do not Compromise the Processquot;  quot;Reputation Brings in Businessquot;  AESC Principles CLIENT BASE: See Our Website for a Representative Listing www.esn-asia.com info@esn-asia.com Page 12
  10. 10. Executive Search Network Asia Executive Search Nusantara FUNCTIONAL DEMAND:  Human Resources  Finance/Accounting/Auditing  Marketing/Brand/Sales  General Management  Manufacturing/Operations (Q.A., Plant, Production, Engineering, Materials) DEMAND REQUIREMENTS: 1. Qualified Local Nationals 2. Asian Expatriates 3. Western Expatriates For the first category above, companies try to manage their own recruitment unless the internal manager recognizes the value of qualified professional managers and the difficulty in locating them. In the second category, Asian expatriates, where salaries are relatively low, our fees are not unattractive. In this category, companies will, again, attempt to do this in-house, unless the company recognizes the difficulty in locating appropriately qualified candidates and the value of making a correct hire. The third category, in many countries, has also usually been done in-house as there were few international firms, in most countries, which could help the hiring firm and, in almost all cases, the fees are seen to be astronomical. Our raison-d'etre is the value added by the qualified professionals who are identified by our locally-resident qualified professionals. Due to the number of executive search 'carpetbaggers' encountered in most Southeast Asia countries over years, we encourage our clients that trust must be won; trust should never be assumed. info@esn-asia.com Page 13
  11. 11. Executive Search Network Asia Executive Search Nusantara STANDARD DOCUMENTATION:  Proposal/Contract : pages + pages  Job Specification : Minimum pages and post acceptance  Personal Characteristics  Candidate Presentation  Candidate Interim  Candidate Signoff  Interim Client Status Reports  Contract Completion  Hands-off termination TERMS:  All work on retainer basis  , varying by country  Minimum Fees are waived  Invoicing at initiation/shortlist/acceptance  No guarantee of success, per AESC guidelines  Minimum 6 months warranty of work  2 year hands-off info@esn-asia.com Page 14