The Oak Hall Media Center Tour


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Photo Tour. All photos by Evelyn Smith

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The Oak Hall Media Center Tour

  1. 1. The Oak HallMiddle and Upper School Media Center: A Photo Tour
  2. 2. Here’s one of the places you’ll find the newest books!
  3. 3. Special Displays!This one pairs science fiction and science fact books.
  4. 4. From all of the library computers, you can explore the Oak Hall Library Catalogue, the Alachua County Library Catalogue, Edline, and our EBSCOdatabases. You can also access all these items from your home by going through Edline. One of your “classes” is the library! Links on the library Edline page will take you to catalogues, databases, a map of the library, a library wiki, and this tour!
  5. 5. On Follett Destiny, you can search for books, check outResource Lists, see the Top 10 Books, and New Arrivals!
  6. 6. To your left as you enter the library, you will find the nonfiction collection which is catalogued using the Dewey decimal system. Along the back wall under the windows is the high school fiction. Fiction is alphabetized by the author’s last name.
  7. 7. 900 Geography & History800 Literature700 Arts & Recreation600 Medicine & Technology500 Math & Science400 Language300 Social Sciences & Folklore200 Religions & Mythology100 Psychology & Philosophy000 General Knowledge
  8. 8. Just behind me you will find theMedia Center Conference Room. Classes sometimes meet here.I’m Alfred, Lord Tennyson, by theway, a British poet. Check out my exhibit.
  9. 9. Craving a snack? Eat out on the porch. When the weather isnice, the porch makes a great place to study or just hang out.
  10. 10. Feel free to get comfortable over here. Put your feet up. Or sit on the floor near the Young Adult books.
  11. 11. The Young Adult literature section starts here. YA fiction is also alphabetized by the author’s last name. Harry Potter andthe Hunger Games are both shelved in this section. Books by me, Honoré de Balzac, are over in the High School Fiction or 800’s section.
  12. 12. The magazines are over here. This is also another good place for group work.
  13. 13. Moving right along, we have on the shelves from left to right, Young Adult Fiction, Biography and Autobiography (alphabetized by the last name ofthe person who is the subject of the book), and Reference, which includes dictionaries and encyclopedias. You use Reference books in the library rather than checking them out. Along the back wall are more Reference books and another New Book display area.
  14. 14. These are the student computers . The student printer and photocopier is here as well. On the student computers you can check Edline, your email, complete research, finish a presentation, create a graph for physics, or even use Audacity torecord a podcast. If you need a head set and microphone, you can check one out at the Circulation Desk. The library staff also has your computer user name and password.
  15. 15. Need a place for group study? Have a make up test?Welcome to the Library Processing Room! (We also process books here.)
  16. 16. Come to the Circulation Desk to check outbooks or the sports page. Return your bookshere, get writing help, ask questions, or just visit.
  17. 17. Supplies:paperclips, earplugs, hand sanitizer, hole punch! Ratcliffe