The 32 Essential Wordpress Plugins Every Blogger Must Have


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Every blogger who is working to improve their blog MUST have great wordpress plugins to stay on top of the game. Good plugins keep visitors on your blog longer, increase opt-ins, create more repeat visitors, and just lead to more traffic. Here's my list of all 32 plugins that I use!

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The 32 Essential Wordpress Plugins Every Blogger Must Have

  1. 1. 32 Essential WordPress Plugins To Keep Your Blog Amazing<br />Brought To You By<br />
  2. 2. Akismet<br /><ul><li>People use SPAM comments to get backlinks to their website and try to make it rank higher
  3. 3. THE most basic essential Wordpress plugin
  4. 4. Protects your blog from being innodated with SPAM comments
  5. 5. SPAM comments can get up to a couple of hundred a day
  6. 6. With Akismet you will never have to sift through your comments or even look at the SPAM if you don’t want to</li></li></ul><li>All In One SEO Pack<br /><ul><li>A simple to use SEO plugin
  7. 7. Gives you the option to fill in the fields of a title and description of your post exactly the way you want to have it shown on the search engines
  8. 8. Another field is provided to fill in your keywords for the post
  9. 9. This makes it easier for the spiders to figure out what your post is about</li></li></ul><li>Broken Links Remover<br /><ul><li>In order for your content to rank higher, you need to have internal links
  10. 10. Internal links are links inside of your post that take your reader to another part of your website
  11. 11. Every once in a while one of those links doesn’t work
  12. 12. This plugin gives you a list of all your broken links so you can go back and fix them</li></li></ul><li>Cbnet Ping Optimizer<br /><ul><li>First let’s discuss what a ping is
  13. 13. Basically a ping is sent out whenever you update your blog
  14. 14. Pings make your content be indexed faster
  15. 15. Wordpress is already set up to ping your content when it is created which is one reason why Wordpress sites rank so well
  16. 16. However you can still optimize your pings so you don’t look like a spammer every time you update your content
  17. 17. This plugin makes it so you don’t look like a spammer and pings more efficiently
  18. 18. Here’s a list of ping sites that I use
  19. 19.</li></li></ul><li>Comment Luv<br /><ul><li>Every avid blogger has this plugin
  20. 20. Every time someone comes and comments on your blog, this plugin creates a link back to the commenter’s last blog post
  21. 21. This creates more comments for you, which creates a better rank, and gives your commenter a backlink back to their blog
  22. 22. A win win situation!</li></li></ul><li>Comment Redirect<br /><ul><li>Usually when someone is leaving a comment they are just about ready to leave your website so make sure they have seen what you want them to see!
  23. 23. With this plugin you can send your commenter anywhere you want on your website
  24. 24. A thank you page to encourage them to become a lead
  25. 25. Your tools page to let them know what you use and maybe sell something
  26. 26. Your business opportunity so they know what you’re involved in</li></li></ul><li>DiggDigg<br /><ul><li>I LOVE this plugin!
  27. 27. Before this plugin you had to find individual share buttons for each social media you wanted
  28. 28. That means one plugin for Facebook, one for Twitter, one for Digg, etc..
  29. 29. NOW you only have to use one plugin for ALL your social media share buttons
  30. 30. VERY convenient!</li></li></ul><li>Edit Comments<br /><ul><li>This plugin is more for your commenters
  31. 31. When your commenter posts their comment and realizes they made a mistake they can go back and edit their mistake
  32. 32. I actually had one of my commenters request that I add this plugin!</li></li></ul><li>Exclude Pages From Navigation<br /><ul><li>Depending on what theme you have for your blog, you might really really want this plugin!
  33. 33. When you create a page you can either set it as a parent page (shows up in your tabs) or a sub parent page (could be a drop down)
  34. 34. Well what about those pages that you don’t want to be a part of the tabs menu or part of a drop down menu?
  35. 35. With this plugin you can choose your page be excluded from the navigation bar and now nobody can see it unless they go straight to it
  36. 36. Perfect for having exclusive content!</li></li></ul><li>Fast And Secure Contact Form<br /><ul><li>When people come to your blog you want them to be able to contact you right?
  37. 37. This plugin lets you create a form so that your readers can send you an email!
  38. 38. And NO you do not have to know a bunch of html code either and there is SPAM protection
  39. 39. Just choose which form, customize it a little, copy the code they give you, and paste it where you want the form to go!</li></li></ul><li>Favicons<br /><ul><li>What the heck is a Favicon?
  40. 40. When you go to Google look up to the left of the http part in your browser
  41. 41. Do you see the pic on the right up there?
  42. 42. THAT is a favicon
  43. 43. It makes your website stand out if someone has a bunch of tabs open
  44. 44. PLUS this plugin acts as a gravatar as well (globally recognized avatar)
  45. 45. A gravatar are those little pictures that you see next to someone’s comment on other blogs</li></li></ul><li>FD Feedburner Plugin<br /><ul><li>If you’re an avid blogger you need to make your feed look cool and easy to share!
  46. 46. Easiest way to do this is to go to and burn your feed (there’s instructions on how to do that on the site)
  47. 47. Once you do that you need to redirect your feed to your cool looking feed on feedburner
  48. 48. This plugin lets you do that very easily! Just type in your new feed and you’re done</li></li></ul><li>Feed Subscriber Stats<br /><ul><li>Kind of a boring plugin
  49. 49. Now you don’t have to log into every time you want to check out your stats
  50. 50. This plugin let’s you see your subsciber stats right on the dashboard of your wordpress blog!
  51. 51. It’s just nice to see your numbers go up </li></li></ul><li>Google XML Sitemaps<br /><ul><li>My favorite type of plugin!
  52. 52. The kind that all you have to do is click activate and you’re done
  53. 53. This plugin makes a XML sitemap of your blog for Google
  54. 54. Basically computer language of your blog</li></li></ul><li>Popularity Contest<br /><ul><li>This plugin is really cool
  55. 55. It creates a widget that you can put into your sidebar that will rank your posts against each other to determine the most popular
  56. 56. Underneath every post and page you are given a percentage score for popularity</li></li></ul><li>PopUp Domination<br /><ul><li>This plugin is kicking!
  57. 57. 1 of 2 plugins that I have paid for and was worth ever penny
  58. 58. Creates a VERY professional looking form that pops up over your blog when you get a new visitor asking them if they want to get your offer
  59. 59. This increases your lead generation a TON!
  60. 60. AND it’s extremely cutomizable
  61. 61. Go to my blog to see mine</li></li></ul><li>Pretty Link (Lite Version)<br /><ul><li>This is a pretty useful plugin!
  62. 62. You are able to cloak a link to a link that looks like your website.
  63. 63. For example if you have a big long ugly affiliate link I can turn it into
  64. 64. It also tracks how many click you get</li></li></ul><li>Related Posts Thumbnails<br /><ul><li>This plugin is really good for keeping people on your blog longer
  65. 65. At the end of every post there is a list of related posts with their title and picture
  66. 66. If you have a good title and picture a lot of times your reader will click on it just to see what the post is about
  67. 67. The longer someone is on your blog the more likely they are to become a lead or buy something from you! ;)</li></li></ul><li>Reply Me<br /><ul><li>With some blogs you are able to get emails whenever someone leaves a comment on the same post you commented on
  68. 68. If there are a lot of comments that means that you’re probably going to get a lot of emails
  69. 69. With this plugin your commenter will only get emails from people who replied to their comment</li></li></ul><li>Robots Meta<br /><ul><li>This is a cool plugin for SEO stuff but kind of boring because you don’t really see the results
  70. 70. I can have 50 slides on how to set this plugin up so go and Google some tutorials
  71. 71. One thing this plugin does is it prevents your blog from making duplicate content which Wordpress does automatically unless you have a plugin like this</li></li></ul><li>SEO Friendly Images<br /><ul><li>Yet another boring SEO plugin
  72. 72. All you have to do is activate it
  73. 73. Makes your images SEO friendly</li></li></ul><li>SEO Pressor Unlimited<br /><ul><li>The second plugin that I have paid for and is one of my favorites!
  74. 74. You choose a keyword that you want to rank for and put it into the SEO Pressor
  75. 75. After you write the blog this plugin will give you a score out of 100 as to how well you can rank according to your keyword
  76. 76. Then it gives you a list of things you need to improve
  77. 77. Gives you your keyword density</li></li></ul><li>SEO Slugs<br /><ul><li>Yet another boring SEO plugin but pretty cool
  78. 78. This turns your permalink into keyword rich links
  79. 79. It takes out common words like: a, how, to, the etc.</li></li></ul><li>Sexy Bookmarks (Shareaholic)<br /><ul><li>The more shares you get on social media and bookmarking sites the more people are going to see your post
  80. 80. This is just another plugin that pops up that let’s your reader share your content
  81. 81. I put this one at the end of my posts and DiggDigg at the beginning</li></li></ul><li>Thank Me Later<br /><ul><li>This plugin sends your commenter an email
  82. 82. You can customize when you’re going to send it and what you’re going to say
  83. 83. You can thank them for leaving a comment and encourage them to come back and leave your link</li></li></ul><li>Top Level Categories<br /><ul><li>More SEO stuff!
  84. 84. With these SEO plugins you’re going to be ranking before you even make a post!
  85. 85. This plugin either takes out the category in your permalink or puts it at the end so your keyword for your post comes first</li></li></ul><li>Wordpress EZ Backup<br /><ul><li>The worst blog day I have ever had was when I logged into my blog and ALL my content was gone
  86. 86. After a crazy day of contacting Host Gator I finally got my blog back
  87. 87. I could have saved me a lot of trouble by having this plugin that backs up my content for me</li></li></ul><li>WordPress Thread Comment<br /><ul><li>Have you ever been to a blog and the comments are all jumbled up?
  88. 88. You don’t know who’s replying to who?
  89. 89. This plugin puts all the replies to a comment inside the original comment
  90. 90. MUCH more organized</li></li></ul><li>WP Frame Breaker<br /><ul><li>Sometimes when you click on a link to go to a site there is a HUGE header taking up your screen
  91. 91. Digg, Unified Tribe, Viral URL all do this as examples
  92. 92. This plugin prevents those bars from showing up</li></li></ul><li>WP Google Analytics<br /><ul><li>There are several ways to keep track of your website’s stats
  93. 93. Google Analytics is one of those ways
  94. 94. Just create a Google account and copy and paste the code into this plugin
  95. 95. You can also check your hosting service for stats</li></li></ul><li>WP Greet Box<br /><ul><li>This plugin is pretty cool!
  96. 96. Whenever someone comes to your blog it shows you visitor a custom message
  97. 97. Wherever they come from it has a custom message
  98. 98. Facebook says hey Facebooker, Digg says hey Digger, etc.</li></li></ul><li>WP Super Cache<br /><ul><li>Did you know that the time it takes your website to load has an effect on your rank?
  99. 99. If your site takes a long time to load it hurts your rank
  100. 100. This plugin helps your website load faster</li></li></ul><li>Thanks For Watching and Don’t Forget To Visit http://Who-Is-Erin-Smith.comFor More Great Marketing Tips!<br />