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  1. 1. Ancient Civilizations Peru was home to many ancient civilizations Chavín Culture (~900 BCE - 200 BCE) Tiahuanaco Culture (~1st millennium BCE) Vicús Culture (~1000/200 BCE – 300/600 BCE) Nazca Culture (~100 – 800) Paracas Culture (~800 BCE – 100 BCE) Mochica-Chimú (~100 – 1470)
  2. 2. Official Peruvian Languages The official language of Peru is Spanish and, in certain zones, Quechua, Aymara, and other dialects. Quechua is a language family indigenous to peoples of the Andes of South America ~10 million speak a Quechua language, with more than 3 million in Peru. Also prominent is the Aymara language with more than 600 thousand speakers in Peru
  3. 3. Other Peruvian Languages Many native languages – linguists estimate approximately 300 in Peru, but less than 150 remain today. Indigenous peoples of the Amazon Jungle have their own languages and their own dialects, such as the Urarina language which is spoken by only a few thousand people.