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Punctuation texts and sentences


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Punctuation texts and sentences

  1. 1. PunctuationYou are going to practice your punctuation. Copy the following passagesinto your English book, adding punctuation to help the text make sense.. FULL STOP, COMMA! EXCLAMATION MARK? QUESTION MARKPunctuate this passage with CAPITAL LETTERS and FULL STOPS.last week i went to london zoo i saw elephants and tigers i ate lunch in therestaurant the best thing about the day was going to the gift shop ibought a poster and a keyring i can’t wait to go againPunctuate this passage with CAPITAL LETTERS, COMMAS, and FULLSTOPS.when you have a bad day at school it can seem like everybody is againstyou especially the teachers being a teenager can be tough but you need toremember that everybody has their ups and downs and you can improvethings by having a positive attitude to your work and trying your hardestin every subjectPunctuate this passage with CAPITAL LETTERS, COMMAS, FULLSTOPS and QUESTION MARKS.are you environmentally friendly do you recycle all your plastic and paperif you don’t then you have a big problem the world is currently sufferingfrom the effects of global warming you might think that you can’t make adifference but every single can or bottle creates a change for the betterhave you checked that the light-bulbs in your house are energy efficientmake sure you do and ask your parents to replace the old type with thesenew onesPunctuate this passage with CAPITAL LETTERS, EXCLAMATIONMARKS, QUESTION MARKS and FULL STOPS.have you asked him out yet she asked no way she replied i don’t fancy himPunctuate this passage with CAPITAL LETTERS,PERIODS, COMMAS,
  2. 2. EXCLAMATION POINTS, QUESTION MARKS.dear joeyhi How are you i’m having a great time at camp Everyday i swim playbasketball and sing songs i’ve made many new friendsHow is your summer I can’t wait to see you in the fallyour frienddonniePunctuate this passage with CAPITAL LETTERS,PERIODS, COMMAS,EXCLAMATION POINTS, QUESTION MARKS. the selfish giant by oscar wilde Every afternoon as they were coming from school the children used togo and play in the Giants gardenIt was a large lovely garden with soft green grass Here and there overthe grass stood beautiful flowers like stars and there were twelve peachtrees that in the spring time broke out into delicate blossoms of pink andpearl and in the autumn bore rich fruit The birds sat on the trees andsang so sweetly that the children used to stop their games in order tolisten to them How happy we are here they cried to each other Good Luck!!!
  3. 3. What time does the busarriveDo you know how toride a bicycleWhere are you going onvacationIs your mother a goodcookerDo you like vegetablesAre they doctorsWhen is going to rainI love to readTommy’s favorite sportis basketballMy favorite food ispizza
  4. 4. My brother playsfootballIt rained on WednesdayShe lives in ConcepciónI like to play cards withmy friendsThe house is on fireI can’t believe you atethe whole sandwichWatch out for that bearI love chocolateMy friend just won amillion dollars
  5. 5. I love you my dearThis house is amazing