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Trailer Park Challenge, Chapter 2


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Trailer Park Challenge, Chapter 2

  1. 1. Hiya! Welcome to my Trailer Park Challenge, titled Fuchs That! A couple reminders before we begin. 1. “Fuchs” rhymes with “dukes,” not with any other words. 2. I write the family’s dialog using the same linguistic irregularities as I myself use when I speak, at least sometimes. (I can and do speak formally at need.) 3. Our founder is named Goochie (like the classy designer), and she is one classy lady with one classy, numbered LTW. 4. Last time, Goochie hit it off with an NPC gardener named Adrian Landchild.
  2. 2. Goochie’s rotation started with dead roaches in the street, a giant hole in the yard, and two deliveries worth of bills. But she didn’t care, because she got not one but two love letters, from two different men. She also got a hate letter, but who needs that guy, huh? Do you think it’s fair to sell the love letters at the summer yard sale?
  3. 3. Goochie is sufficiently Sloppy that she can try rooting around in the trash for things to maybe make a few extra bucks. Unfortunately, her trash produced nothing of value, but that’s not for lack of trying on Goochie’s part.
  4. 4. After digging around in the trash, Goochie took a nice relaxing bath before work. And yes, the tub looked like that before she got in.
  5. 5. Goochie is a dishwasher, but a dishwasher who knows her way around a kitchen, as long as she’s not expected to actually clean it. Her paycheck brought in enough money to pay the bills before they exploded, which is always a good thing.
  6. 6. The next day being her day off, Goochie invited Adrian over for a little Fun and Social boost. Things went well. GOOCHIE: Adrian, do you wanna move in with me? ADRIAN: If you’re gonna keep kissin’ me like that, you betcha! Things went very well.
  7. 7. Adrian Landchild is a Popularity Sim and an Aires. Aires people are reportedly energetic (Adrian has 8 Active). On the other hand, Aries people are supposed to be dynamic (Adrian has 2 Outgoing), thrill-seeking (Adrian has 3 Playful), and aggressive (Adrian has 5 Nice). And there’s not mention of how tidy Aries people tend to be (Arian has 7 Neat). Adrian would like to be Mayor, which fits with Aries people being natural leaders, but if Adrian thought joining this household was going to advance his political career, he was sadly mistaken.
  8. 8. I’ll give you three guesses as to what the happy pair did as soon as Adrian officially moved in.
  9. 9. The $4,000 that Adrian brought to the household can be spent any way at all. Since Adrian Wanted a stereo, they got a very nice one. (The family has their priorities, what can I say?) Oh, and the back electric bill got paid so the lights could be turned back on, and yard sale supplies got purchased.
  10. 10. The last day of the rotation was also the last day of summer, so Goochie and Adrian held the obligatory yard sale, offering all the fine goods shown here. Except the newspapers. Turns out you can’t actually mark them for sale, so Adrian turned them into compost.
  11. 11. Goochie and Adrian took turns on the register, but it didn’t matter too much, since they sold out in less than four hours. I can understand that -- with such fine merchandise (and so much of it), word will surely spread.
  12. 12. Now, unless you’re careful, activities like the ones Goochie and Adrian engaged in after Adrian moved in will result in babies. Goochie and Adrian were not careful. GOOCHIE: Aw, woohoo me! Now what’m I gonna do?
  13. 13. Goochie can reliably be cheered up by a date, so that’s what she did. GOOCHIE: Flabnabbit, Adrian, don’t you know better’n to step on a pregnant lady’s foot with those great big boots you got on? ADTIAN: Sorry. Listen, about that… Adrian is still wearing his “gardener” clothes because I have not yet built an appropriate shopping venue for this family.
  14. 14. ADRIAN: The baby’s gonna need a father. And I’d like to be that father. If you’re agreeable.
  15. 15. GOOCHIE: Eeeeeeeeeeee! Yes yes yes! Course I will! Our resident Romance Sim may well regret that “yes” in the not- too-distant future, but that remains to be seen. Until next time, Happy Simming!