Ruth's (u)OWBC: Dear Friends, Take Pity On My Lot


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Ruth's (u)OWBC: Dear Friends, Take Pity On My Lot

  1. 1. Welcome welcome! This is Ruth’s (un)Officially WackyBoolprop Challenge – you knew that; you can read – and withthis chapter, we go back to our normal state of No PlotWhatsoever. In fact, since no heir has been chosen, there’s noteven an inkling of a Future Plot that a sharp-eyed reader couldpick up on. No, this chapter just contains jobs, babies, wrappingup loose ends, and babies. Oh, and proof that my game hatesme.Did I mention babies?
  2. 2. Checking in briefly with Buttercup and Albert, we see that theyhave provided Ruth with not one but two grandchildren. Thefirst born by a few minutes is Jo (short for Josephine), with thelighter skin and darker eyes. Her twin is Cecil (“SEE-sill”).Both children are named after joandsarah77, who wrote anexcellent tutorial on how to make presentations like this one.When I asked if I could name Buttercup’s firstborn after her,she said yes, and asked how a boy would like being called“Crazy Cat Lady.” I didn’t think he would, but CCL ispractically “Cecil,” which is nice. She also said she’s “ratherugg” on her full name, so I used Josephine instead.
  3. 3. But, as I believe I have mentioned, Myrna really wasn’t all thatfar behind Buttercup on the baby front.
  4. 4. And with the birth of Leila, the No Promotions bonus became areality. Between Buttercup and Leila, nobody got promotedeven once, and I still earned four career rewards towardsWorkaholics Anonymous.Leila is one of the fairies from Iolanthe, and, like all the fairies,she is a good dancer. She is also rather spoiled and childish –again, unfortunately, like all the fairies except the Fairy Queenand Iolanthe herself.Gilbert probably would not count as a feminist.
  5. 5. The subsequent birth of Lisa was simply icing on the cake, andpossibly counts as proof positive that my game now hates me.Two sets of twins! Two!Lisa is named after an actress in The Grand Duke. (The plotinvolves a theater company – I didn’t start looking at cast lists.)Gilbert’s Lisa specializes in “soubrette” roles, which actuallymeans flirty, saucy, pretty young women, but which alwaysmakes me think of ice cream.
  6. 6. Adam and Myrna promptly handed off the twins to theirgrandparents and went to work on the second pregnancy.
  7. 7. And speaking of working, Myrna wanted to Get A Job, so I lether take one in the Politics career, on the grounds that I didn’thave the career reward yet.
  8. 8. Myrna was able to jump in at a high enough level that she gotthe reward without going to work.
  9. 9. That was actually fortunate, because Myrna was put onmaternity leave before she ever got a chance to make the carpool. I’ve left her in the career track because she gets paidwhile on maternity leave, and quite frankly, the family coulduse the money.
  10. 10. In addition to her maternity pay, Myrna contributes by makingToy Robots. There’s a ridiculously small profit margin on them,but there’s also a low initial outlay for materials. Myrna has hadher Silver Robotics badge since forever, and should be earningher Gold badge any day now.Really.
  11. 11. The Tacky Flamingo does make money, and in fact is now atLevel 5, but Adam only has time to make a flying visit everyday. These flying visits are not long enough to accumulate anyreal cash.Level 5 star courtesy of Tirtha Couderc from Already in Progress.
  12. 12. The reason for the lack of time is that, in the Shankelhousehold, childcare is a male responsibility.I believe the phrase Valerie used when establishing that rulewas “I spent nine months hosting the little parasite – now it’syour turn.”
  13. 13. Housework is also the responsibility of the men, although inthis case it’s more because the men are the ones with the tenNeat points. Ruth and Myrna would be just as happy even ifyou couldn’t eat your dinner off the floor, but Adam and Ryanwould freak out.
  14. 14. Although the Drew Rule means that it’s all hands on deck whenit comes to repairs.
  15. 15. And then there’s the stargazing. No alien baybeez yet, though.Of course there aren’t any. (sulkily) My game hates me.
  16. 16. Adam and Myrna have both developed a bad energizer habit.Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure Myrna hasn’t slept at allthis rotation…
  17. 17. Their habit is funded by frequent Dates, and it certainly doesn’tseem to do them any harm, but I do worry about what effect itwill have on the baby.Of course, Ruth was on the bubbles all during her pregnancywith Buttercup, and she came out just fine. But I’m not sureyou can really compare stimulants and depressants. It’s kind ofan “apples and oranges” thing.And speaking of fruit reminds me…
  18. 18. Checking in briefly with Oakapple, you can see that he hasacquired both a new wardrobe and a Silver Gardening badge.
  19. 19. Oh, and a fiancé.* Mustn’t forget that.Ruth is absolutely thrilled, and can’t wait for a) the weddingand b) grandbabies. She’s probably doomed to wait a very longtime for the latter, though, since Oakapple is infertile and notreally interested in much beyond grilled cheese and Oliver.Updates about Oakapple and Oliver can be found in Already inProgress beginning with Chapter 39, if you are interested.And since I am out of pictures and have engaged in shamelessself-promotion twice now, I will leave you here.*Fiancé with one E denotes a man engaged to be married. Fiancée withtwo Es denotes a woman engaged to be married. Now you know.
  20. 20. Notes, disclaimers, and other triviaThis chapter’s title comes from a song from The Sorcerer. It’ssung by a young woman who, under the influence of a lovepotion, finds she is madly in love with the village notary – eventhough he is eighty years old, deaf, and smells funny. (Alas, Icould not find a video for it on YouTube.) I think it is equallyappropriate to a Simmer who was thrown twins when she onlywanted one baby, and had her fingers crossed for a boy, at that.Please join me next time, when we will see precisely how muchmy game hates me. Until then, Happy Simming!