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Owbc 25

  1. 1. Hello hello! Welcome back to Ruth’s (un)Officially WackyBoolprop Challenge! The votes are in, and our heiress is Casilda.While I can’t promise that I’ll be using her Plot, I hope you’ll enjoythe results anyway.That’s not the most exciting part of the chapter, of course. Can youguess what is?I could just tell you, but letting you guess is much more fun.
  2. 2. See that big empty spot on the street there? That’s where the schoolbus was, until nine a.m.Olga still missed it.
  3. 3. That doesn’t mean that she gets a free day off, though. Not whenyou have a) a grandfather who still wouldn’t mind being EducationMinister and b) a magic bookshelf. The Skill of the Day wasMechanical, and Olga gained ten points.Oddly enough, the marathon study session didn’t tank any of hermotives. Now if only I could figure out why not…
  4. 4. Due to the galloping incompetence of someone whose initials mayor may not be e.i., there were some fairly serious bills on the lot atthe start of the rotation.
  5. 5. Fortunately, Glen was on top of things, and put rather a lot ofenvelopes out for the mail carrier.With checks in them, of course. There’s no point otherwise.
  6. 6. It’s not as though the family doesn’t have any money. Olga is fondof playing the Official Gamer Career Reward, which pays out $5every five game minutes.
  7. 7. And the business is making money hand over fist. In fact…
  8. 8. The reporter came around yet again, and this time she actually wentto talk to Adam.REPORTER: Mr. Shankel, I just wanted to let you know that I’vebeen keeping an eye on your business for a while now, and I thinkyou deserve the Best of the Best Award! Congratulations!OLD ADAM: Thank you. We try to please our clientele. However,I must confess that I am not sure why you felt you needed to followme into the, ah, necessary to tell me the news.
  9. 9. REPORTER: Well, it’s the only place on the lot that has anyprivacy. You see, Mr. Shankel, you’re a very good-looking man…
  10. 10. OLD ADAM: Madam, I think you forget yourself! I am a marriedman -- and happily so!
  11. 11. REPORTER: Oh. Sorry. I’ll, uh, just go now…OLD ADAM: Yes, I think that would be best.
  12. 12. Using FatD’s UpShift and snapobjectstogrid false, I put the Best ofthe Best Award on the front of the Bandatron, where I think itlooks very nice, don’t you?Certainly the customers think so… although they’ve never reallyneeded much encouragement to buy tickets.
  13. 13. Lisa is not having a lot of luck in the reward-poaching businessjust now. To be fair, it’s a lot harder when you only need onecareer reward. She spends a lot of time cleaning, repairing things,and not going to work in the jobs that I keep forgetting to have herquit.
  14. 14. Myrna has taken up baking again. She is skilling as slowly inCooking as Olga skilled quickly in Mechanical. (If that sentencemade any sense…)I find it amusing that the pie Myrna has made matches her dress.Maybe that’s just me, though.
  15. 15. Glen has been plugging away at the robot bench for a good longwhile, still without a Gold badge. He has, however, lost enoughaspiration that he wasn’t able to use the Energizer beforestargazing with the expensive telescope.
  16. 16. I don’t know why he thought I would care that he had to go potty.
  17. 17. I mean, the aliens didn’t care, so why should I?This would be the point in the proceedings where I did someshrieking, and some joyous swearing, and possibly also the happydance although I am not admitting to anything.
  18. 18. LISA: Frammit, Glen! When I said if you wanted more babies, youcould have them yourself, I didn’t think you’d take me up on it!
  19. 19. While obtaining the spawnlet might have been traumatic, Glencouldn’t be happier about the result.GLEN: It kicked! Lisa, girls, come feel! It kicked!He had no morning sickness, and his motives didn’t drain asrapidly as they do with most pregnancies. Let’s hope that keeps up,yes?
  20. 20. I’m sure that Family Sim Glen is extra glad of a new baby now thathis girls are growing up. After some coaxing, Casilda aged up -- asit turns out, babies really don’t want to Grow Up when they aretired and in need of a new diaper. Even though I’d just given her aclean diaper moments before the aging-up time!Casilda looks an awful lot like her father, although the eye orbitsdon’t seem to look quite right to me. A little too high, perhaps, ortoo far back? We’ll just have to see how she comes out once shehits Uni, really…
  21. 21. Pitti-Sing has aged up as well, and she is now following the“kinda-sorta-Japanese” theme suggested by her name. The outfit isa harajuku outfit from the EA store, and the hair is an anime hair,and that’s about as Japanese as I can get right now. Old Adam’s“Victorian” and Lisa’s “soubrette” themes were no more carefullyresearched and no more carefully fleshed out.Although technically a clone of Olga, Pitti-Sing doesn’t act like it.If I can’t find her, she’s either tub pirating or jumping onsomebody’s bed.
  22. 22. Olga, on the other hand, is looking through the telescope orburping into the microphone of the teleprompter.The telescope replaced the pinball machine as her favorite activityafter Glen’s abduction. I wonder if the two things are related at all?
  23. 23. Myrna is a competent painter -- witness her completion of the latestfamily portrait -- but it’s not her favorite activity. That would bespending time with her granddaughters.
  24. 24. And if her granddaughters are not available, then it’s baking.Because even if you skill slowly, you’ll get there eventually, andthe results of trying are half the fun.Unless they burn, I suppose.
  25. 25. Glen and Adam are not as finicky as I am, though.GLEN: I am excited about the baby, but… it won’t be a trueShankel, not like the girls. It will only be my child, not Lisa’s. I’mintroducing a cuckoo into the nest.OLD ADAM: Don’t be ridiculous! I myself would gladly havewelcomed an alien child when I was your age, and so would mydear Myrna. But if it troubles you so, think no more of it: yourchild shall marry Leila’s eldest.GLEN: Leila’s expecting?OLD ADAM: Not so far as I am aware. Arranging an engagementnow is simply efficient. Both your child and hers shall be born withtheir futures assured.
  26. 26. LISA: Poppa, what’s this Glen’s telling me about you arranging amarriage between his baby and Leila’s? Leila’s not even pregnant!And if she were, she’d be fired.OLD ADAM: I am aware. However, undoubtedly at some point inher life, Leila will have a child, and that child can marry Glen’schild.LISA: But what if she doesn’t?OLD ADAM: I have given that some thought, and I haveconcluded that by the time it becomes clear that Leila will not bearany children, Glen will likely be reconciled to the idea of his ownchild as a true Shankel. Indeed, you and I and the girls must do allin our power to bring about such an outcome.
  27. 27. LISA: Or what if she does have a child, but the gender preferencesare wrong?OLD ADAM: They will have plenty of time to negotiate a happyrelationship based on mutual trust and regard. The person is moreimportant than the gender, I should think.LISA: Poppa! You mean you’d have been happy to marry some…some random guy if Grandma picked him out for you?!OLD ADAM: I very much doubt that I could have been happy withanyone other than your dearest Mama. However, if she hadhappened to have been born male, then I should not have hesitatedfor a moment.
  28. 28. At Adam’s sister’s house, Jo and Phoenix are still a happy couple,although I have no photographic proof of that this rotation. Thetwo kids left at home are busily making friends. In Skye’s case, thisis her last rotation at home, since she will be off to Uni next timearound.Does Penelope’s friend look familiar to anyone?
  29. 29. Skye picked up tai chi from her Far Eastern friend, and I amdeliberately spreading it to as many Sims as possible. Albert hasmastered it by now, and earns Body points from doing it, butButtercup and Penelope aren’t quite there yet.
  30. 30. At the Couderc house, Phoebe hasn’t yet managed to get her Goldgardening badge (that last badge in any track takes ages!), but atleast Nicholas has Grown Up Well. He’s definitely Chant’s son,isn’t he? Just look at those ears! Such a cutie-pie! (pinches cheeks)
  31. 31. Of course, Phoebe’s not the only sibling with a child who aged up:Alexander Shankel also turned Toddler. Now that he’s old enoughto get his father’s eyes (via cc contacts), he has them. And I thinkthat flannel shirt looks just darling on him.
  32. 32. Which brings us up to date with all the happenings for this family.Until next time, Happy Simming!
  33. 33. Notes, disclaimers, and other triviaThis chapter’s title comes from HMS Pinafore. I’ve been waitingfor an abduction forever, and just before starting to play thisrotation, I decided that if I got an abduction-with-pregnancy Iwould use that song for the chapter title. Lo and behold, ithappened that same game-night! If I’d known it was that easy tomake it happen, I’d’ve decided on a chapter title years ago!