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OFB Farmstand


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Published in: Self Improvement, Technology
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OFB Farmstand

  1. 1. Hello! Welcome to a very special crossover college chapter: OFBFarmstand! Like all my (un)Officially Wacky Boolprop Challengespecials, this Plot is taken from an opera by Gilbert & Sullivan.Unlike the other Plots I have used, non-Savoyards* have a fightingchance of recognizing this one. This chapter covers the first twoyears of Uni for our (u)OWBC girls.While the orchestra tunes up, let’s meet the players.*Savoyard, noun. A person who is enthusiastic and/or knowledgeable about theoperas of Gilbert & Sullivan.
  2. 2. Phoebe Shankel is the older of the two girls from my(un)Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge. She is named for acharacter from The Yeomen of the Guard, which was set in anElizabethan prison. Because of that, she speaks in “thees” and“thous,” which she correctly uses for a) family, b) close friends,and c) people of lower social status. She also wears stripes or auniform, since that is what people wear in prison.Phoebe arrived at Uni with all but two skills already maxed, anddecided to become a History major within 36 hours of setting footon campus.
  3. 3. Phoebe’s immediate familyRose Shankel, her younger sister, who arrived at Uni with roughlyhalf her skills maxed, and who became an Economics major at thesame time as Phoebe chose History. Rose is obsessed with MissManners and with behaving like a “proper lady.”Leila Shankel, one of her older sisters. Leila works at the localasylum and plans to become a fairy as soon as she saves enoughmoney to afford the surgery.Old Adam Shankel, her father, whose brand of Wacky isVictorianism.Phoebe also has a mother, another older sister, a brother-in-law,and a niece. (Not pictured.)
  4. 4. Phoebe’s extended family, found in Already in ProgressOakapple Couderc, Old Adam’s brother and a Grilled Cheesezombie.Oliver Couderc, Oakapple’s husband. His sister, Sally (notpictured), used to babysit.Chant Couderc, Oliver and Oakapple’s grandson.Chant’s mother, the plantsim daughter of either Oakapple orOliver. (She won’t say.) Chant’s mother mostly wears green.Chant’s auntie, the plantsim daughter of either Oakapple orOliver. (She won’t say either.) Chant’s auntie mostly wears yellow.Chant’s mother and auntie have odd ideas about what constitutes agood joke.
  5. 5. Phoebe and Rose have fairly uneventful, albeit productive, lives atcollege. Mornings are for working on those few skills they hadn’ttopped out yet.Phoebe specifically rolls Wants to gain skill points, Rose doesn’t.
  6. 6. Afternoons are for building badges.Rose specifically rolls Wants to earn Flower Arranging andCosmetology badges; Phoebe doesn’t.
  7. 7. Evenings are for taking care of any needs that may have droppedtoo low, making phone calls to stay in touch with friends andfamily, and fulfilling any available Wants to keep their aspirationsup.Here Phoebe takes care of her Comfort, Social, and Fun meters inone go. (And the skill boost doesn’t hurt.)
  8. 8. Both girls go to class whenever the game tells them it’s time. Sincetheir class bars are always fully open, thanks to their high skillpoints in just about everything, they get 4.0s without even trying.However, Rose actually rolls Wants to do homework every sooften, and I let her.Homework is one of those things you’re Supposed To Do anyway.
  9. 9. They work out whenever the Coach comes by and yells at them,although it’s rather pointless in Phoebe’s case, since she is fully Fitand has maxed Body skill. Still, I guess it’s good to stay in shape,right?
  10. 10. Phoebe has also proved herself her father’s daughter by going offto steal back the gnome -- stolen almost a full generation ago --twice in one night.For those who came here from Already in Progress, OfficiallyWacky Boolprop households need three plastic flamingos for eachperson in the household and a gnome to guard them. It’s notrequired in Uni, but I do it anyway, because it’s fun.
  11. 11. True, the college boys do seem inclined to take unfair advantage ofthe new hack I installed that allows kissing on the cheek as a non-romantic interaction, but I’m sure that will settle down shortly.I thought the hack would make a nice replacement for the “KissKiss Darling” interaction available in Apartment Life, since I havea Mac and therefore can’t use that EP.So all in all, this is a very ordinary college household, with nothinginteresting going on at all.
  12. 12. Right up to the point where Phoebe got struck by lightning on herway home from class.
  13. 13. After taking care of food, the potty, and a bath, Phoebe enlistedRose to help with the ol’ Fun meter.ROSE: I’m glad you’re okay, Phoebe.PHOEBE: I thought for an instant that ’twas the end! Yet ’twas notwithout its ill effects, for I am not half so pretty as I was. On themorrow, I will hie me to our cousin’s farm for eggplant.ROSE: But you’re as pretty as ever, Phoebe! And don’t you needoranges and cucumbers to make a Beauty Cocktail?PHOEBE: Where I say “pretty,” thou wouldst say “clever,”methinks. (fondly) Thou’rt a loved and loving sister, but mayhap abit more study would do thee no harm.
  14. 14. CHANT: Can I help you?PHOEBE: Aye, an it please you. I am looking for eggplants.CHANT (cheerfully): Well, you won’t find them in the fishsection. I’ll show you where they are.PHOEBE: Your pardon, but are you the child of my cousin Fantineor of my cousin Saigon?CHANT: Yep. Why do you ask?PHOEBE (abashed): I’faith, I know not whether to use the addressformal or the address familiar.CHANT: I don’t mind if you want to be familiar with me.Eggplants are right this way.
  15. 15. CHANT: These are the eggplants over here. They’re allMouthwatering, and the price is very reasonable. See anything youlike?PHOEBE: (to herself) ’Sme’s breath, but I cannot answer as Iwould wish! (aloud) Aye, and I thank, er, thee for thy aid.CHANT: And I thank thee for thoust business! I hope thee enjoyestthe eggplants.PHOEBE: (bursts out laughing) ’sme’s eyes, but thy grammar iscreative indeed!
  16. 16. And from that auspicious beginning came a beautiful friendship.PHOEBE: Nay! Say ’tis not so!PHOEBE: Aye, and then what?PHOEBE: (laughs) O, Chant, I could talk with thee for hours!
  17. 17. SONG. We sail the ocean blue,And our saucy ship’s a beauty; We’re sober men and true, And attentive to our duty.
  18. 18. SONG. When the balls whistle free O’er the bright blue sea,We stand to our guns all day; When at anchor we ride On the Portsmouth tide,We’ve plenty of time for play.
  19. 19. SONG. Ahoy! Ahoy! The balls whistle free Ahoy! Ahoy! O’er the bright blue sea, We stand to our guns, to our guns all day!** The “balls” in question are cannon balls -- get your mind out of the gutter!Adapted from W. S. Gilbert, HMS Pinafore, act I, song 1. Available from; accessed 28May 2012. The song is reprised in act I, song 6.
  20. 20. Of course, other stuff happened too. Phoebe nearly burned thedorm down, for starters.
  21. 21. Not all the men in the dorm had that “Kiss Kiss Darling” thingworked out of their systems yet.
  22. 22. It actually seemed at times to be bordering on sexual harassment,and certainly some of the girls took it that way.On the other hand, it builds up relationships great between Sims ofthe same sex or Sims who already have a relationship.
  23. 23. See?Um…
  24. 24. Whoops?
  25. 25. PHOEBE: O, Leila! I could spend all of forever with him!PHOEBE: Aye, he is the son of one, ’tis true. Whether our nunclebe his grandsire or nay, I cannot say. O, but Leila! Cannot loveo’ercome all?PHOEBE: Nay, ‘’tis no true clone! Why, none in our family havehad yellow eyes, and the ears -- !
  26. 26. PHOEBE (in a very small voice): Canst thou not be happy for methen, Leila? Canst thou not love him, for love of me?PHOEBE: (sadly) I would have had thee for my maid of honortoday. Still, thou must do as thy heart dictates. (more firmly) And Imust follow the dictates of mine.(Urgent squawking from the phone)PHOEBE: Fare thee well, sweet sister.
  27. 27. There followed some frantic phone calls.LEILA: Poppa, you have to do something! He’s Saigon’s son! AndSaigon is Uncle Oakapple’s daughter!LEILA: Of course I’m sure! Saigon is the Vulcan-looking one andFantine is the elvish-looking one!
  28. 28. OAKAPPLE: Yeah, she’s over… here. Why?
  29. 29. OLD ADAM: Hold! What is going on here?PHOEBE: Poppa, I love him! And we are going to be married,Poppa! Today!OLD ADAM: Yes, I had heard that. But it will not happen. I forbidit!
  30. 30. OLD ADAM: I’m very sorry to disparage a humble hard-workingfarmer, but when you decide to marry a clone of your uncle -- !Well, damme, I cannot condone that!(Saigon and Fantine exchange glances -- the situation has ceasedto be amusing)
  31. 31. CHANT’S MOTHER, IN GREEN: I’m Fantine Couderc, Oliver’sdaughter. You can tell by the pointy elf ears.CHANT’S AUNTIE, IN YELLOW: I’m Saigon Shankel,Oakapple’s daughter. You can tell by the slanted Vulcan eyebrows.CHANT’S MOTHER, FANTINE: Aunt Sally got our colorsbackwards when we were little, but we’ve been consistent sincethen.CHANT’S AUNTIE, SAIGON: So you can remember us that waytoo: “Fantine” rhymes with “green.”
  32. 32. OLD ADAM: Then I am to understand that Saigon is Fantine andFantine is Saigon?(Saigon and Fantine look at each other blankly)FANTINE: Sure, if that helps. Chant’s my son and he’s no relationto Phoebe.OLD ADAM: Then what objection can I possibly have? I wish youvery happy, my daughter! (glares at Chant) If you hurt her in anyway, sir, your body will never be found.CHANT: I figured.
  33. 33. OLD ADAM: But Phoebe, dearest, I still cannot countenance amarriage today.PHOEBE: O, Poppa -- !OLD ADAM: No; I am resolved. Finish your schooling, and I shallthrow you a wedding party to set all wedding parties to shame --but you must finish your education first. No daughter of mine willdrop out of school.PHOEBE: Squeeeeeeeeee! O, Poppa, truly thou art the best fatherin all the world!
  34. 34. PHOEBE: Rose! Rose! All is well! Chant’s grandsire is not ournuncle, and -- Why, Rose, what is wrong with thee?
  35. 35. ROSE (V.O.): Oh, Phoebe, we have to get out of here!PHOEBE (V.O.): Why?ROSE (V.O.): He -- In the lounge, he -- I didn’t want --PHOEBE (V.O.) (much alarmed): Rose, what did he do?! Whowas he?! By Esme’s left arm, if he touched thee, I will feed thatreeky plume-plucked pigeon-egg his own liver and lights!ROSE (V.O.): No, no, he didn’t touch me -- I wouldn’t let him. Butoh, Phoebe, I want to go somewhere that boys aren’t allowed!(sniffles) Could we start a sorority, you and I?
  36. 36. PHOEBE (V.O.): If that is thy desire, then of course we shall. Atonce! (mutters darkly) And a curse upon those who would daremolest my little sister!And that is how the second year of Uni ends, with Phoebe andRose starting a sorority that is strictly No Boys Allowed.
  37. 37. Which could be a something of a stumbling-block…DMITRI SANDERS, THE DARK-HAIRED ONE: Her name isRose Shankel, and I can’t wait to meet her!Until next time, Happy Simming!
  38. 38. Notes from esmeiolantheThis special chapter was based on HMS Pinafore, which is one ofGilbert & Sullivan’s most popular operas. I have played fast andloose with the characters and relationships, and changed the barrierfrom class to consanguinity, which is why I consider this a Plotetterather than a real Plot. There’s a cast list on the next slide for thosewho are interested.You may have noticed that Rose has formed some definiteopinions -- and you may remember the small matter of a marriagearranged in childhood. Does that sound like another Plotette toanybody else?
  39. 39. Captain Corcoran, Commander of H.M.S. Pinafore (comicbaritone): Split between Old Adam Shankel and Saigon ShankelRalph Rackstraw, Able Seaman (tenor): Split between ChantCouderc and Fantine CoudercDick Deadeye, Able Seaman (bass-baritone): Leila ShankelJosephine, The Captain’s Daughter (soprano): Phoebe ShankelLittle Buttercup, A Portsmouth Bumboat Woman (contralto):Split between Sally Couderc, Oliver’s sister (in Chapter 41 of AiP),Fantine Couderc and Saigon Shankel (in this chapter), and loyalreader fuzzy_spork (in middle school)All other characters were eliminated, as was the romantic subplotbetween Captain Corcoran and Little Buttercup.
  40. 40. Just for the record, I have been consistent since Toddlerhood inkeeping Fantine in green and Saigon in yellow whenever possible.(some outfits don’t have one color or the other as an option.) Sallynever actually switched them, because the game doesn’t allow that.I took several clear shots of both Fantine’s and Saigon’s ears andeyebrows over the past chapters. Unfortunately, Saigon’s eyebrowshave become less slanted over time, but Fantine’s (and Chant’s)ears haven’t changed. I also pointed out in the entre’acte that thedefining characteristic of Vulcans is the eyebrows.Feel free to admire my cleverness. Or at least please don’t throwthings at me for not playing fair.