Movin' On Up! Episode 2


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Movin' On Up! Episode 2

  1. 1. Hello! Welcome to my Creation To Future challenge! The challenge was created by joandsarah77 over at Desirable Discourses. The format is that of a cheesy 80’s style sitcom. Like most sitcoms, it is a little disjointed. Also like most sitcoms, Plot and Character Development are stupid, non-existent, or both. Finally, just like in all sitcoms, there is no recap of prior events. Because this story is shot in the same ‘hood as all my other stories, you may see Sims you recognize, and you’ll probably see modern things as well.
  2. 2. BRYAN: Why are we carrying water to the plants again? BELLA: Because they’re thirsty. BRYAN: Why can’t they walk over and get a drink, then? BELLA: Because they don’t have any legs. BRYAN: Well then, why do I have to help? I want to catch fish!
  3. 3. BELLA: Because I’m very big right now, and I can’t move very fast. BRYAN: Then how will you run away if a wolf comes? BELLA: I won’t be able to. (Bryan thinks about that for a while) BRYAN: Don’t worry -- I’ll protect you! I can chase the wolf off. BELLA: I know. (kisses him) You’re my big strong man.
  4. 4. BELLA: Eeeek, Bryan! A wolf is menacing me! (Bryan snores) BELLA (slightly louder): Eeeeek, eeeeek! A wolf! Help! (Bryan pauses in his snoring, farts, and begins snoring again, louder) BELLA: Right. (bops wolf on the nose with a rolled-up leaf) Bad wolf! Shoo! (The wolf whines and slinks away, tail between his legs)
  5. 5. BRYAN: Hey, I think the Big Waterfall in the Sky is happy with us! Look, the plants are getting wet without us having to carry water to them. (Rain stops) BRYAN: Aw, I guess the Big Waterfall in the Sky wasn’t that happy with us after all. (Bella grunts) BRYAN: Oh well, you can’t win ‘em all. If you want me, I’ll be catching fish with that pointy thing on a stick before it gets dark.
  6. 6. (Bella breathes heavily and groans) BRYAN: Bella, please be quiet. (Bella goes into Lamaze breathing) BRYAN: Bella, you’re going to scare the fish away! BELLA: Aaaaaaaugh! Bryan, get over here RIGHT NOW! (Bryan rushes over as night falls)
  7. 7. BRYAN (to Clarence*): Hi there! Hi! (to Bella) What is that? It’s really cute. BELLA: It’s a baby. BRYAN: What’s a baby? It looks like a really small person, only bald. And round. And soft. And with (coos to Clarence) bootiful eNOWmus eyeses, yes yes yes! BELLA: A baby is a really small person. This one is a boy named Clarence, and we have to take care of him. BRYAN: (skeptically) Clarence? (rapidly, as Bella glares at him) Of course! Perfect name, perfect! *Note from esmeiolanthe: I am using the Sims’ names rather than the characters’ names because I have a poor memory for things like that.
  8. 8. BRYAN (V.O.): Wow, these plants are really happy! BELLA (V.O.): No, I don’t think they are. BRYAN (V.O.): Sure they are! Look, they’ve got all those pretty flying things all around them. BELLA (V.O.): (sleepily) I don’t think those are good flying things.
  9. 9. BRYAN (V.O.): But the other flying things are good things. Why would these flying things be bad things? BELLA (V.O.): I don’t know, but they are. The plants without the flying things are happier than the ones that have them. BRYAN (V.O.): Can plants be happy? How can you tell? I can’t tell when plants are happy or not. Do they smile, or -- ? BELLA (V.O.): Go to sleep, Bryan. We need to sleep while Clarence is asleep. (Clarence starts to cry) BELLA (V.O.): You woke him up, you go see what he wants.
  10. 10. BRYAN: I think this baby is defective. BELLA: No he isn’t. BRYAN: Yes he is. He definitely smells funny. BELLA: Are you sure the funny smell is coming from the baby? BRYAN: (buries his face in Clarence’s diaper and inhales deeply) Yeah, I think so.
  11. 11. BRYAN: Look, this tree has put out lots of red things! BELLA: Can we eat them? BRYAN: I dunno. (puts apple in his mouth and bites down with a satisfyingly crisp CRUNCH) Yeah, this is good. We should gather all of these from everywhere and keep them so nobody else can have any. They’re really good. BELLA: Who else would want some of the red things? BRYAN: I dunno. Anybody. They’re really good.
  12. 12. BELLA: No, I meant who besides us is there to eat them? BRYAN: I don’t know. But if there is someone else to eat them, I don’t want them to. (pause, then, fearfully) Do you think wolves like red things? BELLA (soothingly): Of course not.
  13. 13. BRYAN: Look! This plant has also put out a bunch of red things! BELLA: Can we eat them? BYRAN: I dunno. (puts tomato in his mouth and bites down with a juicy SQUISH) Yeah, they’re okay. I don’t mind if the wolves want some, though.
  14. 14. BRYAN: You know, Bella, you’re really smart. You always have the answer for everything. BELLA: No I don’t. BRYAN: Yes you do! I learn so much every time I talk to you. BELLA: Well, I doubt that’s true, but it’s very sweet of you to say. BRYAN: No, it’s true. I bet next time I talk to you, I’ll learn something I didn’t know.
  15. 15. BRYAN: What are you doing? BELLA: I’m feeding the baby. BRYAN: Doesn’t he want a fish? Or grilled tubes? (doubtfully) I have some rocks somewhere if he’s interested. BELLA: He can’t eat any of those things. He doesn’t have teeth yet. BRYAN: (with astonished revelation) Is that what those are for? Wow, that’s awesome!
  16. 16. I used Chris Hatch’s baby clothes mod and Theraven’s fur diapers to give Clarence his nifty outfit. Although normally getting clothes for free is against the rules, there is no other way to get baby clothes, and joandsarah77 has said it’s okay. Nursing the baby comes courtesy of BoilingOil’s Feed Baby mod. So far, it works like a charm. I hope you enjoyed this episode of Movin’ On Up!, and that you will join me next time for more historically inaccurate fun! Until next time, Happy Simming!