Movin' On Up!: Episode 1


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Movin' On Up!: Episode 1

  1. 1. Hello! Welcome to my new story, a Creation To Future challenge, created by joandsarah77 over at Desirable Discourses. The format is that of a cheesy 80’s-style sitcom starring actual Sims from my ’hood. Since it is not shot in a separate ’hood, you may see modern things or Sims you recognize from other stories. Like most 80’s sitcoms, it is a little disjointed, and both Plot and Character Development are somewhere between stupid and nonexistent.
  2. 2. On the left, we have Bryan Littledragon, who plays Urk. On the right, we have Bella Littledragon, who plays Akka. I will give their dialog markers as “BRYAN’” and “BELLA,” because I get less confused that way. I will not be narrating, although there will probably be a note from me at the end of each episode. I hope you enjoy!
  3. 3. BRYAN: I’m digging things out of the ground for us to eat! What are you doing? BELLA: I’m putting things in the ground for us to eat. BRYAN: That’s silly! If you put it in the ground, how can we eat it?
  4. 4. BRYAN: Hey, I found something! BELLA: Is it edible? BRYAN: It’s a rock! BELLA: Is that edible? BRYAN: I dunno. (puts rock in his mouth and bites down with a very loud CRUNCH) BRYAN: Meh.
  5. 5. BELLA (OFF) (sleepily): What are you doing? BRYAN: I’m making friends! BELLA (OFF): With a stray canid? BRYAN: With a walkby! Friends are very important for promotions and working your way up the career ladder! BELLA (OFF): What do those words mean? BRYAN: I have no idea.
  6. 6. BRYAN: I can’t dig anything worth eating out of the ground, and no matter how much you put in the ground, I still feel hungry. I’m going to try something else. BELLA: Okay. What? BRYAN: I’m going to tie a really pointy thing to this long thin whippy thing and then -- (stabs himself in the hand) BELLA: Stab your self in the hand? BRYAN: Noooooo. I’m going to -- (casts)
  7. 7. BELLA: Wow, that was impressive! But I’m still hungry. BRYAN: That’s not what I was going to do. (sets his hand down to stand up) Aaaargh! Really pointy things hurt!
  8. 8. BELLA: That’s okay. I’ll make us some grilled tubes. BRYAN: Can we have them in stale split soft things? BELLA: Of course. BRYAN: Ohboyohboyohboy!
  9. 9. BELLA: What is this? BRYAN: It’s a waterfall. BELLA: But this is coming from the sky. BRYAN: So it’s a really big waterfall in the sky. BELLA: But then why isn’t it going all the time? The other waterfall does. BRYAN: Do not question the Big Waterfall in the Sky!
  10. 10. BELLAL Did you catch anything? BRYAN (decisively): Yes. BELLA: What is it? BRYAN (decisively): It’s a Thing. BELLA: Can we eat it? BRYAN: I dunno. (sniffs the boot, then bit it with a suspicious SQUELTCH) BRYAN: Meh.
  11. 11. BRYAN: I tols you you shouldn’t question the Big Waterfall in the Sky! Now it’s angry at us. It’s punishing us! BELLA: No it isn’t. BRYAN: Yes it is! How do you know it isn’t! BELLA: Er… Because the Big Waterfall in the Sky wouldn’t do that? BRYAN: You’re right! The big Waterfall in the Sky is loving and generous.
  12. 12. BRYAN: See? The Big Waterfall in the Sky is putting the fire out! BELLA: But we don’t want it to go out! BRYAN: We don’t? BELLA: No! Fire will let us grill more tubes. BRYAN (wails): We are not worthy! The Big Waterfall in the Sky is punishing us!
  13. 13. BRYAN: I did it! I did it! I caught a fish! Ha ha! We can eat tonight! I am the sustainer of my family!
  14. 14. BELLA (warmly): Oh, that’s nice.
  15. 15. BRYAN: Bella, don’t! You’re supposed to keep the food in, not spit it out!
  16. 16. As you can see, I don’t have the wear-anything maternity hack, and I don’t have any caveman maternity wear, so you will be seeing less of Bella next time. I hope this wasn’t too disjointed or unreadable, and that you will join me next time. Until then, Happy Simming!