Cecil's CCL, Chapter 4


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Cecil's CCL, Chapter 4

  1. 1. Hello, and welcome to the fourth chapter of Cecil’s CCL! It’s aCrazy Cat Lover Challenge, and the objective is to have as manycats and as much cat-themed décor as you can manage. It wascreated specifically for the handsome fellow up there.No, the other one.The one without fur and whiskers.This is still sort of in play-testing, so I reserve the right to changerules if it becomes absolutely necessary. If you’re playing one ofthese and you have a question or a problem, please let me know!
  2. 2. Something I’ve been having a little difficulty with myself is therule about not interrupting an action initiated by a cat. Looking atthis queue, I simply can’t tell if that interaction is Cecil’s idea orthe cat’s.
  3. 3. Finally, I figured out a solution: Hit pause and look at the cat’squeue. Here, you can see that Clotho had a different action lined upfirst, but since she’s gone to the bother of canceling it in favor ofCecil, I decided to let it go through.After all, if a cat deigns to interact with you, you should humblyaccept the honor.
  4. 4. I ran into a bit of trouble at the start of the first rotation: Chercouldn’t go to work because Atropos decided to go to sleep right infront of Cher’s pillow. Although most normal beings would eitherstep over Atropos or make use of the vast floor space off to the left,Cher is a Sim-cat… and not an overly bright one, apparently.I used moveobjects on Atropos so that Cher could get out of thehouse. Moving stuck objects is allowed, but I’m not sure aboutthis, so let me know your thoughts.
  5. 5. Both Cher and Louis aged up after work that day. Neither looksparticularly different, I don’t think.
  6. 6. Now that he has six cats, Cecil is busier than ever. Just keeping allthe food bowls clean and filled takes quite a bit of time.Andy apparently thinks it takes too long.
  7. 7. Keeping the food bowls filled also takes quite a bit of money, andCecil has had to resort to digging for treasure again. At night, ofcourse, when more of the kitties are asleep.This time, at least. Cats sleep when they feel like it, and you justhave to work around that.So what do you do when you have no money and can’t keep upwith the demands of the kitties?
  8. 8. If you said “Give some of the kitties of for adoption,” that isabsolutely the wrong answer. The correct answer is “Find some ofthe kitties jobs.”Andy and Clotho are now in Show Business, Lachesis is inSecurity, and Atropos is in Service.Why yes, I did give them jobs in the order they appeared in thepaper. However did you guess?
  9. 9. But even with the challenges inherent in having to care for so manycats, I think we can all agree that this is about as close to heaven asa Sim can get.
  10. 10. Partway through the first rotation (for, as you no doubt recall, thischapter covers two), Cecil got an unexpected visitor.CECIL: Mom? What are you doing here?BUTTERCUP, CECIL’S MOTHER: I came over for a visit. Whatdo you think?CECIL: I didn’t invite you over.BUTTERCUP: No?CECIL: No. I mean, it’s not that I don’t like seeing you, but…
  11. 11. BUTTERCUP: So it’s okay. And how could I resist a chance to visitwith such adorable fuzzy-wuzzy, um…CECIL: Cats, Mom. And you don’t like cats. “Green eyed littlebastards,” you called them.*BUTTERCUP: It’s not my fault if they’re scheming little sadists, is it?Plus, they leave dead mice on your pillow.CECIL: It’s what they do to teach kittens how to hunt. It’s a sign ofaffection.***See “Green-Eyed Monsters” on my LJ. (Tag: Myshuno!)**True.
  12. 12. CECIL: Mooo-ooom! Those are my money trees! You have yourown at home!BUTTERCUP: Children are supposed to support their parents intheir old age, aren’t they?CECIL: You and Dad are worth ten times what I am!BUTTERCUP: Don’t be ridiculous. It can’t be more than abouteight times your net worth. (kisses Cecil on the cheek) Good to seeyou, sweetie. Come by for dinner sometime.Yes, Cecil’s mother really did drop by to harvest money trees andplay with one of the cats. I can’t make this stuff up.
  13. 13. I am ridiculously proud of this shot. Not because it’s wellcomposed (it isn’t) or because it’s particularly exciting (it isn’t),but because it proves that my cat bed solution works!Just having the edge of the room lined with cat pillows is boring,so I came up with this setup to put pillows on different levels. Andit worked! The three pillows are for Atropos (red), Clotho (orange),and Lachesis (green). Clotho is sleeping on Lachesis’ pillow, butdon’t all cats regard everything as “mine” anyway?
  14. 14. I also found a couch designed to fit into the bay window* anddecided to make my unofficial window seat actually usable. So far,Cecil is the only one to take advantage of it, but it does work.Come to think of it, I have yet to see the cats take advantage of theregular couch either…*The couch is by Sunni at Plumb Bob Keep. Search Sunni’s page in the“Codex Artifex” section to find it.
  15. 15. And proof that using moveobjects on to tuck a litterbox out of theway under the desk also works nicely. The litterbox can be cleanedas well, although I have no photographic proof of that.The question of why someone would want to put a litterbox neartheir feet while they’re on the computer I will leave to you toanswer.
  16. 16. Since money is okay right now, with the kitties all working, andsince Cecil’s motive are doing okay, Cecil spent a good chunk ofthe second rotation teaching kitties the skills they will need forpromotion. Here you see Lachesis mastering “Stay.”
  17. 17. And here is Atropos getting the hang of “Shake.” This gives me awhopping two points.+1 Each command learned (except Use Toilet…) This stacks: ifMr. Fuzzypants learns Roll Over and Come Here, and QueenSnuffles learns Come Here and Shake, you get 4 points.
  18. 18. As you can see, I’ve rearranged the living room a little bit. Nowit’s even closer to heaven than before. Look at how many of thekitties are spending time in it! Until this rotation, I had no idea thatmore than one cat could use the cat condo at the same time. (Well,I’ve only ever had one other household with more than one cat, andthey couldn’t afford a cat condo.)And isn’t that cat stereo great? It’s a TS3-to-TS2 conversion withrecolors by untidyfan/Jennerica, from their LJ.
  19. 19. Speaking of heaven, unfortunately Louis is getting a chance tocheck it out. I’m not very good at reading cats’ lifebars, and neitherCecil nor I were expecting this.
  20. 20. Everybody needed plenty of snuggles after that. Cecil’s queue wasfilled with pictures of all the kitties wanting a Stroke or a Hug.They had to wait their turn, though.Rule #3a. If multiple cats have interactions lined up, its firstcome, first served. Never cancel an interaction involving a cat.
  21. 21. After everyone was feeling a little better, Cecil went off to makehimself lunch. He got a bit distracted -- possibly by a cat; I don’tremember -- and lunch caught on fire.
  22. 22. Although that wasn’t quite as bad an outcome as you might think.ALLYN THAYER, THE FIREFIGHTER: Glad to see not of thecats were hurt. I take it you really like cats, huh?CECIL: Yes.ALLYN THAYER, THE FIREFIGHTER: Me too. I’ve got three.Well, you be more careful next time, Mr. -- ?CECIL: Shankel. Cecil Shankel.ALLYN THAYER, THE FIREFIGHTER: (shakes Cecil’s hand)Allyn Thayer. Always good to meet a fellow cat lover, Mr.Shankel.
  23. 23. Alas, the joy of meeting a fellow spirit was offset by Cher joiningLouis in the giant kitty condo in the sky. I suppose this shouldn’thave been a surprise, since Cher and Louis were adopted at thesame time, but Cecil and I were both taken unawares a secondtime.
  24. 24. Once again, there was a mass rush on Cecil for comfort. I’m gladthat the kitties have a good enough relationship with him to be ableto do that, at least.I don’t know if this is the time or the place, but I’d just like to pointout that the cats are color-coded: Clotho has the orange collar,Lachesis has the red one, and Atropos has the green one. Andy isthe grey cat.
  25. 25. And perhaps next time the house won’t feel quite so empty…Until next time, Happy Simming!
  26. 26. Plus pointsCommands learned by a cat: +1 Stay (Lachesis), +1 Shake(Atropos)Minus pointsNoneTotal: 2Total from last time: 24GRAND TOTAL: 26