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Cecil's CCL, Chapter 3


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Cecil's CCL, Chapter 3

  1. 1. Hello, and welcome to the third chapter of Cecil’s CCL! It’s aCrazy Cat Lover Challenge, and the objective is to have as manycats and as much cat-themed décor as you can manage. You getpoints for it and everything…This is still sort of in play-testing, so I reserve the right to changerules if it becomes absolutely necessary. If you’re playing one ofthese and you come across a question or a problem, please let meknow!
  2. 2. This industrious fellow is Cecil Shankel, our Crazy Cat Lover. Thechallenge was created for him (quite literally) and he does live upto the name.
  3. 3. Although I daresay he’d object to the term “crazy.” He’d probablyprefer “dedicated.” He’s a dedicated cat lover. After all, who elsewould spend two hours outdoors in the rain, teaching their cat toShake so that they could be promoted?Louis did master the skill, netting me one whole point.+1 Each command learned (except Use Toilet; see below)+5 Each cat that learns Use Toilet
  4. 4. Eventually, the weather cleared up, and Cecil sent the kitties off tomake more kitties. Cecil doesn’t really have enough money toadopt as many as he’d like, but fortunately, kitties are self-replicating.
  5. 5. Cher still has issues with apparently being unable to find any of thethree full food bowls on the lot. Now that she’s in the family way,we can’t allow that to happen. Fortunately, she’s pretty vocal aboutbeing hungry.
  6. 6. Even more fortunately, she’s always willing to accept a treat.They’re a bit on the expensive side when you’re low on cash, buttotally worth every penny.Rule #11: If the cats get taken away by the pet services agency,the game is over. Otherwise, the game ends when your Simdies.Personally, I suspect Cher of being deliberately stupid because shelikes cat treats.
  7. 7. Cher is not, in fact, stupid, and both she and Louis came home withpromotions on the same night. Cecil bought a set ofcommemorative plates to celebrate.Yes, he also redecorated a bit. The wallpaper isn’t particularlyexpensive in such a small room, and the coffee maker has beenaround for a while. You just haven’t seen it since it’s in the corner.
  8. 8. Cecil also made a quick run to a community lot to pick up a newshirt. (Claws get stuck in a wool sweater so easily, and it can hurtthe cat when you try to pull them free.) He spent less than twogame-hours for travel and shopping both.Rule #8: Trips to community lots are limited to three hours orfewer. …
  9. 9. Cecil is very pleased with his new shirt, although the cats seemsomewhat apathetic. As long as they get cat treats and are playedwith whenever they want, Cecil can go around in a satin nightie forall they care.The cooker hood doubles as a smoke alarm; it’s by buggybooz and you canfind it on MTS. The counters and stove are just recolors of the cheapest ones(not entirely new ones); they’re by Jennerica and you can find them at GoS oron Jennerica’s blog.
  10. 10. Here’s a slightly better shot of Cecil’s shirt. I think it suits himmuch better than the sweater he was wearing. Plus, even though itwon’t add to my points, I just think it fits the theme nicely.The shirt is from GoS as well; it’s from the “I Just Really Love Cats”collection of shirts by mellyrae, which no CCL should be without. They’reavailable for both males and females, too!
  11. 11. Now that there’s a little bit of money in the bank and life hasdeveloped a bit of a routine, Cecil actually has time to talk tofriends on the phone, and even to invite them over. Just becauseyou’re a Crazy Cat Lover doesn’t mean you have to be anti-social.Rule #8: Trips to community lots are limited to three hours orfewer. … Phone calls, internet chat, and inviting people overare all just fine, as long as Rule #3 is followed.Today’s visitor is Frederic Miller, who is some sort of cousin-at-a-far-remove. He’s from Already in Progress, just like Cecil used tobe.
  12. 12. You may have noticed Cher’s carpool arriving home in the lastpicture. Although Cher’s job performance was quite good, sheapparently didn’t get any litter breaks at all, and promptly lost mepoints as soon as she got home.-5 Each time a cat older than kitten uses the floor instead of thelitterboxI suppose it’s hard being pregnant when you’re a cat, too...
  13. 13. I am pleased to report that Frederic and Cher get along quite nicely.
  14. 14. Cher was just full of surprises this rotation. First there was thepeeing on the sidewalk, followed by the making-friends-easily.Then, the next day, I saw this.My first reaction was panic -- I hadn’t gotten any pop-up warnings,so I couldn’t understand why the cats were being taken away.It would have been terribly embarrassing to fail my own challengeso early.
  15. 15. As it turns out, it was just Cher’s carpool.
  16. 16. Then she got a good chance card at work and came home in this.Cher has now topped the Security career, which nets me a fewmore points.+5 Each career topped by a cat
  17. 17. And in the evening of the next day, the magic sparkles began!Pet pregnancies seem kind of long to me, but I admit that I didn’tkeep very careful track. Does anyone else know how long petpregnancies usually last?
  18. 18. The magic sparkles produced not one, not two, but THREE kittens!I named them Atropos (male), Clotho (female), and Lachesis(female). I can’t tell them apart right now, but that doesn’t matteruntil they become adults.-5 If you the player cant tell the adult cats apart (All kittens lookalike, so they dont count)But even if it counted at this point, it would be offset:+5 Each kitten born on the lot
  19. 19. You remember Frederic from a few slides back, right? Well, laterin the rotation he got married, and Cecil was invited as a guest.Cecil asked if he could bring a friend, and Frederic said sure.(What can I say? I was curious to see his plus one.)It turned out to be his father.Cecil spent a good chunk of the wedding heartfarting and thenflamey thought ballooning his exes, who were also invited. One ofthem is married and has a child by now, and one has two childrenwithout being married at all. Cecil needs to get out more, methinks.
  20. 20. Here you see further proof that Cecil is really starting to lose it.Not only is he walking away from a cat that wants a hug, but he’srolled the Want to Adopt A Freaking Puppy!
  21. 21. The lack of human contact is just deadly! …Or he could beteaching Cher to Play Dead.On a side note, Cecil seems to have inherited his grandfather’sknack for making awesome faces.**See Everybody Loves Bertie for more about Cecil’s grandfather.
  22. 22. Since Cecil seems to roll up Wants for his exes most frequently,when I saw that he wanted to spend some time with Blake Louie, Ijumped at it.Blake Louie is the llama mascot Cecil had a disastrous date with incollege. They reconnected on LlamaBook recently, and are prettygood friends now that it’s understood that Cecil is Not Interested.Which is just as well. Blake seems like a nice enough guy, but hepaid hardly any attention to the cats.
  23. 23. I don’t know if you noticed in the last couple of pictures, but I’mreally gunning for the decorating points:+9 Individual portrait of each cat somewhere on the lot (painting,snapshot, artists camera, architects table, etc.)That’s Cher on the left and Louis on the right. I can provide close-ups of the photos upon request, since they are a bit small here.+20 Having as much cat-themed decor as you can fit in thehouse/stand to look at without throwing upFortunately, “tasteful” is not a requirement.
  24. 24. Space in the house is limited, and so I didn’t know how I wasgoing to fit in a scratching post for each of the kittens. (When theyneed them, of course -- they don’t just at the moment.) Then Ifound an invisible recolor of a scratching post on MTS.* Do yousee the scratching post just barely sticking out of the tree?*It’s by ailias, if you want to search, or it’s linked on my WCIF page on LJ.
  25. 25. Not anymore, you don’t!**It is actually quite difficult to get this particular setup to work,since the cats see the tree as being in the way.
  26. 26. Frammit!-1 Each fight between your Sims cats (Fights between your Simscats and any walkbys/strays dont count.)
  27. 27. I’m not really sure what Louis’s problem is, but he’s beenchallenging Cher right and left recently. Often I don’t notice untilit’s actually happening, and I didn’t think to have Cecil scold Louisabout it.I decided to rectify that this time around, and to scold him forfighting.
  28. 28. Except that here Louis is clearly saying “Yeah, I can take you, too.You want a piece of me?” The scolding was unsuccessful, and bothCecil and Louis got little person-person minus-minus symbols forthe interaction.
  29. 29. I’m thinking that maybe praising Louis for being sweet andaffectionate is a better way to go.Also, it might be time to get him fixed. That makes male cats muchless aggressive.
  30. 30. I’m not sure which kitten that was in the last picture, but thatdoesn’t matter. What does matter is that Atropos and Lachesis lookexactly alike in all aspects, from the coloring to the markings to thepersonality points… everything except their sex. Andunfortunately, you can’t peek under their tails.
  31. 31. That is why Cecil made a special trip to the humane society to buynew collars for the no-longer-kittens: orange, red, and green.Color-coding is easy, quick, and legal.
  32. 32. The problem with buying new everything is that the householdfunds are once again dangerously low. Cecil has been reduced todigging for rocks and bones again.
  33. 33. The money trees provide a little bit of income -- although not asmuch as you might expect, thanks to Cecil’s distressing tendencyto roll Wants for one or the other of his exes -- but they take up somuch room that they’re not really a viable option for thishousehold.
  34. 34. And then, while Cecil was on the phone with his sister, somethingwonderful happened!
  35. 35. Andy the cat stopped by!Cecil promptly hung up on his sister and went out to greet the straykitty.
  36. 36. And after three game hours, Andy agreed to move in! The ratio ofcats to Sims is now six to one.Although now Andy needs a collar and other cat stuff, with a bankbalance of $150…But that’s a problem for another day. Until next time, HappySimming!
  37. 37. Now I’m actually earning (or losing) points, I should start counting them, hey?Plus pointsKittens born on the lot: 3 (Clotho, Atropos, Lachesis) x 5 = 15Strays adopted: 1 (Andy) x 10 = 10Career topped by a cat: 1 (Cher; Security) x 5 = 5Minus pointsFight between cats: 1 (Louis vs. Cher) x -1 = -1Cat used floor, not litterbox: 1 (Cher) x -5 = -5TOTAL: 24