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Already in Progress, Chapter 52


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Already in Progress, Chapter 52

  1. 1. Hello, and welcome back to Already in Progress! I know it’s beena while, and for that, I apologize. I completely burned through mybuffer earlier this year, and didn’t have time to adequately rebuildit before it was needed again. There are a number of paid holidayscoming up soon, so perhaps I will be able to rectify that.In the meantime, I hope you remember what happened last time,since my recaps skills are actually slightly worse than my bungeejumping skills. Not that there is any real plot to recap…
  2. 2. Today’s episode of Goldberg & Silent Lady is brought to you bygame animation boxes and poseboxes by Jaydee. Use any Nightlifeanimation the game has, without pesky nuisances like having tobuy a karaoke machine! Also available in other EP flavors.(in one of those rapid undertones used for the “small print” in allthe best commercials) You must have the appropriate EP to be ableto use the pose or animation boxes. If you do not have a particularEP, do not install the matching box. Available from the Jaydee is in no way aware of thisendorsement.And now, let’s rejoin our story: Already in Progress…
  3. 3. Life in the newly-blended apartments is going pretty well. Thefamilies all get along well, and are in and out of each other’sapartments all the time.Despite my best efforts with assigning Myne doors and lockingthem. Curses, foiled again!
  4. 4. Don and Sam are still ridiculously happy with each other, as areCharlie and Louise.
  5. 5. Or, more accurately, as were Charlie and Louise.Thanks to a glitchy-slaved-lifebar problem, I couldn’t tell ifLouise, Sam, both, or neither were getting near to the end of theirspan. As it turns out, Louise was the one who was running out oftime.
  6. 6. Louise (Sanders) Miller, age unknown due to a glitchy lifebar.Louise mostly liked girls, except for that “experimentation” phasein college, and she liked Charlie best of all. She was terrible atrunning a business, and she never did learn how to balance acheckbook. I wish I could say more about Louise, but she neverreally “came alive” for me, which was probably more my fault thanhers.Rest in peace, Louise.
  7. 7. The household is about to increase by one again, though, sinceCatherynne lost no time in proposing to Professor DouglasWheeler, and he lost no time in accepting.For those of you who noticed the stink cloud: Professor Douglasdoes bathe regularly, but he was a little too close to the breadfruittree in the yard that caught on fire -- three times in a row. I havereplaced the breadfruit tree with a bay tree, and Professor Douglashas since had a shower.
  8. 8. And, following a quick marriage with no party and a newwardrobe, Professor Douglas Wheeler became one of the family.Since he is older than Catherynne, she took his name.Catherynne Miller is now Catherynne Wheeler. Yes, I am aware ofthe humorous potential in that name.The closest thing to dramatic events in this household this rotationwas the kitchen fire shown here.The family has a fire alarm, so what made this dramatic?
  9. 9. Mostly the fact that there are no stairs in the building, only anelevator -- which was busted at the time.Fortunately, it was repaired before the house burned down. Youhave no idea how much screaming at the screen was happening forthose thrity seconds.
  10. 10. MURAKAME So... Silent Lady. Any interest there? GOLDBERG Huh? MURAKAME Is it okay with you if I ask her out? GOLDBERGHer decision, isn’t it? (drinks) But I think she’s got better taste.
  11. 11. At the House of the Double A’s, there is not so much to report thistime around, since everyone’s work and school schedules sync upsuch that they are all out of the house at the same time.On the bright side, that means that they are generally available forwater balloon fights at the same time too. I forget if this one was“boys against girls” or “grown-ups against kids.” Adam has atendency to switch teams based on who’s winning at the moment.
  12. 12. Early in the rotation, Latifah went off to chase the catnip mousie inthe sky. This was something of a surprise all around, but is proofthat my pet lifespan mod is, in fact, working.I did mention that this family is the testing grounds for manythings, right?
  13. 13. The corner where Latifah’s bed used to be looked awful empty, sothe family went ahead and bought an iguana named Theodore.The iguana is a TS3 to TS2 conversion by bienchen83, and can befound on MTS, along with a wide variety of other caged pets.Haven’t you always wanted a chinchilla?
  14. 14. However, unlike real iguanas which eat chopped and shreddedfruits and veggies, Theodore eats dried pellets. Not so good forreal!iguanas, but apparently just fine for sim!iguanas.
  15. 15. On the last day of the rotation, I got to conduct a little experiment.You see, it was time for Bryan to age up, and I wasn’t sure if therewas an automatic aspiration drop at transition time. Here we seeBryan’s platinum plumbbob. Although you can’t see his aspirationmeter, I can tell you that while it was high platinum, it wasn’tmaxed out.
  16. 16. And here is Bryan after he aged up (and gained points for GrowingUp Well). As you can see, he’s still platinum.Further experimentation to see if a drop in aspiration occurs onlyfrom Toddler to Child is required, but it appears that a drop is notautomatic.Which means I’m an even lousier Simmer than I thought, to havelost the Permaplat Challenge so very early.
  17. 17. You may have noticed that Bryan’s hair changed rather radically.Never fear -- his genetic hair color is still blond, as you can see byhis eyebrows. The custom hair he was wearing, though, isapparently not binned, or familied, or linked, or whatever it is thatmakes a Sim grow into the next lifestage version of it.A quick trip to the mirror, and Bryan was back to his old self.
  18. 18. I learned one other useful thing at the House of the Double A’s,although this was not a deliberate experiment. If you have a caralarm and a burglar walks past the car, then the police will showup before the burglar can get into the house.I don’t think the family even woke up.I rarely add car alarms, but from now on, they will be part of mystandard playstyle.
  19. 19. GOLDBERG Can you describe your wife for me? SPOSO Oh, she’s a lovely Rottweiler bitch, twenty-fourinches at the shoulder, 110 pounds, black and tan -- not mahogany, tan -- docked tail... GOLDBERGI’m sorry -- it sounds like you’re describing a dog. SPOSO Well, except for the midnight hour, yes.
  20. 20. Heya, Sally! What new and exciting?SALLY (V.O.): Oh, not much. Troy got promoted the other day --it came with really a very nice bonus, although we didn’t need themoney. Still, we can always give it to charity or something.Is Troy happy about the promotion?SALLY (V.O.): Oh, yes! He worked really hard to get there. I justhope he doesn’t blow his knee out now -- first-string offsidesword-page is really a much riskier position than shortstop striker.Er, I’m not sure I understood that…
  21. 21. SALLY (V.O.): Well, I have to admit that I don’t much understandsports either. They just don’t make any sense to me. But Tamaralikes them a lot -- she and Troy can spend hours debating themerits of this team versus that one, and how that player stacks upagainst the other, and so on.Well, it’s good that they have something to bond over.SALLY (V.O.): Oh, absolutely!
  22. 22. SALLY (V.O.): Tamara’s starting to make a few friends, too,which is good. I mean, she’s very Outgoing, so she wants to havefriends, but she’s also very Serious, which makes her pretty intensewhen you first meet her. That kind of turns people off, you know?But at least she’s got a good friend in Bryan -- Amy’s son?I know Bryan. So are they dating, or just friend friends?SALLY (V.O.): Just friend friends, I think. I’m pretty sure theydon’t have any chemistry. Not that chemistry is everything, ofcourse, but they don’t seem to be romantically inclined. And that’snice -- Amy and I are such good friends, I’m glad our children aretoo.
  23. 23. SALLY (V.O.): Really, the one thing that’s not been all that happyhere is that Tom died.Oh, I’m so sorry!SALLY (V.O.): Well, I know he was a very old cat -- do youknow, Dad gave him to me when I was Tamara’s age? -- but I’mstill going to miss him.
  24. 24. SALLY: On the other hand, Rudy is still doing great! Do you knowhow long cockatoos live?Sorry, no.SALLY: That’s okay. We’ll be glad to have him around as long ashe wants to stay. (tickles Rudy) Thanks for stopping by!
  25. 25. GOLDBERGAs bubbe volt gehat beytsim gevain mayn zaideh! [This is both rude and crude, and everyone reacts accordingly] If Thornleaf’s got her, we need a real plan.
  26. 26. I suppose that Dmitri and Rose could have used a car alarm; the catburglar has been very busy lately.Once again, the family did not wake up. This time, the burglar gotaway with three or four items, but the house is so cluttered that Ican’t figure out what she took. (sigh) I suppose I’ll figure it outwhen it starts to smell, hey?
  27. 27. Since a suitable period had passed, Rose and Dmitri had theirwedding. Although there were a few stumbling blocks along theway.ROSE: You’re working too? Can’t you just call in sick?ROSE: Well, no, we didn’t send out save-the-date cards…ROSE: Well, we’ll save you some cake, okay? Stop by later in theevening.
  28. 28. ROSE (calls, off): Hel-looooo? We’re getting married now! Don’tyou want to come watch?
  29. 29. DMITRI (V.O.) (sotto voce): Esme, I can’t believe your sister andmy sister wore the same dress!ROSE (V.O.): Maybe we could tell people they’re mybridesmaids?DMITRI (V.O.): Not with the way they’re looking daggers at eachother about it.
  30. 30. But the actual wedding went well, and everyone who attended wasvery happy for the new couple.Dmitri Sanders is now Dmitri Shankel, by the way.
  31. 31. In fact, the party was a Roof Raiser, and nobody had to take theirclothes off to make that happen, either.
  32. 32. Which is not to say that clothes didn’t get taken off later. We’retalking a pair of Family Sims here.Both Rose and Dmitri are thrilled about this new development, andwe will get to meet said development next time.
  33. 33. GOLDBERGThat is a woman cursed to live twenty-three hours of every day as a dog! ÆLFRICAh? Our analyses of the spell matrix appear to haveproduced exactly opposite conclusions, then, but no matter. I bought the creature in good faith, and I will return it at once.
  34. 34. Isaac is fitting into the fabric of the Miller household quite nicelynow. On the first day of the rotation, he assisted in the planning ofand preparation for an epic luau.
  35. 35. Admittedly, holding a luau right at the beginning of winter wasprobably a tactical error. The guests all showed up in theirouterwear and spent all their time playing kicky bag.
  36. 36. After Eddie and Celeste were nice enough to provide music for thelimbo, too!
  37. 37. It was supposed to be a wedding party, but nobody paid attentionto that, either. Kicky bag and laughing at the epic fail involved intrying to limbo, that’s what the party was all about.Isaac Clemens is now Isaac Miller, whether anyone was watchingor not.
  38. 38. The party was a Roof-Raiser despite the unseemly PDA exhibitedby the grooms.I also learned that you can’t cut a wedding cake unless you’reactually throwing an official Wedding Party. Since this was just aluau, nobody could haz caek. :(
  39. 39. But it’s what happened after the luau that’s important. (If you werefollowing my Myshuno! Prompts, this will seem awfully familiar.)ISAAC: Answer me: Yes or no?FREDERIC: Huh?ISAAC (repeats): “Answer me: yes or no?”FREDERIC: I didn’t hear the question.ISAAC: I know you didn’t.
  40. 40. FREDERIC: I’m about to level up, so -- (mashes the buttonsdesperately) No! No! Cowplant! Jumpjumpjumpjump -- YES! Haha!ISAAC: So, what do you say?FREDERIC: I have no idea what the system crash you’re talkingabout. Sure, whatever.ISAAC: Okey-doke. I’ll go call the agency. It’s usually next day, Ithink. (leaves, humming cheerfully)
  41. 41. FREDERIC: Okay, great.(Frederic freezes in horror as the conversation finally sinks in, andthen dives for the door, calling desperately)FREDERIC: Isaac? What did I just agree to?
  42. 42. SPOSO Oh, my darling, my darling!HEIDI licks his face enthusiastically. GOLDBERG I guess all’s well that ends well, right?SILENT LADY nods, smiling fondly.
  43. 43. I’m not really super strict about how I play the rotation, or aboutmaking sure all seasons are 100% in alignment on every lot, sowinter is more advanced at the Couderc farm than at the House ofthe Double A’s.Not that it really matters when you’ve got plantsims in charge ofthe garden.
  44. 44. Because Fantine is not as young as she used to be, she now spendsthe evenings under the grow lights, using the produce packingstation from SimWardrobe to pack up much of her inventory. Thepacking station bundles vegetables in crates of six to twelve items,depending on the produce in question. This is nothing short of agodsend, because pepper plants each produce roughly twentypeppers, and Fantine had well over two hundred to pass along.Trying to do that the one-at-a-time way that the game allows is asure way to end up with carpal tunnel syndrome.Chant is able to unpack any crate and have the individual fruits orvegetables in his inventory again for restocking.
  45. 45. Fantine has also handed over ownership of the farm stand. This is apicture of her handing over the deed, though, because pictures ofpeople going to a lawyer’s office and signing some papers reallyisn’t all that exciting.
  46. 46. Of course, I’m not really expecting Fantine to need to pass thingsalong for a while yet; it’s more that there’s no harm in beingprepared.And speaking of preparedness, Chant spends most of the nightbaking either pies or cakes to sell, since both sell like -- well, likehotcakes!
  47. 47. Really, Phoebe is the only member of that generation who sleeps.It must be hard to sleep under those grow lights, though. I shoulddo something about that.
  48. 48. And obviously, sleeping is not the only thing that bed gets usedfor. Nudge nudge wink wink.
  49. 49. MURAKAME So, are you doing anything this weekend? SILENT LADY shakes her head. MURAKAME Then let me buy you dinner and take you to a show.SILENT LADY blinks several times. Then she grinsbroadly and within seconds, is doubled over, wheezingand pounding the desk in silent hilarity. MURAKAME A simple “no thanks” would have been fine.
  50. 50. There were some exciting milestones at Buttercup’s house thisrotation. Penny learned to go potty all by herself, and if you don’tthink that’s cause for celebration, then you’ve never changed thediaper of a toddler who was allowed as much applesauce as shewanted, whenever she wanted it.
  51. 51. Skye Grew Up Well, and into a look that was not actually eye-searingly awful.On the other hand, it’s not an outfit that suits her.
  52. 52. This look is a much better one for her, and is just generally cute.Gee, I did a clever job of disguising the picspam, didn’t I? Go me!
  53. 53. I ended up taking very few pictures of this household after Skye’smakeover because I was distracted by this fun little problem.See how the inside of Skye’s mouth is all blue? That’s notsupposed to happen to normal Sims -- only aliens. Meaning Simswith the alien skintone. Which Skye doesn’t have.After much panicking and worry about irreversible gamecorruption, I figured it out: the problem was Skye’s eye shadow.Remove the eye shadow, remove the problem. I still don’t knowwhy the problem occurred in the first place, but I can deal with thatsimple solution.
  54. 54. Right at the end of the rotation, Penny aged up as well. As you cansee, she likes orange. I’m thinking that right now she’s a very goodmix of both her parents, but we’ll have to wait and see just how thegenetics play out. At least she has Jo’s beautiful eyes, which areunlikely to change.And since I am now out of pictures, I’m going to call it a chapter!Until next time, Happy Simming!
  55. 55. The Goldberg and Silent Lady sections used a lot of custom content andposeboxes. All custom content is from Mod The Sims unless otherwiseindicated. In addition to the animation boxes advertised at the beginning, Iused:“Timeless Office” set by jgwoodsLong drapes and recolors by KiaraRawks“Hacked Coat Hook” by Mary-Lou and Numenor“Custom Modeling Poses Hack V2 w/Facial Overlays” by decorgal21572“Sim-Realistic Anime Spoof Posters” by taichikitten (deleted scene)Skinchange vials by bstrd17Contacts by BlueBlood220“Frankenstein” outfit from the EA Store collection via MATY (deleted scene)SimBlender by TwoJeffs, from SimbologyWall paneling from the “Dirty Pretty Things” collection by phoenix_phaerie