Already in Progress, Chapter 42: Mostly Sally (With Some Amy Thrown In)


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Already in Progress, Chapter 42: Mostly Sally (With Some Amy Thrown In)

  1. 1. Hello, and welcome to the longest college chapter in the historyof Already in Progress! Of course, the college chapter forRuth’s (un)Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge wassignificantly larger, but you already knew that. And if youdidn’t, you should run off and read the whole story right away,even if it doesn’t have very much Sally in it. [/shameless self-promotion]This story has plenty of Sally. As a consequence, I’m having alittle trouble figuring out how to bridge the sections of thischapter, so I hope it isn’t too confusing for you.Ready? Then let’s get on with our story, which is Already inProgress…
  2. 2. Amy Grew Up into almost the same ensemble she picked whentransitioning to Teen. I wonder if she’s trying to tell mesomething…I really hope not, since I don’t think this look suits her at all.
  3. 3. Sally Grew Up into a much better outfit. In fact, the onlyproblem that I have with it is that the skirt is quilted. I may nothave a very good sense of style, but I’m pretty sure that rufflytop + quilted skirt = fashion fail.
  4. 4. Sally and Amy headed down to Around Again, the onlyclothing store on campus, to buy new clothes. They werepromptly distracted by the thought of a pillow fight.I am so sick of this interaction! I’m seriously consideringinstalling noroadpillows, which is part of the Director’s Cut andwhich stops Sims autonomously having pillow fights unless 1)they are inside and 2) they are reasonably near a source forpillows.
  5. 5. Once back in the dorm, the girls got distracted from the simpletask of changing their clothes. Amy was sidetracked by thestereo, and Sally saw Someone New to Meet.The young lady in question is Allyn Anderson, and I personallythink that she looks a bit like Professor Butters, but that couldjust be me. She’s no relation, at any rate.
  6. 6. Eventually, I got clothing changed and makeovers finished.Sally was thrilled with her new look, which was almost exactlythe same as her old look, and Amy found hers mildly amusing.(huffily) Well, pardon me very much, I’m sure. It still looksbetter than what you picked out.And now that you have the basic background for Freshmanyear, let’s ask Sally how it’s going.
  7. 7. How’s it going, Sally?SALLY (V.O.): Oh, it’s going great! I’ve been meeting allkinds of great people!That’s good.SALLY (V.O.): Yeah, especially for me because I’mPopularity. Amy’s Pop too, but she really doesn’t seem to betrying too hard. I mean, she spends a lot of time burningRamen.Really?SALLY (V.O.): Okay, it was only the once. And it didn’t setthe smoke detector off or anything. But you think she’d want tomeet people.Maybe she was hungry.
  8. 8. SALLY (V.O.): If you’re hungry, you can meet people in thedining hall. That’s where I met Troy.Troy?SALLY (V.O.): Troy Langerak. He hasn’t got a major yet. Idon’t think anybody here does. Anyway, he knows a lot ofinteresting trivia. Did you know that Dolley Madison wasseveral inches taller than James Madison?*She was somewhere in between the same height and a bit taller,yup.*James Madison, President of the United States from 1809-1817. DolleyMadison was his wife. Apparently, reports of his height varied dependingon how much the speaker liked him, and she routinely wore very tall hats.Both these things confuse the issue.
  9. 9. SALLY (V.O.): I actually meet a lot of people when I’mdancing, too.Dancing is a popular activity.SALLY (V.O.): It sure is! So that’s Colby with the hair, Jimwith the blue shirt, and Lilly.Lilly Hiatt?SALLY (V.O.): Yes. Do you know her?I know of her. We haven’t been introduced.SALLY (V.O.): Oh. Well, I’d introduce you, but we don’treally hang out much. She’s, ah, kind of prickly. But I’m goodfriends with Colby now.
  10. 10. That’s nice.SALLY (V.O.): Yeah. But he cheats.He cheats?SALLY (V.O.): When we’re playing. Like the other day wewere having a pillow fight, and this naked guy comes in andstarts doing this dance, and –I get the picture.SALLY (V.O.): Well, while I’m staring at him, Colby up andwhacks me in the face with a pillow! See? He cheats!
  11. 11. How about Amy? Is she making any friends?SALLY (V.O.): Yeah, one or two. But you know what’s weird?What?SALLY (V.O.): Even though Amy is Popularity, just like me,she likes to earn skill points and write term papers. (puzzled)It’s almost like she has a secondary of Knowledge.But she can’t. I don’t have Free Time.SALLY (V.O.): I know. That’s what’s weird.
  12. 12. SALLY (V.O.): But she is making friends too. And Iparticularly approve of one of them.You do?SALLY (V.O.): Uh-huh. Jess McMillan. I think they’d make areally cute couple.That’s for them to decide, isn’t it?SALLY (V.O.) (cheerfully disregarding that comment): I wasright about Oliver and Oakapple, wasn’t I?
  13. 13. And because I can’t figure out how to transition, here’s apicture of Sally and Amy having a pillow fight. It’s sort of thebreak point between Sally telling us about Freshman year andSally telling us about Sophomore year.I apologize for the awkwardness.
  14. 14. The first thing Amy does after she wakes up every morning isMake Bed. She usually then goes on to use the toilet and take ashower without any direction from me. Occasionally, she’ll getas far as breakfast all on her own.
  15. 15. This is the first thing Sally does every morning: dance to thestereo. If the stereo isn’t on, she’ll turn it on, just so she candance. She’ll spin into her clothes before class, but is otherwiseperfectly happy to walk around in her nightie.And yes, that is still a patch of sky. As it turns out, I can’t placemy shiny new custom content ceiling tiles over stairs. I hopeyou are not too angry with me.
  16. 16. Sally and Amy continue making friends, each in her own way.Amy prefers to chat or play chess with new people; Sally likesto dance. Both Popularity Sims, but quite different in theirapproach.SALLY (V.O.): If we were all the same, the world would be avery boring place. Hey, can I ask you something?Sure.SALLY (V.O.): Why is there mistletoe hanging in the hallway?I’ve been meaning to ask since we moved in.Oh, that. I’ve heard that if a Sim stands under it, then all kindsof fun romantic complications ensue. I don’t have ACR, and Idon’t want it, but I wouldn’t mind if y’all showed a little moreautonomy about who you like every once in a while.
  17. 17. SALLY (V.O.): So if I just stand here and look pretty, someonewill come over and give me a kiss?That’s the theory, anyway.(crickets chirping)SALLY (V.O.): This is kind of boring. I’ll try again later, okay?Sure.(Despite repeated attempts over the course of Amy and Sally’scollege career, using many combinations of variables, standingunder the mistletoe never produced any results at all. I left itthere anyway, because You Never Know.)
  18. 18. SALLY (V.O.): Ooooh, but I have News!Okay. What is it?SALLY (V.O.): Amy likes Jess! She spends a lot of timetalking with him, and he’s the first boy she’s wanted to befriends with. I actually think she was going to say somethingthe other day, but she got distracted.Distracted?SALLY (V.O.): Distracted. Um, is that guy… normal?Most people don’t run around naked, but I think he’s harmless.
  19. 19. SALLY (V.O.): And now Amy’s gone and become Knowledge,I don’t think she’ll ever say anything.(warily) What are you going to do?SALLY (V.O.): Who says I’m going to do anything?It’s true that Amy became Knowledge, briefly, since she wasalways rolling the Want to do homework or gain a skill point orsomething. But then she only rolled Knowledge-type Wants andwas really quite boring, so I changed her back. I find her muchmore fun to play when she’s Popularity with a self-assignedsecondary of Knowledge. But I did change her hairstyle tosomething more flattering.
  20. 20. SALLY (V.O.): Oh, it looks a lot better. She got lots ofcompliments from people who never even talked to her before.Which is why I thought my little plan might work.Wait a minute – what little plan?
  21. 21. SALLY (V.O.): Oh, nothing much. I just talked to Jess is all.Talked to him about what?SALLY (V.O.): Oh, you know. This and that. People who likeother people and what the first people might want to do aboutthat.You didn’t.
  22. 22. SALLY (V.O.): I did. And it worked out, too. He kissed herhand and everything. It was really romantic.You need to stop interfering in other people’s relationships.SALLY (V.O.): Nonsense! I like making people happy.How can you give relationship advice when you haven’t beenin a relationship yourself?
  23. 23. SALLY (V.O.): But I could be. I could be any time I wanted.Colby’s already told me that he wants to kiss me. And Troy’ssaid he’s afraid of me dying. Isn’t that sweet?It is. Do you have a preference?SALLY (V.O.): Well, I – OW!What? What happened?
  24. 24. SALLY: Yusun! How dare you hit me like that!But you like pillow fighting!SALLY: Not with cow mascots! In their underwear! Withoutany warning! That was completely uncalled for!Look, it was supposed to be fun. Take a chill pill, huh?SALLY: Take a chill pill? Why you – you – ! I’m going toreport you to the Dean of Students, you see if I don’t!
  25. 25. Did you know that one Sim can invite another to play in theleaves?Neither did I, but they can.(This marks the end of Sophomore Year, by the way.)
  26. 26. Sally! What are you doing?SALLY: Playing in the leaves. Do you need to get your eyeschecked again?Yes, but I can’t until my insurance ticks over in January. Butthat’s not the point! Why aren’t you in class?
  27. 27. SALLY: How am I supposed to go to class when someone’ssitting in my way?You could leave from the other side of the lot.SALLY: But she’s sitting in my way!You could walk around her. Two feet either direction.SALLY: You don’t understand! She’s sitting in my way! If youwant me, I’ll be upstairs watching Grilling With Frank.Grilling With Frank?SALLY: It’s the one cooking show where nobody catches onfire.
  28. 28. You were telling me last time about Colby and Troy?SALLY (V.O.): Oh yeah. It was actually kind of awkward for awhile there. I mean, no matter where I’d go, they’d sort of bothbe there. I really didn’t know what to do.What would you say if it was Amy with that problem?SALLY (V.O.): Oh, if it was Amy with that problem, I’d justpick the one I liked better and tell him to go flirt with her.Problem solved. But I came up with something eventually.What was that?
  29. 29. SALLY (V.O.): I asked Colby to go get coffee at Cash & Carriewith me.The grocery store?SALLY (V.O.): Yes, but they’ve got a little coffee bar area.Anyway, we didn’t have anything to talk about. And this girlcame over and asked if she would do her homework at ourtable, and Colby said okay.That’s not good.SALLY (V.O.): No, it isn’t. And Amy’s not having the luckeither.How do you mean?
  30. 30. SALLY (V.O.): Yusun tried to hit on Amy today.Who’s Yusun?SALLY (V.O.): The cow mascot. The one that hit me in theface last year.Oh, that Yusun. Okay. So she tried to hit on Amy?SALLY (V.O.): Uh-huh. But Amy wasn’t having any of it. Shetold Yusun exactly what she could do with her suggestion.Good for her!SALLY (V.O.): Well, it wasn’t a very nice set of instructions.But Amy doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere with Jess andshe gets hit on by really pretty skeevy people, so I thought I’ddo something nice for her.Uh-oh. What’d you do?
  31. 31. SALLY (V.O.): I Influenced Adam Santander to flirt with her.Was that a good idea? I mean, they aren’t even friends.SALLY (V.O.): But he likes her. I know he does – he told herso. And she doesn’t not like him. He’s blonde! And I know shelikes blondes.So how’d it go?SALLY (V.O.): Um…
  32. 32. SALLY (V.O.): Well, I guess they didn’t know each other wellenough to hold hands, even if they do like each other.Told you.SALLY (V.O.): And, um, Jess got real mad at Adam.For moving in on the girl he liked?SALLY (V.O.): That’s the weird part. It was almost like Jesswas mad at Adam for cheating on him. Except I know for a factthat they’re both straight and have never had a relationship.Never?SALLY (V.O.): Not ever.That is weird.
  33. 33. SALLY (V.O.): Amy was really mad at me, but then she saidshe’d get over it if she was allowed to Influence someone tohave a romantic interaction with me.What did you say?SALLY (V.O.): I said okay. I mean, I’ve messed things up forher twice now trying to be helpful. Fair’s fair.So how did that work out for you?
  34. 34. SALLY (V.O.): Oh, you know. It was okay.
  35. 35. Junior year ended with Amy somehow managing to get stuckinside a chair in someone else’s room. I can’t figure out howshe did it.I ended up using “moveobjects on” to get her unstuck.
  36. 36. Hi, Sally. How’s your senior year going?SALLY (V.O.): Pretty good.Things okay with Troy?SALLY (V.O.): Well, they were kind of awkward sometimes.DORMIE IN THE WHITE SHIRT: You’re not hungry, Troy?TROY: (coming out of a daze) Huh?DORMIE IN THE WHITE SHIRT: Hungry. Food. You. Eat?TROY: No, no. I’m okay, thanks.DORMIE IN THE WHITE SHIRT: (shaking her head) Boy’sgot it bad.
  37. 37. SALLY (V.O.): So I asked him if he wanted to go get coffee.We went to Cash & Carrie again.You like that place, huh?SALLY (V.O.): Meh, it’s cheap. And there’s nowhere else oncampus to get coffee unless you want to go to the gym. Besides,it’s the same place I went with Colby.So how’d it go?SALLY (V.O.): Oh, it was great! We had lots to talk about.
  38. 38. SALLY (V.O.): In fact, we had so much to talk about that weended up going to Benny’s Seafood to keep on talking.(confidingly) We got hungry, you see.Ah.SALLY (V.O.): But he eats so slowly! He must be as Neat asOliver, as slowly as he eats.Well, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s nice to havesomeone around who likes to clean up messes.SALLY (V.O.): Uh-huh. But you want to know the best part?What’s that?
  39. 39. SALLY (V.O.): I think he likes me!SALLY: (gives Troy a bear hug) Oh, Troy! I’m so glad youcame out with me! I had a really good time tonight. (lets go ofTroy) And I’m sorry I hugged you like that. But I like you a lot,and I hope you like me.TROY: I do.SALLY: And, um, I kind of hope you aren’t gay or anything.Not that there’s anything wrong with that! But…TROY: I am definitely not gay.Why on earth where you worried about that? Didn’t he kiss youalready?SALLY (V.O.): Under Influence. And then he didn’t talk to me.And then there’s the whole Adam/Jess thing.
  40. 40. How is that going?SALLY (V.O.): Adam and Jess? I don’t know. They nevertalked before and they still don’t. But Adam and Amy seem tobe making friends.That’s great! Are your studies going okay?
  41. 41. SALLY (V.O.): What studies? Amy and I have had terriblesenioritis. In fact, the only thing that can cure it is frequentvisits to the pool. Or the bowling alley. Or, you know,anywhere except class.That’s the cure, all right.
  42. 42. SALLY (V.O.): But it’s all good – it’s over! We finished!We’re free! (confidingly) You should have seen us cheeringafter our last final.What will you do now?SALLY (V.O.): Oh, I don’t know. Amy’s going to go homeagain, I think, but I kind of want to travel. Maybe take a littletime out.Will you miss anyone from school?SALLY (V.O.): Oh, yes! I’ll miss Jim and Colby and Catalinaand Allyn and –Troy?
  43. 43. SALLY (V.O.): Him too. But I think that maybe I won’t haveto miss him very long.Uh…SALLY (V.O.): But you know who’s really going to miss who?Who?
  44. 44. SALLY (V.O.): I think Amy is really going to miss Adam.(excitedly mock-scandalized) She kissed him goodbye beforeshe called the taxi! She kissed him! All on her own!She must like him, then.SALLY (V.O.): I know! Isn’t it terrific? (horn honks outside)Oh, there’s my cab! I’ll talk to you later, okay?Sure. And Sally?SALLY (V.O.): Yes?Congratulations!
  45. 45. And so Amy and Sally both graduated, transitioning intoclothes I would not have picked.Okay, Amy, I get the picture. You are out of your pink fishnetphase and you want a somewhat more conservative look. I’lltake care of it. And Sally… Well, well just have to fix that.Even I know that’s not a good look for anyone.I apologize for the bumpy format this chapter – it was anexperiment, and, I think, an unsuccessful one. Next time wewill return to our usual format. At that time, we will also stopusing the royal “we.” Until next time, Happy Simming!