Already in Progress, Chapter 38


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Already in Progress, Chapter 38

  1. 1. Welcome back to Already in Progress! I’d give you a recap, butmy brain is fried, and quite frankly, there’s no plot to recap.Last time some people got married and some people gotpregnant, and some of them were even the same people. Nowthat you’re all caught up, let’s rejoin our story: Already inProgress…
  2. 2. Abbey’s pregnancy progressed fairly easily. She spent a lot oftime sleeping. Descartes was there for her every step of theway, even when she was asleep. Here you see him reading Dr.Spock’s Baby and Child Care.Sure, Descartes can read upside down and backwards. Can’teverybody?
  3. 3. Sarah Jane and Tim have been working in the garden. It’s beenmoved and expanded, with four plots for every family memberto plant whatever they like.Fall may seem like a bad time to be putting a new crop in, butTim has a Gold Gardening badge, and can give any unhappyplants a pep talk.
  4. 4. Abbey helped out. She hasn’t earned any Gardening badges yet,but she can pick oranges just fine without, provided she’sallowed frequent potty breaks.She maintained a small belly all the way through herpregnancy.
  5. 5. DESCARTES: Bye, baby. Daddy’s going to work now, buthe’ll be home soon. Don’t come out until he does, okay? (kissesbelly) Have a good day, and don’t make Mommy toouncomfortable. (kisses Abbey) Have a good day, and call me ifanything happens.ABBEY: I will.DESCARTES: I mean it. Call me. (leaves, singing) We’rehaving a BA-by! My baby and me! We’re having a BA-by! Mybaby and me!ABBEY (calls after him, laughing): Don’t you know the rest ofthe words?DESCARTES (cheerfully): The rest of the words? I don’t evenknow the right tune! (sings, in a different key) We’re having aBA-by! My baby and me!
  6. 6. It took longer than usually for Abbey to go into labor. In fact, ittook so long that I was afraid I had a stuck pregnancy on myhands. But Abbey went into labor on her own – after Descartesgot home with a promotion to Warhead Disarmer.See? Descartes is so Awesome that he can delay childbirth untilhe can be there to observe.
  7. 7. Abbey gave birth to a beautiful little baby girl named Anastasia,and here you see a touching family portrait. In fact, there’s onlyone thing wrong with it. Can you identify the problem?That’s right: Abbey’s hading the baby off. She then gave birthto a second beautiful little baby girl named Rebecca.
  8. 8. Rearranging the house to accommodate two married couplesand a pair of twins, not to mention keeping everyone frompassing out or wetting themselves took an entire game day. Iwas not able to get a picture of Rebecca until the next day,when Descartes had been promoted to Hostage Negotiator.Both girls have blonde hair, blue eyes, and the Generic BabyFace. I wouldn’t blame you if you thought I was just showingyou two different pictures of the same baby.
  9. 9. But see? Two babies. As far as I can tell at this stage, they’reidentical. We shall have to see when they get a bit older.
  10. 10. Of course, Abbey wasn’t the only pregnant Sim last time.Buttercup was pregnant too. It was an easy pregnancy, for themost part. Buttercup’s Hunger bar dropped alarmingly fast, butfortunately pizza raises it just that little bit faster. The parents-to-be were very excited.
  11. 11. And right before sunrise, Buttercup went into labor.BUTTERCUP: Alllllberrrrrt! The baby’s cominnnnng!ALBERT: I’m on my way.BUTTERCUP: Get over here nowwwww! Who cares about thebed?ALBERT: I said I was coming! Now, let’s meet Daddy’s littletax deduction, hey?
  12. 12. Or, you know, both of Daddy’s little tax deductions.Albert is holding Jo (short for Josephine) and Buttercup isholding Cecil. Jo has the lighter skin tone and the darker eyes.
  13. 13. Two babies is a lot of work. Two times the bottles. Two timesthe diapers. Two times the baths. Two times the cuddles andplaying. Two times the being spit up on.Two times the unconditional love, too, though. Mustn’t forgetthat.
  14. 14. Unfortunately, it also means more than two times the spaceneeds if your twins are of different genders.BUTTERCUP: What are we going to do, Albert? We justbought this place – I love it. I don’t want to leave! But there isno way we can raise two kids in a one-bedroom.ALBERT: Plus, the housing market is bad right now. We’dactually lose money if we sold the place, and we couldn’t writeenough of it off for it to make economic sense.BUTTERCUP: Well, then?ALBERT: I was thinking that we should just add on. Howattached are you to the patio?
  15. 15. Now, there was one other pregnant sim last time, as you mayrecall, although perhaps I shouldn’t call her a “sim,” since shehas four legs and a tail.Jack Rackham gave birth to not one, not two, but three kittens.Their names are Tom, Latifah, and Mr. Fuzzypants. This givesus a one-to-one ratio of cats to Sims.No wonder “Try For Baby” didn’t even show up as an optionafter the wedding!
  16. 16. Amy Grew Up Well and promptly changed out of the niceblouse and slacks that she grew up into. This outfit is muchmore her style. It involves both stompy boots and hot pinkfishnets – what more can a girl ask for?
  17. 17. Harkon Grew Up Well also, but his outfit is much less exciting.This will be rectified at the earliest opportunity.
  18. 18. But the truly exciting news is that the Littledragon-Millerfamily was visited by a burglar! He snuck in and managed to fitthe piano in his magic bag before the alarm system couldsummon the cops.
  19. 19. Alas, he was no match for Officer – Officer – well, let’s justcall him Officer Komei-Face. The burglar was no match forOfficer Komei-Face, who not only successfully caught thethief: he also received a commendation in his file and a smallbonus at the end of the year.The burglar was tried and convicted for the theft of the piano.Since it was his third conviction, he is now serving life inprison with no chance of parole; proof that crime does not pay.The Littledragon-Miller family said “Meh,” and paid cash for anew piano the next day. Seriously, they’re rolling in money.Family members only work because they want to.
  20. 20. And speaking of working, Trixie got her job back. She seems tohave as little luck with promotions as her mother did.Okay, technically Rosie was just Trixie’s father’s wife. Sowhat?
  21. 21. Also, Tirtha got her Gold Flower Arranging badge back. Ithought she’d had one already, but when I rebuilt, I set herbadge level to Silver, no doubt for some logical reason thatseemed like a good idea at the time.But you don’t read about Trixie and Tirtha for badges and jobs.No. You read about Trixie and Tirtha for the back-and-forth.
  22. 22. TRIXIE (V.O.): So you’re getting along with Abhijeet okay, Itake it.TIRTHA (V.O.): We’re getting along fine. Thank you forasking.TRIXIE (V.O.): Do I get my matchmaker’s fee soon, then?TIRTHA (V.O.): I’m not paying you a dime. You did it all onyour ownsome.TRIXIE (V.O.): You’re just upset because Abhijeet has a badhaircut.TIRTHA (V.O.): No he doesn’t.TRIXIE (V.O.): Look, Tirtha, he’s a nice guy and all, but youhave to admit: that’s a terrible haircut.TIRTHA (V.O.): No it isn’t.
  23. 23. TIRTHA (V.O.): It’s a poorly styled wig.TRIXIE (V.O.): What do you mean, “it’s a wig”?TIRTHA (V.O.): I mean that it’s a wig. False hair that onewears on the head to hide one’s natural hair or lack thereof.Abhijeet has alopecia universalis.TRIXIE (V.O.): Come again?TIRTHA (V.O.): It means he has no hair. Not head hair, notbody hair. He saves a fortune on razors and shaving cream.TRIXIE (V.O.): No hair at all? Not anywhere?TIRTHA (V.O.): Not anywhere.
  24. 24. TRIXIE (seeing an opportunity): And you know this frompersonal experience, do you?TIRTHA: Oh, shut up.TRIXIE: I mean, how extensive an examination did you do?TIRTHA: I said “Shut up.”TRIXIE: And where exactly did this examination take place?(with exaggerated concern) It wasn’t my room, was it?TIRTHA (sulkily): I’m not talking to you any more.
  25. 25. At the Sanders-Miller household, Charlie’s brother Edgarmoved in.EDGAR: Just for a few days, until I find my own place.CHARLOTTE: Heck, Eddie, you can stay as long as you want.We’ve got lots of room.EDGAR: No, no, I don’t want to put you out. But thank you.Edgar has more than twice as many Nice points as everyoneelse in the house put together. I don’t blame him for notwanting to stay.
  26. 26. And Venus the dog FINALLY learned how to pee outside!She’s better than halfway to Elder, and only just becameHousebroken.When EAxis says a dog’s a Doofus, they’re not kidding.But if you don’t count the housebreaking, nothing particularlyexciting happened.
  27. 27. There were fires.
  28. 28. Spongebaths.
  29. 29. And Elders who should have had a lot longer to live meetinghula zombies in – you guessed it – the bathroom.
  30. 30. Matthais (Wizenfurger) Miller, age messed up due to therebuild. Matt was a great big puppy dog and, towards the end ofhis life, probably the worst Knowledge Sim I have ever had. Along-time member of the Most Logical Brotherhood of theTelescope, he was quite adamant that they were Not Monks, butcould never explain the difference. Matt saw no differencebetween his children and his husband’s son, and all three willmiss him.Rest in peace, Matt.
  31. 31. Hey, Sally. Why are you doing your homework on the lawn inyour pajamas?SALLY: Because this is where my homework is.Why is it on the lawn? Don’t you have a desk?SALLY: Uh-huh. I have a nice desk. But this is where I put myhomework yesterday. Anyway, I had to get up early because Ihad a really bad dream.I’m sorry to hear that. What was the dream?
  32. 32. SALLY (V.O.): I dreamed that I came home from school andthis other kid came with me. He was in my class in the dream,but he isn’t really in my class, if you know what I mean? So hecame home with me and then he said “Let’s play Cops andRobbers!” and I said “Okay!” and then I just froze. I couldn’tmove or talk or do anything at all, and he didn’t move oranything either. Everybody else could move around and stuff,but I couldn’t. I was just standing there with my needs droppingand I couldn’t do anything and it was just horrible.(muttered) Thank goodness for quit-without-saving!SALLY (V.O.): Huh?Never mind. What else is going on?
  33. 33. SALLY (V.O.): Well, Auntie Anne grew up. She got a prettyfunny outfit, too. And Mommy also grew up, but she wouldn’tlet us see what she grew up into. We had to all sit in the livingroom with our eyes shut until she told us we could look again.
  34. 34. SALLY (V.O.): And Oliver and Oakapple came over to visit.Oakapple is Oliver’s best friend. They were in college together,but they were friends even before they went to college.Oakapple used to tease me. He isn’t very nice.Neither is Oliver.SALLY (V.O.): No, but Oliver’s always nice to me.Did Oliver have to travel far? Where is he living now?
  35. 35. SALLY (V.O.): Oh, Oliver and Oakapple live right across thestreet! I can see their house from my window. Well, it used tobe Oliver’s window, but since he moved out it’s mine now. I goover to visit them sometimes.So Oliver and Oakapple are roommates?SALLY (V.O.) (dubiously): Well, I guess so…But you’re not sure?
  36. 36. SALLY (V.O.): Well, roommates usually have separate beds,right?Right.SALLY (V.O.): Well, Oliver and Oakapple only have one. Isaw it when I was over there. But they aren’t married. And Idon’t think they’re dating because they don’t touch each other.(quickly) I don’t mean like icky touching – just, you know, theordinary kind. I think it makes Oliver a little sad, so I haven’tasked.Maybe I should check in on them next time.
  37. 37. SALLY: Uh-huh. ‘Scuse me, I have to go have breakfast now.Okay. Enjoy your muffin.We can stop there for now, I think. There should be somebirthdays in the next regular update, but before that, Already inProgress will have a birthday! Mark your calendars and comeready to party!Until next time, Happy Simming!