100 Facts of Awesome


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100 Facts of Awesome

  1. 1. Hello! Welcome to the one-year anniversary special of 100 Days ofAwesome!The theme is pretty self-explanatory, I think, and so is the format.Really, it’s just something to look at while you have some cake andice cream. (passes around plates)Thank you for following along, and I hope you enjoy the upcomingyear!
  2. 2. Descartes (Littledragon) Tsvirkunov1. Descartes LOVED Rogers & Hammerstein musicals, especiallyThe King & I.2. In my game, the younger partner in a marriage usually takes thename of the elder -- but “Descartes Tsvirkunov” was too Awesomea name to pass up.3. Descartes was named for his father’s favorite philosopher.4. Descartes was afraid of spiders.5. Descartes followed Abbey around like a puppy in Uni, all onhisown initiative. I didn’t have the heart to say no.
  3. 3. Abbey Tsvirkunov1. Abbey’s father is a vampire. (In my headcannon, anyway -- shestarted out as an ordinary dormie.)2. Abbey’s favorite video game is Motherboard Madness III:Battle of the Integrated Graphics Chip.3. She will strenuously deny this under even the most refined oftortures.4. Abbey is willing to dress up as a Rogers & Hammersteincharacter in public.5. Abbey has made more than one visit to the Trapp Family Lodge.
  4. 4. Anastasia Tsvirkunov1. Anastasia is the older twin, so her name starts with an A in orderfor her portrait to display first.2. Anastasia started out a Popularity Sim, but Romance fits hermuch better.3. Anastasia has significant boltage with Pong.4. Anastasia may actually be inflating the number of notches on herbedpost…5. Anastasia writes her own lines -- I just take dictation.
  5. 5. Rebecca Tsvirkunov1. I couldn’t tell Rebecca and Anastasia apart when they were little,hence the reason Rebecca is always in pink and Anastasia is alwaysin blue.2. Rebecca started out as a Romance Sim, but effectively swappedwith her sister in Uni. They’re much happier this way around.3. Anastasia has one Nice point, which manifests itself as beingvery unyielding towards Pong’s “infidelities.”4. Rebecca once had a boy break up with her for dating someoneelse at the same time.5. In the right clothes and hair, Rebecca looks an awful lot likeMarisa Bendett.
  6. 6. Pong (Dennis) Tsvirkunov1. Pong picked out all his own outfits when he transitioned toAdult. The only change I made was to his swimwear -- not evenDescartes could pull off that brown-and-orange Speedo.2. Pong would much rather not be on a reality show, but if he hasto be, he’s going to do his best to complete his objectives.3. Pong was named after his mother’s favorite video game.4. Pong likes to knit.5.Pong always waits for the light to change before walking acrossthe street, even if there are no cars coming.
  7. 7. Winifred Tsvirkunov1. Winifred was conceived solely so I would have a handy Toddlerfor the objectives that require one.2. Winifred actually wouldn’t mind being on TV, but she doesn’tcare enough about it to go against her father’s wishes.3. If Winifred were a tree, she’d be a larch, because that’s the treethat Monty Python keeps talking about.4. Winifred has a quiet crush on a boy that she will never end upwith.5. If Winifred had a nickname, it would be “Win.”
  8. 8. Allyn Tsvirkunov1. Despite what she claims, Allyn can’t actually recite the entiretyof The Hunting of the Snark -- she tends to break down about themiddle of the eighth fit. But since it takes about 45 minutes to getthere, nobody has ever found this out.2. Allyn likes dogs best.3. Allyn is quite possibly ADHD. Or she could just be overcaffeinated. It can be hard to tell the difference sometimes.4. Allyn likes the band Jefferson Airplane, because they once wrotea song based on the Alice books by Lewis Carroll.*5. Allyn’s LTW is to Marry Off Six Children.*The song is “Go Ask Alice.”
  9. 9. Georgiana Tsvirkunov1. Georgiana begged and pleaded until she was allowed to watchthe film Georgy Girl, because of the title.2. She hated it.3. Georgiana likes flowers.4. Georgiana likes the Beach Boys.5. Georgiana sucks her thumb in her sleep.
  10. 10. Melanie Tsvirkunov1. Melanie cries when her Comfort motive is low. (As far as I cantell.)2. Melanie has the magical ability to make people forget wherethey were going. (Based on how often Abbey wanders back andforth aimlessly while holding her.)3. Melanie has more than two Neat points. (Since there are no flieswhen her diaper is full.)4. Melanie proves that recessive genes really do work. (See the redeyebrows?)5. Filling out Melanie’s trivia is probably the hardest thing I’veever had to do.
  11. 11. Percy1. I always think that Percy is a girl (and may even have usedfemale pronouns), but according to the game, Percy is a boy.2. Percy is Hyper, Independent, Cowardly, middling smart, andmiddling neat.3. Based on his behavior, I would have thought that Percy wasMessy and a Doofus.4. Percy likes to chase squirrels best.5. Percy likes commercials. (He doesn’t see them anymore, becausethere’s no TV at the house, but the house where he was a puppyhad them, and he likes them.)
  12. 12. The house1. The house was purchased by Descartes’ parents, Emmy and JonLittledragon.2. The third floor was added by Descartes and Abbey afterAnastasia adopted Allyn.3. There is a small sauna on the back porch because Descartesrolled the Want for one shortly after his marriage, and Descarteswas so Awesome, I just couldn’t say no.4. Pong and Rebecca’s room on the first floor (or the ground floorfor my British readers) has previously been a storage room, a gym,and a guest room.5. If I recall correctly, I stole this home from Pleasantview.
  13. 13. The garden1. The fruit trees were planted by Descartes’ parents, but he tendedthem most of the time.2. There are three garden plots per person in the household, plusone extra because it looked asymmetrical otherwise.3. Everyone plants the highest level of produce that they can,whether that’s tomatoes or eggplants.4. Abbey is the only person in the house with a Gold gardeningbadge.5. Gardening as a family tradition was started by Descartes’grandparents, Jon and Emmy.
  14. 14. Abhijeet McClellan, Anastasia’s baby daddy1. Abhijeet likes jazz.2. Abhijeet hates German chocolate cake.3. Abhijeet collects rocks.4. Abhijeet has never once exaggerated the number of notches onhis bedpost.5. Abhijeet snores.
  15. 15. Randomization1. Get a ten-sided die (labeled 0 though 9)2. Get a ten-sided percent die (labeled 00 through 90)3. Roll both at the same time4. Using the percent die for the tens and the regular die for theones, read off the number (so 30 and 5 make 35)5. Check the list for the relevant task
  16. 16. Tasks I hope I will roll1. Free point! (#100)2. Everyone in the house eats a grilled cheese sandwich (#65)3. Jump on the couch! (#46)4. Learn how to make a new meal (#9)5. Buy a Blind Date from the matchmaker (#41)
  17. 17. Tasks I hope I won’t1. Receive a Flaming Poo Bag (#68)2. Have an Affair (#53)3. Rally Forth! (#87)4. Bite or Savage another sim (#3)5. Sim is raised as a zombie (#73)
  18. 18. Tasks I cannot possibly fulfill1. Discover a planet, star, or constellation (#6)2. Learn a life skill (parenting, physiology, fire safety, etc.) (#10)3. Sew custom clothing for someone in the family (#19)4. Use the Smooth Talk interaction (#60)5. Visit the Fortress of Eternal Darkness (#85)
  19. 19. Relatives from other stories, or, Shameless self-promotion1. Penelope Wren, Georgia’s third cousin (from Already inProgress)2. Old Adam Shankel, Descartes’ cousin (from Ruth’s(un)Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge)3. Frederic Miller, Anastasia and Rebecca’s second cousin (fromLove, Frederic*)4. Cecil Shankel, Anastasia and Rebecca’s second cousin (fromCecil’s CCL*)5. Leila Shankel, Allyn’s second cousin once removed (from TheJack Point Home for Pedestrian Playables**)*And Already in Progress**And Ruth’s (un)Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge
  20. 20. Miscellaneous trivia, part 11. This is usually the last household I play in my ’hood rotation.2. I am tickled pink that Callista herself told me that I was doing agood job on the challenge. (Of course, that was quite a whileago...)3. This is my second attempt at this challenge. The first wasundocumented and ended quickly.4. I’m pretty sure my previous attempt failed because I couldn’tthink of a good title.5. I have never seen an actual reality show -- only one parodyepisode of 30 Rock.
  21. 21. Miscellaneous trivia, part 21. I can’t count… I thought that 19 times 5 was 100. (It’s actually95.)2. For most of his life, Descartes’ job description read “Rock thehat.”3. Anastasia doesn’t look good in any hairstyle other than the oneshe currently wears.4. I usually listen to dance music when writing this challenge.5. This is the very last fact in this feature. Until next time, HappySimming!