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Elliott Slocombe's Digital Marketing for Listings


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This document outlines Elliott Slocombe's Digital Marketing for Listings

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Elliott Slocombe's Digital Marketing for Listings

  2. 2. TO GET MORE...
  3. 3. exposure: it’s everything. EXPOSURE IS KEY.
  5. 5. maximize the marketing of your home For Sage Real Estate to sell your home for the highest amount possible in the shortest amount of time we must ensure that your home receives maximum exposure. Exposure is everything. To this end, Sage Real Estate has developed a comprehensive marketing campaign that we execute for every one of our listings. By incorporating traditional print media with cutting edge digital marketing we have all of the tools necessary to make a very strong impression on the marketplace that achieve the goal of attaining maximum exposure for your home. We leverage a wide array of different marketing tools to help you sell your home for the highest possible price in the least amount of time. Our multi-platform marketing approach includes: Guidance in home preparation and staging your home Professional Photographs Graphic artist designed Feature Sheets Postcards Signage Open Houses (where appropriate) And a complete Digital Marketing Plan tailored specifically for the sale of your home. The comprehensiveness of this campaign on a variety of platforms will ensure exposure of your home to the largest possible audience of qualified buyers thereby greatly increasing the opportunity for it to sell at top market dollar. The reach of this campaign extends far beyond simply placing the property onto the MLS system. 5
  7. 7. sage helps your home look at its sunday best! Photographs are the cornerstone of any listing marketing campaign. As they are used in everything from the home’s Individual Listing Website to the feature sheets and formulate the visual impact of the home’s internet presence, photographs must be of top quality. Ensuring that only professional photographs that position the property in the best possible light are used is instrumental to the effectiveness of the whole campaign. 7
  10. 10. Welcome to 257 WESTMINSTER ROAD A beautiful family home in the heart of North Toronto PRINT MARKETING | FEATURE SHEET SAMPLES
  14. 14. individual listing website The Individual listing site is the keystone of the Sage Comprehensive Marketing Campaign as it will become the target focal point of the digital marketing for your home. Once there, at your home’s own website, prospective buyers will be able to obtain all pertinent information about your home, view its virtual tour, professional photographs, video slideshow and map its location. Buyers can easily contact your salesperson from that site to ask further questions or request an appointment to see through. Details: Potential Domain Names for your home are identified and then one is secured. Usually it will be the home’s municipal address. A Sign Rider will be attached to the For Sale sign that has the home’s website URL right on it to drive passerby traffic to your home’s website. Google ad-words will be chosen and purchased. These ad-words invite internet buyers who are interested in your exact type of property to click through to your home’s website. (see Google Pay-Per-Click Campaign) Every visitor to your home’s website will have their visit monitored, tracked and assessed through Google analytics. (see Individual Listing Website Report) Syndication: by itself is no longer enough. We have identified 5 different websites that we load your listing on to maximize it and your exposure both locally and internationally. DIGITAL MARKETING | INDIVIDUAL LISTING WEBSITE 15
  15. 15. individual listing website report Sage Real Estate will provide you with reports showing how people are engaging with your home’s Individual Listing website. These reports are impressive and comprehensive. They deliver valuable statistical information about the results of our digital marketing strategies. These reports will identify exactly how many people came to visit the site, where they came from and how engaged they became with the site. You become intimately aware of the exact results of the marketing tactics. This is valuable information that previously has just not been attainable. This is a very good example of how technology benefits Sage Sellers. Ongoing Engagement: Google Analytics Website Reports get automatically sent weekly for our Sellers’ review. DIGITAL MARKETING | INDIVIDUAL LISTING WEBSITE REPORT 16
  16. 16. listing video slideshow Sage Real Estate will create a professional looking video listing slideshow for your listing that is then loaded on the Individual Listing Website and YouTube. Details: Utilizing the professional photographs of your home we will develop a polished and sophisticated Listing Video slideshow of your home concentrating on its highlights. This video can be utilized on a number of different platforms including the Sage brokerage website, Face- book, and even YouTube. DIGITAL MARKETING | LISTING VIDEO SLIDESHOW 17
  17. 17. virtual tour Sage Real Estate will have a virtual tour prepared from the professional photographs that have been taken of your home. This virtual tour will be marketed together with the MLS listing that gets distributed to every member of the Toronto Real Estate Board. Prospective buyers visiting MLS online will have access to the tour thereby enhancing the presentation of your home. We are committed to providing virtual tours on all of our listings. The virtual tour will also become part of the individual listing website to further increase that website’s comprehensiveness and the buyer’s experience. Details: Virtual tour photographed, constructed and linked to MLS listing and home’s individual website. DIGITAL MARKETING | VIRTUAL TOUR 18
  18. 18. leveraging linkedin LinkedIn can be another effective manner to maximize a listing’s exposure. A linkedIn profile provides yet one more avenue that we can leverage to its maximum for our Seller’s benefit. We create a power point slide show and upload it to your salesperson’s SlideShare account together with the PDF of the feature sheet of your home. From there we can then have it appear on the salesperson’s LinkedIn profile. DIGITAL MARKETING | LINKEDIN 19
  19. 19. google pay-per-click campaign Sage Real Estate will develop a Google pay-per-click (PPC) campaign to promote hour home. A Google PPC campaign allows us to position your home’s listing website on the first page of Google in the sponsored results for specific keywords. This is a great way to increase the overall awareness of your home. The purpose of these ads would be to drive qualified traffic to your home’s Individual Listing Website and then to capture these visitors as potential buyers. Details: • Develop the best keyword strategy for your home • Street’s name or building name • Streets around the property • Neighbourhood • Comparable neighbourhood • If condo/loft/townhome target keywords for similar building • Develop specific ad timing • Upload the campaign and manage it DIGITAL MARKETING | GOOGLE PAY PER CLICK 20
  20. 20. email blast We quickly market your home to 500 of the top agents in the city by sending them an email outlining the highlights of your home and directly linking these agents to your home’s individual website. Details: This teaser marketing email blast specifically goes to top salespeople and has proven itself wonderfully effective. This simple technique grabs instant exposure for your home. We can send this email blast to particular real estate offices within your neighbourhood. Sage Real Estate also implements tracking mechanisms onto this email so that we can tell you how many people opened the email and how many people clicked through on its links DIGITAL MARKETING | EMAIL BLAST 21
  21. 21. AT THE END OF THE DAY...
  22. 22. exposure: it’s everything. EXPOSURE IS EVERYTHING.
  23. 23. Sage Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage | 1820 Bayview Avenue, Toronto ON M4G 4G7 |