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This report contains some of the most powerful Facebook Tips that I
have learned during my years of Facebook research as the founder
and primary author of the Facebook blog Facebook Flow.
During my time as CEO of Facebook Flow I helped the blog rise in the
ranks of Google to the #1 position for several competitive keywords,
such as “Facebook Tips” and “Get More Facebook Likes.”
Facebook Flow has since been acquired and re branded to “Fan page
Flow” but my passion for Facebook remains and this eBook reflects
just a small part of the Facebook content I have created since
This report is part of the pre-launch content I am providing to help
build hype for my Facebook training program fbpower.com. If you
like this eBook I’d really appreciate it if you share it with your
friends!  It would also be very cool if you dropped by my
Facebook page to let me know what you think.
Your friend in Facebook Success,
Garin Kilpatrick

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50 powerful-facebook-tips

  1. 1. 50 POWERFUL FACEBOOK TIPS This report contains some of the most powerful Facebook Tips that I have learned during my years of Facebook research as the founder and primary author of the Facebook blog FacebookFlow. During my time as CEO of FacebookFlow I helped the blog rise in the ranks of Google to the #1 position for several competitive keywords, such as “Facebook Tips” and “Get More Facebook Likes.” FacebookFlow has since been acquired and rebranded to “Fanpage Flow” but my passion for Facebook remains and this eBook reflects just a small part of the Facebook content I have created since This report is part of the pre-launch content I am providing to help build hype for my Facebook training program fbpower.com. If you Page2 FacebookFlow.
  2. 2. like this eBook I’d really appreciate it if you share it with your friends!  It would also be very cool if you dropped by my Facebook page to let me know what you think. Your friend in Facebook Success, Garin Kilpatrick PREVENT YOUR PAGE FROM GETTING BANNED Although having communities on Facebook is a great way to build a brand, the Facebook terms of service make it clear that your Facebook page is subject to some rules that you need to comply with. I know of instances when fan pages have been erased for trademark violation, and other cases where publishing privileges have been revoked because Facebook simply did not like what the person was Page3 posting and promoting.
  3. 3. Make sure to check out the Facebook terms of service and be mindful of what you post because Facebook reserves the right to suspend your page or restrict your publishing privileges if you violate their terms of service. Even the acclaimed movie critic Roger Ebert had his Facebook page suspended for a time due to one of his posts, until mainstream media rallied behind him, and Facebook gave it back to avoid the bad press. The good news is that that if you play the game there are millions of potential fans that you can tap into to grow your page and your income. USE FACEBOOK TO BUILD AN EMAIL LIST The best way to hedge against the risk of Facebook messing with your page privileges is to build an email list. By getting your fans to join your email list you are building an asset that noone can take Facebook Page if your page is hacked and/or deleted. Page4 away from you. With an email list you can easily build up another
  4. 4. One way that you can capture emails into your page by installing an email form into a tab on your Facebook page. All major email marketing solutions have form building tools that will give you the code you need to drop into a custom Facebook tab. The best free custom tab host that I have found is from Woobox. TAKE HINTS FROM BIG FACEBOOK BRANDS Starbucks, redbull, and coca-cola are just three brands with exceptional pages on Facebook. If you are thinking about designing a simple landing page graphic with a call to action, take inspiration from Redbull, as they make it very clear that they want you to click the Like button. In Facebook Power I examine the strengths and weaknesses of the biggest brands on Facebook and offer suggestions about what to Page5 emulate, and what to avoid.
  5. 5. To create a custom landing page you will need to design an image, host it on the web, and then install it into your Facebook page using the Woobox static HTML iframe app. OPTIMIZE YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE FOR GOOGLE Before you create and name your Facebook page I recommend you do some keyword research with the Google keyword tool to get a better idea of the keyword opportunities within your niche. Facebook pages can rank with relative ease in Google since then piggy back on the massive PageRank that Facebook has. Of course it can still be a challenge to rank a page, depending on the competition. Use Google’s keyword tool before you create your page to determine the keywords that people search for the most often in your niche, and then make sure to integrate those keywords into the info BUILD CRITICAL MASS FOR YOUR PAGE ASAP Page6 section of you page as well as the page title and page url, if possible.
  6. 6. Once you get your first thousand fans the second thousand will come much more easily. Use all communication channels available to you to promote your Facebook Page after you launch it to help you get 1,000 fans as fast as possible. SEND PAGE INVITES WITH SPEED Using the Suggest to friends features of Facebook is a powerful way to build your Facebook page. The drawback to this method is that clicking on each friend that you want to suggest your page to is very time consuming. suggest your page to all of your friends fast. This extension will save you clicking hundreds or even thousands of times, depending on Page7 By using the Google Chrome "Invite All" extension you are able to
  7. 7. how many friends you want to suggest a page to. Facebook frowns on using plugins like this and takes measures against their use, so it might be just as easy to invite 50 or so a day OFFER INCENTIVES TO SHARE YOUR STUFF Incentives encourage action. Using the "pay with a tweet" app you can offer a free gift to those people who share content on your POST ENGAGING CONTENT Page8 behalf.
  8. 8. As the worlds largest photo sharing website Facebook is a great place to share photos. A picture says a thousand words, and if you can get your fans talking about your pictures this will attract new people into your page as their comments feed back into the news feed. CREATE A CUSTOM FACEBOOK LINK You can do this at: Facebook.com/username Having a Facebook URL with keywords in it will help you rank for those keywords. Again you should use the Google Keyword tool to do keyword and have a low level of competition. Page9 research and try to choose keywords that are relevant to your page,
  9. 9. CREATE SHAREABLE CONTENT Content like infographics spread like wildfire. Check out some of the comics on the Oatmeal, for example. These highly graphic posts consistently get thousands of shares, and often even tens of thousands. These posts are a testament to the value of a good graphics. I never write a blog post without an image, and I often find that the quality of the images I use correlate to the sharing success of my post. More cool pictures generally means that more people will click the COLLABORATE WITH INFLUENCERS Page10 “Like” button and share your content far and wide.
  10. 10. By collaborating with Influencers you are able to benefit from the attention of their network, so seek out strategic partnerships whenever possible. Two Facebook friends of mine, Brian Solis and Jesse Thomas, Page11 recently collaborated on "The Conversation Prism."
  11. 11. Since Brian and Jesse both have considerable networks, and the content they created is gold, it spread virally and gained both Brian and Jesse notoriety in the process. Jesse also collaborated with the PROMOTE YOUR PAGE ON OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS Page12 Facebook team and created Facebook Stories.
  12. 12. If you have a YouTube channel your videos provide a perfect opportunity to build your Facebook page. You can watermark your videos with text so that a link to your page is visible throughout your video, and you can also mention your page in your video, and ask people to join. On Twitter you can Tweet about your Facebook page of course, I like to do this once every few days, or every 20-30 tweets or so. You also have the option to link to your page in your Twitter bio. For more Twitter promotion options I recommend you check out this Twitter Marketing program I reviewed. Page13 SAVE TIME WITH SHORT FB LINKS
  13. 13. Remember that you can always swap a Facebook.com link for a fb.com link and you will save yourself time. This tip is also especially helpful if you are tweeting on twitter, where you only have 140 characters max to work with. USE POWERFUL FACEBOOK PAGE APPS North Social, Involver, and wildfire are three Facebook app development companies that offer powerful apps that you can use to pimp out your Facebook Page. Some of these apps from Involver are free, but most others can be USE STRONG CALLS TO ACTION Page14 used for a monthly fee.
  14. 14. If you want people to join your page or share your content it helps to ask for it in a direct way. If you are designing a Facebook landing page go with big bold arrows and text to convince your visitors to click "Like." Saying please has also been shown to increase conversions so try asking people to "please join my Facebook page." SCHEDULE STATUS UPDATES There are several different social applications that allow you to If you want to schedule updates for your Facebook Pages and/or your profile consider Hootsuite or Sendible. Page15 schedule updates for Facebook, and other networks like Facebook.
  15. 15. Hootsuite is my preferred method of scheduling Facebook page updates, as they even allow you to edit aspects of your update like the image, the headline, and the description. COLLABORATE WITH ADMINS OF BIG GROUPS Here you can find a Facebook Page Leaderboard. Dig a few pages in and you will start to find pages that are topical, rather than brand related. Last year there was a page started called “I bet this Onion Ring can get more fans than Justin Bieber.” Believe it or not this page actually did get more fans than Justin Bieber. Since then it has been shut down (the admin was probably paid off by Bieber’s marketing team) affordable marketing opportunities if you are able strike up deals with the admins to post status updates about your page. Page16 but there are several other groups like this one and these can offer
  16. 16. Many of these huge communities were started by everyday normal people, many of whom are totally open to the idea of working together. Often these page admins are not aware of the value of the clicks they can send, so you can strike up a deal with them for a great price. COMBINE COMPELLING IMAGES WITH CONTENT Content with Images is far more effective at attracting clicks than simply text and links alone. Keep the image you will be using in mind as you create content for your blog. Google image search has a great selection of images, same with the Flickr creative commons, and iStockphoto is a great INVEST IN FACEBOOK TRAINING Page17 source for high quality images.
  17. 17. This is undoubtedly the most powerful tip of all. The tips mentioned in this report are just the the tip of the iceberg when it comes to powerful Facebook training. Facebook Power is the name of the Facebook training product that I created to simplify the Facebook marketing knowledge I have gained since during my years in this niche. With several videos, five in-depth .PDF reports, and a membership section Facebook Power will give you a serious social media step up on your competition, and allow you to leverage the most popular I will be sharing an exclusive free PDF and training videos with Page18 social network in the world to build your brand in a powerful way!
  18. 18. those people on my email list so make sure you get on the list at: http://fbpower.com HOW TO GET MORE FACEBOOK LIKES There are well over fifty million active Facebook pages, and many of these pages are gaining thousands of new fans every day. Facebook is constantly evolving and that means there are more reasons to like Facebook, and Facebook Pages, than ever. Here are some tips to help you grow your page and get more likes on Facebook. INVITE YOUR EMAIL CONTACTS Use the build audience tool to send up to 5,000 invitations at a time The Build Audience button is found at the top of your page admin panel. Page19 to your email contacts.
  19. 19. Once you click this button use the invite email contacts and upload your contacts directly from your email provider, or use the other Page20 tools option and import a .csv file with email addresses in it.
  20. 20. INVITE YOUR FRIENDS TO BECOME YOUR FANS This tip might seem overly simple but the truth is that it’s often overlooked. One way you can invite your friends to your page is by using the A more effective way than using the "suggest to friends" feature is to send a message to your friends directly. Page21 suggest to friends feature within your page's Build Audience tool.
  21. 21. Send short messages asking your friends to join you in your professional page and give them an idea of what kind of content they should expect. Taking a few quick minutes to send personalized inbox messages asking people to join your page can yield great results over time. GIVE AWAY GREAT STUFF TO YOUR FANS Give your fans great content and prizes and this will get your fans posting about your page so that they are in the top of your mind when it comes time to dish out the goods. Create a custom experience by asking your fans what kind of content and prizes they would like the most. Really care about your fans and find ways to go above and beyond you go the extra mile for your fans they will go the extra mile to help you grow your page and succeed. Page22 with the content and promotions you launch on your page. When
  22. 22. USE SOCIAL PLUGINS LIKE THE “LIKE BOX” The Facebook Like box has gotten me thousands of free fans for various pages I have developed over the past several years. This plugin works for me and I’m sure it can work for you too, so Page23 long as the site you insert it into nets a steady stream of traffic.
  23. 23. Installing this plugin into your site is easy: simply copy and paste the code into the sidebar of your site. USE STRONG CALLS TO ACTION If you don’t ask people to take action and like your page many people simply won’t. So don’t beat around the bush – come right out and tell people to like your page. Build links to your Facebook page everywhere and include calls to action for people to join your Facebook page in all of your marketing materials. Of course the five tips above are just the tip of the iceberg when if Page24 comes to building your Facebook fan base.
  24. 24. GET PEOPLE TO JOIN YOUR PAGE VIA SMS TEXT MESSAGES Send a text message to 32665 (FBOOK) with the words “fan yourusername” OR “like yourusername” (without the quotes). This feature is especially ideal when you’re in front of a live LINK TO YOUR PAGE AS A PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT Page25 audience.
  25. 25. Your Facebook profile page is highly visible so use this to your advantage by including a link to your page right below your profile picture. To set this go to the about section and use the @ symbol + the name of your page in order to set the hyperlink. If your page is new and has less than 100 fans you may not be able 100 fans you should be able to create this direct link to your page. Page26 to set this link up. Once your page is established and has at least
  26. 26. OFFER A COMPELLING INCENTIVE FOR PEOPLE TO LIKE YOUR PAGE By combining an incentive with a call to action you will increase your conversions from visitors to fans significantly. The best way to implement an incentive for your fb page is with a "reveal tab" that contains content behind a “like gate” that is visible only once people become a fan of your page. The more valuable your incentive is, the more people will be compelled to click the "Like" button and access it. An eBook or eCourse are two types of incentives that are excellent for attracting new fans. eCourses are arguably more effective since these are delivered over time so they help create a relationship between you and your fans. The image below shows different levels of increasing effectiveness Page27 for acquiring new fans.
  27. 27. By creating a fan only "reveal tab" you can create content that is available to fans only to get more visitors to your page to click the Like button! CROSS PROMOTE WITH RELATED PAGES promote many will jump at this opportunity for free promotion. Page28 If you contact the admin of a Facebook page and offer to cross
  28. 28. There are a few different ways that you can do this. One way is to "Like" another page with your page and get them to return the favor. Doing this will create a link between the two pages near the top of both Facebook timelines. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE The better you know your audience the easier it will be for you to target your content and get great results. Facebook page admin panel to Page29 Click the insights chart on your
  29. 29. access your demographics. INSTALL A PAGE BADGE Facebook Badges are a simple, yet effective way to link to your Facebook profile. Unlike widgets badges are simply images, and will load faster than a social plugin. USE THE STATUS @TAGGING FEATURE Page30 Status tagging is a cool and fairly new feature of Facebook.
  30. 30. This feature will attract traffic to your page by posting on the page of the brand or person you tag. POST EPIC CONTENT Content is king. Posting awesome content is a great way to get your page to spread virally. Page31 Infographics are highly shareable and get great results.
  31. 31. Watermark your images to get traffic if your content is shared outside of Facebook. Link to your fan page in the description. Be the first to share your content to a few relevant groups after you post it. People are more likely to share content after it has already been link back to your page that could lead to new fans. Page32 shared, and every time someone shares your content this includes a
  32. 32. LINK TO YOUR PAGE WITH A HELLO BAR Installing a like buttons into a Hello Bar on your web page can send traffic to your fan page and enhance the style of your site. The more people you send to your fan page, the more likes you will get. A Hello Bar stays stuck to the top of the page as the user scrolls down to get you maximum clicks. Check out the bar at the top of my online success blog Smart Online Success. CONNECT YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE WITH TWITTER Connecting your page to Twitter is an excellent way to convert your twitter followers into Facebook fans. Using this strategy will cause all of link back to the Facebook version of the post. Page33 your posts to be sent to twitter, with a
  33. 33. GET FANS TO UPLOAD AND TAG PHOTOS If you host (or attend) an event with several of your fans take a bunch of pictures, post them to your page and then get your fans to tag themselves in the pictures. If you can get your fans to upload pictures to your page, or tag themselves in pictures you uploaded, this will post to their walls as well and will lead to additional traffic for you. MAKE SURE YOUR COMMENTING SYSTEM IS COMPATIBLE WITH FACEBOOK This will allow people to comment on your page, even if they are not a fan. Any comments made can broadcast to news feeds and lead to more traffic for your page. LEVERAGE TRADITIONAL MEDIA Page34 You can get the official Facebook commenting plugin here.
  34. 34. Since Facebook is so widespread you can use any forms of traditional media and achieve results. Newspapers, Media Buys, Radio, and TV all work, but are often less cost effective than innovative social media strategies. DO A NEWSLETTER PROMOTION If you do email marketing send a message to your subscribers letting them know about your fan page and consider including a link to your fan page in every email. Another promotion method is to purchase a "Solo Ad" from a newsletter publisher. I have bought successful solo ads in the past from internet marketers on the webs largest internet marketing Page35 forum, The Warrior Forum.
  35. 35. To ensure you are successful as well look for solo ad sellers with plenty of positive feedback or contact me on Facebook and I will point you in the right direction. LEAVE INSIGHTFUL COMMENTS (AS YOUR PAGE) ON OTHER PAGES This is a great way to get more exposure for your Business Page with your target audience. Go to the top right of the blue bar at the top of Facebook and click the down facing arrow to select the "voice" you want to use for your comment. Participate on other Pages where your audience is already having conversations. Remember to add value to the conversation and authentically build Page36 relationships.
  36. 36. Building meaningful connections and you will lay the firm foundation of a successful community. GET PROMOTIONAL BUSINESS CARDS THAT LINK TO YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE Business cards are cheap and effective, which is why nearly all business people use them to this day. For the small investment that business cards you can use them to net several hundred new fans for your page! Vista print even offers 250 free business cards. All you pay for those is shipping. Throw a link to your Facebook Page on your card and some people will certainly check it out. design all Facebook page urls can be shortened from facebook.com to fb.com. Page37 If you're pressed for space in your
  37. 37. For example, www.facebook.com/garinkilpatrick and www.fb.com/garinkilpatrick both point to the same page. USE QR CODES How many business cards do you give out? Make it easy for the people you have connected with in person to connect with your Page. Creating a QR code is easy and free at sites like and QRStuff. Use the link for your Facebook Page and you have automatically created a QR code that you can add to the back of your business card. BLOG COMMENTING Leave insightful comments on blogs and in the website section use a link to your fan page. more attention and get more people clicking through to your Facebook page to subscribe for more. Page38 Strive to write helpful, detailed comments and these will attract
  38. 38. LINK TO YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE FROM YOUR LINKEDIN PROFILE LinkedIn gives every user three slots for links to whatever you'd like right on your profile. You can make the anchor text of these links whatever you like, so I recommend using a call to action such as: Join my Facebook page. UPLOAD VIDEOS TO YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE Facebook videos are very underrated, and can provide a great way to drive traffic and Fans to your page if your video content is Page39 compelling enough for people to share it.
  39. 39. When you embed a Facebook video on another website this video includes a watermark link in the top left corner to the fan page it came from. CREATE A MEMORABLE FACEBOOK URL If you go to fb.com/username you will be able to create a custom URL for your page. Remember that your page username cannot be changed once it is set, so choose wisely. ATTRACT FANS WITH PROFESSIONAL DESIGNS Hiring a designer to help you get an awesome looking logo or Page40 timeline cover will help you attract new fans.
  40. 40. I have found two excellent designers that I work with so if you are stuck for a design contact me and I’ll get you linked up with a quality and affordable designer. Another option is to create the design yourself. I design most of my own Timeline covers. Make sure that your Timeline cover image does not violate any of the Facebook Page Guidelines so that Facebook will not have a reason to suspend your page. The perfect Timeline cover size is: 851 x 350 pixels. Do your best to deliver an awesome experience for those who interact with your page by creating and posting epic content. Page41 DELIVER AN AWESOME FACEBOOK PAGE EXPERIENCE
  41. 41. The viral feedback this can send into many peoples Facebook news feed will enable you to pull in many new free fans for your page. Go above and beyond when engaging with your community and they will spread the word. Don't try just to get people to click "like" but instead seek to create raving super fans who will share content from your awesome Facebook page with their Friends. WATERMARK YOUR GRAPHICS & VIDEOS To watermark images use an image editing program like Photoshop or the free web image editing tool pixlr. For videos use a video editing program include a link to your website. I use Camtasia to record any screencast videos I create and do. Camtasia comes with a free 30 day trial. Page42 they have features that make adding a graphic with a URL easy to
  42. 42. GET YOUR CUSTOMERS TO LIKE YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE If someone likes you enough to buy your product then there is a good chance that they will like you on Facebook as well. Rig up your "thank you" page with a Facebook "Like Box" and you'll be good to go! SEND YOUR FANS TO YOUR BLOG Tell your fans to go check out your website when you publish new Page43 blog posts.
  43. 43. If your blog promotes products or services this can actually make you money when you post about new blog posts on Facebook. On my websites Facebook is consistently a top traffic source. whereas how much traffic Facebook sends me is largely dependant on what I post. Page44 Google sends me visitors daily as long as my content is ranking,
  44. 44. Create high quality content and you will be creating a win/win situation since epic content can both pull traffic from Google, Facebook, and across several other social media websites where your visitors share your content! Make sure your blog is equipped with Facebook Like buttons and other social media buttons so your fans can easily spread your content and bring you free traffic. TRACK YOUR GROWTH WITH FACEBOOK INSIGHTS Facebook insights shows you how many fans you accumulate over time, and how you got them. determine which activities are driving the Page45 Using this knowledge you can analyse and
  45. 45. most growth for your page and increase these outlets to amplify your success. MENTION YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE EVERYWHERE Word of mouth does not start itself. Get the conversation going by mentioning your Facebook page in blog posts and in every day conversation. Did I mention that you should join my Social Media Power Facebook page? :) INSERT MULTIPLE LIKE BUTTONS INTO SHAREABLE CONTENT Installing a like button into your posts will help drive extra traffic to your brand. Page46 your posts and it will also show that Facebook is an integral part of
  46. 46. If you have a self hosted WordPress blog I recommend installing the WP FB Like plugin. The more you can integrate Facebook with your site the more likely people will be to join your Facebook page. SPACE OUT YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE UPDATES By using Hootsuite to manage your Facebook pages you can maximize engagement by scheduling your posts ahead of time. If you post 2 status updates a day for your page over five days this will get you far better results than posting 10 updates in one day. Pages now have post scheduling build in so if you are managing just To schedule a post simply click the clock icon in the bottom left of the post update section on your page. (See image below) Page47 one page at a time this is the best way to schedule updates.
  47. 47. RUN A FACEBOOK CONTEST OR A "FAN OF THE MONTH" PROMOTION By highlighting one of your best fans every month you indirectly encourage fans to engage more, so that they can win the coveted fan of the month title the next month. Offer a monthly prize, such as a cool free product or service related to your brand, and the competition for this title will only increase. Most People to The Page. Page48 Facebook Contest Idea: Award Prizes to the Fans Who Recruit the
  48. 48. LINK TO YOUR FACEBOOK FAN PAGE IN FORUM SIGNATURES If you are active in any forums you will have the option to attach a "signature" to every post that you write. Throw a link in your signature to your Facebook page, and it will be clicked. Do your best to add value and answer questions with your posts, and people will be more inclined to click your link and join your page. A link with a call to action is more likely to get clicked than a link alone, so go with "Join my Facebook Page: fb.com/garinpeterkilpatrick" instead of simply: “fb.com/garinpeterkilpatrick.” Page49 CREATE A SHORT URL FOR YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE
  49. 49. Creating a redirect to your Facebook fan page is one way to "presell" the people who click it on joining your page. Using the link shortening service bit.ly you can shorten any Facebook link into a shorter on.fb.me link. For example, I used bit.ly to shorten http://www.facebook.com/GarinPeterKilpatrick into on.fb.me/Garin. Do the same for your page and it makes it much easier to share your page on Twitter and elsewhere on the web. on.fb.me links have built in analytics; if you want to see how many CONNECT WITH MORE FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK Page50 clicks an on.fb.me link has gotten simply add a + to the end of it.
  50. 50. The more friends you have, the better your chances will be that some of these friends will join your fan page. Facebook has a Find Your Friends Tool that allows you to import your contact list from a variety of email clients, or an email list. This tool also displays "People you may know" which I have found is very good at suggesting people that I know. UPDATE YOUR TIMELINE COVER Updating your timeline cover is a smart way to attract attention to your page by being a very visible piece of content in the news feed of Include a link in your description to your email capture page and build your email list! Page51 your fans.
  51. 51. GIVE AWAY FAN PAGE SWAG If you gave away shirts (or mugs, or stickers) like the one below with your Facebook url on it you will get people walking around and promoting your Facebook page for you everywhere they go! ADD YOUR PAGE TO PAGE DIRECTORIES The two page directories that pack the most punch from my point of view are the page finder and like this fan page. Page52 USE PROMOTED POSTS
  52. 52. Once you hit 400 fans you will get the option to "Promote" any of your posts. Since your status updates typically only reach 18% of your fans this can be a great way to extend your reach via the friends of your fans. Promotes posts are easy to execute, simply scroll to the bottom right spend to promote. Page53 of any post, select "Promote" and choose the amount you want to
  53. 53. As you can see from the recent Promoted Post above, I got great results. LINK TO YOUR PAGE IN YOUR EMAIL SIGNATURE Every email you send is an opportunity to link to your Facebook page. Check out the email signature tool wisestamp for a creative way to link to your social profiles. CONNECT WITH OTHER PAGE MANAGERS Don't underestimate the value of cross promotion. Even one cross-promotion a week will help you get a stream of new "likes" with no investment on your part required besides the time it Page54 takes to suggest the opportunity to your cross promotional partner.
  54. 54. CONCLUSION I hope you enjoyed this free report and take action on the powerful tips inside to take your Facebook brand to the next level! Want to create a rock star brand while you make money with Facebook? Make sure to check out the awesome content inside of fbPower. Cheers, Garin Kilpatrick Page55 http://fbpower.com/pro