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TABLE OF CONTENTSI.    eSky Vision & Mission                                  1II.   About eSky                           ...
Vision   eSky’s VISION IS TO BE THE LARGEST ENUM SERVICE PROVIDER IN THE WORLD.   e-Sky Inc. is the leader in internet , t...
About eSky    eSky was established in December 2002. It’s capitalized on the growing communica-tions and multimedia indust...
eSky Licenses & Accreditation                                3
eSky Beginnings   eSky co-founders Jonathan Leong, president and CEO, and Dinas Suhardi Putra, Chief Technology Officer,br...
Key People of eSky                                                                                    JONATHAN LEONG      ...
ef Executive Officer and DINAS                                                                       SUHADI PUTRAJONATH AN...
eSky Working Team Worldwide                                 BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                    JONATHAN...
eSky LLCeSky Multimedia Sdn BhdMalaysia Office   :   51-01-02 Jalan Austin Heights 3                      Taman Mount Aust...
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  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTSI. eSky Vision & Mission 1II. About eSky 2III. eSky Licenses & Accreditation 3IV. eSky Beginnings 4 eSky Technology 4V. eSky Key People 5 eSky as Cover Story on Potensi Magazine 6VI. eSky Working Team Worldwide 7VII. eSky Office Address/Contact Numbers 8 ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
  3. 3. Vision eSky’s VISION IS TO BE THE LARGEST ENUM SERVICE PROVIDER IN THE WORLD. e-Sky Inc. is the leader in internet , telecommunications and ENUM service provider, deliveringinnovative ENUM solutions to 150 countries on 2012. Connecting is about helping people to feel close to each others. Wherever, whenever, eSkybelieves in communicating, sharing and loving each others in the awesome potential in connectingthe 1 billion internet and email users who do with the 5 billion who don’t. If we focus on people, and use ENUM technology to help people feel close to what matters, thenthe growth will follow. In a world where everyone can be connected, ENUM is the solution .Mission eSky’s mission is to provide a global ENUM communication medium for people to communicatefreely with mobile phone and internet. Millions and billions of people can be benefited by using ENUM everyday to connect with friends,family and business partners. eSky aims to become the international leading ENUM and VoIP service provider. ESKY capitalizeson technologically superior products and services and is designed to enhance business and personalcommunication. eSky lets people to save cost on their communication expenses. People and company who spenda lot on communication expenses can be benefited from ESKY. The people and companies who useESKY services can also increase their income or business revenue through our ESKY solution. 1
  4. 4. About eSky eSky was established in December 2002. It’s capitalized on the growing communica-tions and multimedia industry to create a niche market for its ENUM services. Throughits research and development, eSky has maintained a technological lead in the market-place and provided the best quality care for the consumer. Today, revenue sourcesinclude a variety of e-numX packages, and a full range of accessories and services. eSky has a world class management team with direct knowledge of the industry,extensive research experience, and unique administrative skills. Together, they have acombined total of over 15 years experience in the telecommunications, cellular and ITindustries. eSky owns the state-of-the-art telecom switching facility with the worlds largestENUM soft switch facility located in USA, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia to powerENUM. With an aggressive expanding plan, eSky is going to add more facility through-out the world in near future. eSky are leading the way in the development and provision of unified communica-tions and IP services. eSky have worked closely with global standards organizations inthe development of Enum and Universal Personal Telephony and in 2008, launched thefirst commercial Enum service based on the 888 international country code. eSky will also be providing number regis-tration services for the +1(US), +44 (U.K.), +86(China) and +7 (Russia) domains. We offer In-ternational Local Telephone Numbers for in-coming calls from 52 countries forwarded toyour ENUM. eSky provide ENUM nameserver servicesfor the administration of the ENUM domain andthe corresponding NAPTR-records. These ser-vices can be used for ENUM domains that havebeen registered via ESKY is the lead-ing and one stop ENUM service provider in theworld. 2
  5. 5. eSky Licenses & Accreditation 3
  6. 6. eSky Beginnings eSky co-founders Jonathan Leong, president and CEO, and Dinas Suhardi Putra, Chief Technology Officer,brought eSky to life in December 2002. Since then, the company has grown from a small Research andDevelopment to telecommunication company in Malaysia, USA and Singapore. eSky with a managementteam that represents some of the most experienced technology professionals in the industry.eSky Technology eSky ENUM technology enables mobile phone users to make international calls at the reducedprice and exceptional sound quality of a local phone call — with or without a WiFi or 3G connection.At the core of the eSky Mobile service, is a software program/app that you install on your mobilephone or smartphone. eSky works on over 800 types of mobile phones including the latest smartphones and AppleiPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Java platforms. It takes less than aminute to download and install the program. The app runs in the background and when you makean international call, eSky asks your permission to use it. If you choose to make the call through eSky, you pay the domestic tariff along with eSky ENUM ‘stariff for the call abroad, which is up to 95 % cheaper than what regular mobile operators charge.This is because eSky automatically transfers the call to a much cheaper line of the same quality.Minutes and call plans can be purchased with all major credit cards from our website and selectmobiles. • The eSky Mobile application is received and installed on the mobile phone and ready to use in minutes. It is adapted to most mobile phones and does not require agreements with existing mobile providers. • When you dial an international number, the call is re-routed as a local call through a eSky Mobile gateway and via global traffic carriers to the dialed number. The call is delivered as ordinary voice traffic in order to secure the voice quality. • When you send a text message (SMS) the message is converted into data and sent as a data package using the built-in GPRS on the mobile phone over the eSky-owned gateway. • eSky can report the balance of the account free of charge and inform prior to a call if the call can be made with the current credit amount. • You can top-up your account directly from your mobile using a secure connection. 4
  7. 7. Key People of eSky JONATHAN LEONG Founder and Chief Executive Officer Leong is a successful entrepreneur with more than 10 years experience in the wireless telecommunications industry. eSky LLC was formed in December 2002 under the leadership of Jonathan.Being the founder, CEO of the Group, as well as the CEO of e-Sky, Inc., Jonathan has stretched his business interests to countries such as the USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and The People’s Republic of China. He has successfully developed and managed telecommunications, infrastructure and wireless retail projects globally.Jonathan started the ENUM project on year 2005 with Dinas. eSky ENUM is a social telecommunication platform that helps people communicate more efficiently with their friends, families and coworkers with orwithout internet.Jonathan is responsible for setting the overall direction and ENUM strategy for the company.He leads the design of ENUM’s service and development of its core technology and infrastructure.Prior toeSky, Jonathan was comes from Civil engineering and Multi-level marketing background. The knowledge,experience, and contacts accumulated during that period have led to changes in the traditionaltelecommunication business. Jonathan opened up his first retail mobile phone shop on year 1999. With onlyone small retail kiosk to more than 20 retail shops within 3 years time. Convergence of ICT development,Jonathan has moved forward his business from retail wireless phone shop to the development of ENUMsolution. Jonathan has received numerous awards and commendations in connection with his work on thetelecommunication and ENUM, including Malaysia e-entrepreneur of the year in 2002, the honesty entrepriseKris award by Malaysia Best Entreprise Development Association in year 2002, in the TelecommunicationEntrepreneur category. Granted by Malaysia Technology Development Corporation for the commercializationand further development ENUM solution. Jonathan was interviewed by Comcast San Jose, RTM Malaysia andamong many others.Jonathan is the co-founder and board committee member of eSky LLC, eSky MultimediaSendirian Berhad and e-Sky, Inc. in the Silicon Valley, USA.DINAS SUHADI PUTRA BIN PUNAWANCo-Founder & Chief Technical Officer Dinas Suhadi Putra is a co-founder and Chief Technology Officer ofeSky, where he leads the ENUM Platform Development and Data teamsand oversees new product design and architecture. In addition, he guidesthe global ENUM’s infrastructure to ensure expansion and scalability.He isalso responsible for the company’s ENUM product engineering anddevelopment.Dinas’s research interests include e-numbering databasemanagement and mobile content solution and data mining of large textand number collections and scientific data. Personally developed Malaysia’sfirst mobile ring-tone & logo download system, click to download mobilering-tone & logo download system and sms request download system.Priorto eSky, Dinas served ten years in different positions at Maxis and Time,the Malaysia telecom operator. Dinas worked as Software programmer and engineer. He is responsiblefor the installation and maintenance of the National Optical Fiber network, Southern Region of Malaysia.He also manage & monitor GPS based NOFN routes & termination mapping.Installation & maintenanceof the POTS network for Johor Bahru area.Dinas also manage the ENUM Research and DevelopmentLaboratory in Multimedia University and University Technology Malaysia. Dinas has been a featuredspeaker at several academic, business and technology forums in the Multimedia University. 5
  8. 8. ef Executive Officer and DINAS SUHADI PUTRAJONATH AN LEONG eSky Founder and Chi cover story. al Officer on POTENSI MagazineBIN PUNAWA N eSky Co-Founder & Chief Technic 6
  9. 9. eSky Working Team Worldwide BOARD OF DIRECTORS JONATHAN LEONG eSky LLC, e-Sky, Inc. and eSky Multimedia Sdn. Bhd. DINAS SUHADI PUTRA eSky LLc, eSky Multimedia Sdn bhd eSky ADVISORY GROUP EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT GROUP • RICK TEO • JONATHAN LEONG TKE and Associates Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer • SAM MORTAZAVI Meridian Computer, San Jose, USA • DINAS SUHADI PUTRA • BILLI LIM Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer • AHMAD SHAH • NG KONG LENG eSky Fellow Operation Manager • JACK PAN, Gcard Taiwan KEY EXECUTIVES BY FUNCTION ENUM ENGINEERING PRODUCTS • JONATHAN LEONG • DINAS SUHADI PUTRA Chief ENUM Evangelist Chief ENUM Evangelist • DINAS SUHADI PUTRA Chief Technical Officer FINANCE • AHMAD SHAH ENUM Fellow • CHERLYN CHAI Finance Manager SALES • ERIC WOON LEGAL International Sales Director • IKBAL SALAM • DESMOND TEOH Associates Corporate Lawyer Sales Manager • MOHAMAD TAMIZI • ROZREEN BINTI WAN RAMLI Sales Executive Corporate Affairs Lawyer • CHONG KAH PAU Sales Executive • SHAMSUDDIN HASSAN Sales Executive 7
  10. 10. eSky LLCeSky Multimedia Sdn BhdMalaysia Office : 51-01-02 Jalan Austin Heights 3 Taman Mount Austin 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, MalaysiaUSA Office : 1584, Meridian Ave., San Jose 95125 CAweb : www.eSkyCall.comeMail : jonathan@eSkyCall.comCell : +6.019.779.7999ENUM : 888.9999.9999Malaysia DID : +6015.4840.6499USA New York DID : +1.212.389.7919BBM : 2606D0AF 8