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5 Simple Tips To Improve Your Engagement On Google+


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Published in: Technology, Business
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5 Simple Tips To Improve Your Engagement On Google+

  1. 1. 5+ TIPS!Some simple ideas to make your! Google+ posts more engaging

  2. 2. INCLUDE PICTURES!If you’ve ever read a newspaper, you’llknow that photos are often what drawsyou into an article. It’s the same onGoogle+ -- the eye is drawn to imagesbecause they convey a rich variety ofinformation in a quick and efficient way.Images that are both eye-catching andrelevant to the content you’re sharing arebest, but even a simple screen-grab of anarticle can help improve engagement.!
  3. 3. START CONVERSATIONS!Interacting with people who comment onyour posts is a great way to build yourGoogle+ presence. Firstly, it can help youto build the relationships that make theGoogle+ experience more meaningful.Secondly, engaging people in dialoguehelps extend the life of your posts; everytime someone comments on a post, itmoves that post back up towards the topof the Google+ Stream, so even morepeople can see it. !
  4. 4. ASK QUESTIONS!People love to share their opinions and tofeel useful. Asking questions is a greatway to inspire people to comment onyour posts, and helps to build strongerrelationships with your connections. It’salso a great way to find new answers andget fresh perspectives. In a similar way,introducing content with your ownthoughts and opinions can be a greatway to start conversations that help youlearn more about people in your Circles.!
  5. 5. GO PUBLIC!If you have content to share that youthink will be useful or interesting for abroad audience, don’t be afraid to shareit as ‘Public’. Doing this can help you tomeet and connect with new people,making your Google+ experience muchricher and more varied. Think of it as thenew way to blog!!
  6. 6. GIVE CREDIT!If you want to post something thatsomeone else has created, or if you’re re- hanks!
sharing something that you discoveredthrough someone else’s post, be sure to‘+tag’ them in your post too. This is a +tgreat way to show recognition and thankthe people who inspire you, and also tobuild relationships with those individuals.!
  7. 7. Simon Kemp!! @eskimon!