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  1. 1. Occupation What do they do?Accountant Keeps and checks business accountsArchitect Designs and draws plans of buildingsAuthor Writes booksBaker Bakes and sells cakes and breadButcher Slaughters animals and sells their meatChef Head cook in a restaurant or hotelCobbler Mends shoesDentist Checks people’s teethDoctor Treats sick people Plans and builds roads, bridges, buildings,Engineer etc.Florist Sells flowersFisherman Catches and sells fishGrocer Sells provisions like flour, sugar, rice, etc.Hawker Sells goods in the streetInventor Creates and designs new thingsJournalist Writes for newspapers and magazinesLawyer Gives advice in matters concerning the lawMechanic Repairs machines and enginesNurse Takes care of the sick and injuredOptician Tests eyesight and sells spectaclesPostman Delivers letters and parcelsPoliceman Helps maintain law and orderReporter Gathers news for newspapers and magazinesSalesman Sells things in a shop or from door to door Defends the country against outside enemiesSoldier and intrudersTailor Cuts and makes clothesUndertaker Manages funeralsWaiter Serves at tables in a restaurant