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Buildings and Places 1


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Published in: Education
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Buildings and Places 1

  1. 1. BUILDINGS AND PLACES ( 1 )1. Encik Razali goes to a ________ to repair his motorbike. A. workshop B. stall C. bookshop D. factory2. The Super Virgo cruise ship has just left the _______________ . A. port B. jetty C. station D. terminal3. The opening ceremony of the SEA Games was held at the Bukit Jalil __________ A. Arena B. Stadium C. Complex D. Auditorium4. A surgeon works in a __________________ A. clinic B. library C. hospital D. laboratory5. Aniza borrowed a book from the _______________ A. library B. factory C. bookstore D. supermarket6. The aeroplane is undergoing repairs at the _____________ at Subang Airport. A. port B. hangar C. runway D. garage7. Melaka is a ____________ place because it is rich in history. A. lucky B. historical C. interesting D. geographical
  2. 2. 8. My mother wants to buy a fish for dinner. She is going to the _____________ . A. sea B. pond C. market D. kitchen9. Mr. Tan goes to a ____________ to repair his car. A. stall B. factory C. market D. workshop10. Chee Keong went to the ____________ and waited for the ferry to Pulau Langkawi. A. jetty B. airport C. bus-station D. railway station11. Helena is a nurse. She works in a __________________ . A. hospital B. supermarket C. post office D. police station12. Eskimos live in ______________ . A. igloos B. islands C. longhouses13. Encik Azmi bought some potted plants from the _____________ . A. nursery B. hostel C. bakery D. gallery14. During the school holidays , Jane and her family went to the ______________ for a picnic. A. estate B. boutique C. jungle D. beach
  3. 3. 15. Mary goes to the _____________ every Sunday. A. mosque B. church C. temple16. Jenane waited for the train at the ________________ . A. harbour B. railway station C. jetty D. airport17. This ___________ is famous for its lamb chops. A. restaurant B. grocery C. school D. canteen