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Animals 1


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Published in: Education, Lifestyle, Technology
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Animals 1

  1. 1. ANIMALS ( 1 )1. A female goat is called ______________ A. goat B. goatee C. billy-goat D. nanny-goat2. The hair on a lions neck is called ____________ A. fur B. mane C. fangs D. whiskers3. Mother : Where is the chicken ? Father : It is in the ________________ A. sty B. pen C. coop D. stable4. The cat is playing with its _____________ A. kitten B.puppy C. calf D. kid5. The young of an elephant is called a _________________ A. kid B. cub C. calf D. foal6. Crocodiles , snakes and lizards are cold-blooded animals. They are _________ A. insects B. reptiles C. mammals D. amphibians
  2. 2. 7. The four ____________ swam behind the mother duck. A. drakes B. ducklings C. chicks D. cygnets8. The young of a goat is called a _____________ A. cub B. kid C. foal D. lamb9. The ewe gave birth to two healthy _____________ A. cubs B. fawn C. kids D. lambs10.The young of a cockroach is called a ________________ A. grub B. nymph C. maggot D. caterpillar11.My father just built a ___________ for our rabbits. A. kennel B. nest C. aviary D. hutch12.The dog is playing with its ________________ A. kid B. puppy C. kitten D. calf13.A ____________ of cows is eating grass in the field. A. flock B. pack C. group D. herd
  3. 3. 14.Yesterday , Johans cat gave birth to a ____________ of kittens. A. litter B. nest C. shoal D. brood15.The kangaroo carries its baby in a ________________ A. purse B. pouch C. pocket D. packet16.Parrots have ___________ feathers. A.curly B. wavy C. sharp D. colourful