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  • Shopping Understand when and where people buy. A Major Packaged Goods company wanted to understand the snack cracker category better to know how to market a new flavour, so they created an exercise to have people document every time they purchased a snack. People documented the category of snack, why and where they bought it, and when they ate it. Ad/Media“Realize that yourmedia mix will be one of the single biggest determinants of success in the new era”. From Premium Beverages (Diageo – Tanqueray, Captain Morgan , etc.) to Wireless Carriers, companies need to know how to best spend their advertising dollars, so the people are reminded ever 30 minutes to take a survey and record all ads they’ve seen, and how it made them feel (mood)PackagingOne of the World’s largest packaged goods companies provides people with laundry soap and a PDA. They track how much soap is used on every wash and the settings and results of the wash. They translate the data into better packaging to help consumers understand how to get better use out of the product, and therefore encourage repeat purchaseConsumer ProductsOne of the World’s largest packaged goods companies provides people with the latest razor blade and collects data on the results of their shave (closeness, razor burn, feeling, etc.) to determine if the new design is truly more effective, and how to market to get better use out of the product, and therefore encourage repeat purchaseHealth care & clinical trialsOne of the World’s largest packaged goods companies collects data for clinical trials on their latest over-the-counter cough syrup so that they can accurately claim that the new formula suppresses your cough for 12 hours.Ideation and Opportunity IdentificationOne of the World’s largest packaged goods companies provides pda’s to new parents in China to understand infant sleeping and eating patterns. The project is mostly exploratory to help understand a foreign market and spur product innovation from the results.Social & PoliticalSchroeder Institute – study 400-500 smoking quitters over 2 years to understand the motivating factors. 1-4 psedu randomized surveys per day. Users can view their own charts to see what their triggers are. The research helps them through their process, not just help FUTURE quitters through policy and new insight.Technology & DigitalWhat apps are people using? Track technology exposure everywhere it happensSatisfaction – post purchase followup , mobile corporate teams , corporate conferencesLoyalty Use a mobile app to track ALL purchases and motivation, not just the ones that come through YOUR loyalty cardFinanceTrack financial interactions - every one – online banking, ABM’s, debit cards, gift cards, - and track trade-offsLottery – Little research has been done in gaming that is “in the moment”. Be there when someone plays their hand or scratches their ticket to learn the true motivations and feelings.AutomotiveCar clinics – apps can handle sophisticated 1-4 hour surveys
  • The first question is “Do you actually need ‘in the moment’ data?”Mobile research is best suited to capturing insights at the moment of impact because you don’t want for the memory to set in. It also works when you need validated info Here are the types of feedback you get from 3 different research methods.Keep that in mind when you see how IPSOS is using mobile in market research.
  • Platforms;Our solutions are available on a number of platforms for both quantitative and qualitative implementations. Mobile CapiOur roots – 10 years of MR experience – continues to be the core of our current offerings. Not – forms or generic data collection Robust, proven MR centric solutionsArm interviewers with device & solution Mobile Diary / Digital Ethnography's Purpose built dedicated personal survey experience More than personal surveys – with multimedia capabilities – capture mood, location, environmentDesign with alarms, lockdowns and other purpose built capabilities Mobile Panel Interfaces and workflows that enable the solution to be installed on your audiences own device Download application once – engage many Corporate Communities Similar to Panel but focused on a single brand or corporation Typically smaller communities (200 – 2000)
  • Mobile impacts field work as well.The question you should ask yourself is ‘ will someone’s interpretation of what’s actually happening be enough?’Or do you want validated information including photographs and GPS coordinates in real time? In addition to their thoughts and feelings?It has certainly helped in situations where paper has resulted in fraudulent answers, takes a long time and is expensive to transport, digitize and collate.
  • Techneos SODA System (Mobile Research)

    1. 1. Real people.Real time.Validated data.<br />Eric Simmons<br />Ipsos Senior Account Manager<br /><br />
    2. 2. Top 6 ideas for where to consider mobile<br />Young adult research<br />Longitudinal diaries of behaviors and attitudes<br />Measuring advertising effectiveness across all digital platforms, including mobile<br />In-the-moment shopper insight and occasion based research<br />GPS location - promotion capture research <br />Mobile ethnographies and other tightly integrated quantitative-qualitative research<br />
    3. 3. Apps deliver richer insights across many research categories<br />
    4. 4. What do you want from the respondents?<br />Quality of insight to your client<br />People recall their experiences & get as close as possible to being accurate without too much trouble. Rarely challenge their thoughts on the experience.<br />“I’ll document what I think I’ve been doing over the last few days…”<br />Paper<br />Mobile Apps<br />Web/ CATI<br />Intellectual evaluation of a product or future choice, voting intentions, creative appeal of packaging, what do you own?…<br />“I like this brand because… The Ad interests me because… I think I’ll do this in the future…”<br />Photographs of & info about environmental, emotional and situational factors that influence attitudes and purchases, as well as photographs of & info of them using the product = Real time actual data.<br />“I’m in a supermarket right now choosing this brand because… here’s a photo of me next to it on the shelf… and here’s the barcode”<br />So how do you choose the right one? <br />
    5. 5. Field Force Enablement<br />Mobile Consumer Surveys<br />Mobile CAPI<br />Mobile Diaries <br />Interviews at the point of experience—interviewers equipped with a device & robust market research solution <br />Mobile Diaries & Digital Ethnography—<br />with multimedia capabilities capture mood, location, environment<br />Self complete on individuals’ own device—download application once, engage many<br />Post-sales Surveys, In-Store Audits, Collect data onsite in your distribution channel<br />Capabilities Overview<br />
    6. 6. GPS Capturing<br />Photo Capturing<br />Video Capturing<br />Bar Code Capturing<br />Audio Capturing<br />Video/Audio Playback<br />Built in alarms and reminders (perfect for diaries)<br />Preloading of data<br />Back checking<br />Online-Offline<br />Multilingual <br />Key Features & Capabilities<br />
    7. 7. Holiday Baking: CPG/FMCG<br />Knowledge Networks<br />Better understanding people’s holiday baking activities<br />Need<br />100 US Residents from the representative panel <br />Scope<br />Multiple Smartphone platforms<br />Exercise to document baking activity<br />Implementation<br />10,422 invited to screen <br />47.6% response (4,966 members over a 7 day period)<br />Of those, 33.8% qualified & opted-in for mobile survey research (only 100 people where used)<br />Results<br />
    8. 8. Mobile research response<br />
    9. 9. Holiday Baking: Business Results<br />Discovered a baked item to focus on as a business expander<br />Determined a path to capture increased holiday baking share of volume<br />Found ingredients to enhance emotional connection with consumers<br />Evidence of consumers using productsin situation and in real time<br />
    10. 10.
    11. 11. Retail Supply Chain: Emerging market <br />International Beverage Company<br />Gather validated information <br />on product positioning and store location<br />Need<br />Recruit and train 400+ interviewers<br />In an emerging marketlow internet capabilities<br />Scope<br />One mobile OS type (NOKIA)<br />GPS capture , Photo Capture<br />Mobile retail audit conducted over 12 months<br />3000+ Surveys a day<br />Implementation<br />20 days in field and 40,952 records captured<br />37,669 GPS coordinates<br />40,776 photos <br />4,476 previously obscure stores<br />Results<br />
    12. 12. Thank you<br />Eric Simmons<br /><br /><br />+1.604 435.6007 x102 <br />Twitter @techneos<br />Industry updates: <br />