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5 Key Things to Know About eDiscovery and How to Implement Them in Your Practice


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A primer for attorneys, legal professionals, board members and business people on what to be aware of with digital information and the process of electronic discovery.

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5 Key Things to Know About eDiscovery and How to Implement Them in Your Practice

  1. 1.  5  Things  You  Need  to  Know   about  eDiscovery     and   How  to  Implement     them  in  Your  Prac?ce   Kelly  Twigger,  Esq.     Boulder  County  Bar  Associa:on     February  21,  2014  
  2. 2. Kelly  Twigger   Principal   ESI  AEorneys     Guest  lecturer,  Denver,  CU,     MarqueEe,Vanderbilt     Law  Schools   Milwaukee  Business  Journal:  40  Under  40  Class  of   2010   Kentucky  basketball  fana:c   Official  Host  Kentucky  Derby   First  Computer:    IBM  AS2   First  Blog  Post:    December  2007   First  Tweet:    August  2009  
  3. 3. WHAT  IS  ESI  ATTORNEYS   •  Law  firm  that  works  exclusively  in  eDiscovery   and  Informa:on  law     •  Acts  as  outsourced  in-­‐house  counsel  for  firms,   businesses,  and  municipali:es  that  do  not   have  dedicated  eDiscovery  and  informa:on   law  counsel     •  Creators  of  the  eDiscovery  Assistant™  app  for   iPad  
  4. 4. Number  1:   Embrace  eDiscovery  
  5. 5. Director  of   CIA  falls   from  grace   at  the  hand   of  his   paramour   and,  you   guessed  it,   ESI.  
  6. 6. Federal   Government   is  aware  of   and   encouraging   policy  and   considera:on   of  issues  in   ESI.  
  7. 7. Presiden:al   memo  outlines   need  to  meet   “legal   requirements   related  to  the   preserva:on  of   informa:on   relevant  to   li:ga:on.”  
  8. 8. Florida   adopted  new   rules  effec:ve   July  5,  2012   Colorado  has     pilot  project   in  state   business   courts  in   Denver   Map  courtesy  of  Tom  Allman  
  9. 9. PROPOSED  CHANGES  TO  RULES|FRCP       •  Amendments  considered  following  corporate   backlash  of  expense  of  preserva:on  and  lack   of  knowledge  of  how  to  avoid  sanc:ons     •  Proposed  changes  now  require  “bad  faith”   showing  for  sanc:ons  under  Rule  37  vs.   original  idea  of  providing  more  defini:on  to   Rule  26   •  Timeline  for  effec:ve  date  is  likely  2015  
  10. 10. EMBRACE  EDISCOVERY|WHAT  DOES  IT  MEAN?       •  Stop  being  resigned  and  start  using  it  to  your   advantage   •  Turn  the  funnel  on  its  head  –  look  for  what   you  want,  not  through  what  you  have   •  The  world  stage  is  ALL  about  informa:on,  and   your  clients  need  you  to  have  their  back  
  11. 11. Number  2.     eDiscovery  NOW   prevents  problems  later   AND  costs  less  $$$  
  12. 12. WHAT  DOES  NOW  MEAN  ?   •  Immediate  considera:on  of  preserva:on   obliga:ons  upon  an:cipa:on  or  knowledge  of   li:ga:on   •  Who  are  your  witnesses/custodians?     •  Meaningful  meet  and  confer     •  Make  decisions  based  on  the  data  you  have,  or   will  likely  have  
  13. 13. WHAT  DOES  NOW  MEAN  ?|  TALKING  EARLY       •  What  types  of  ESI  do  each  party  have?     •  Where  is  the  informa:on  stored?   •  What  is  being  preserved?    Collected?    Reviewed?     •  How  much  data  will  you  have  to  deal  with?     •  What  are  the  best  approaches  to  cost  effec:vely   handle  and  review  the  data?     •  Who  will  bear  the  costs?    
  14. 14. IMPACT|  OBLIGATIONS  OF  COUNSEL   •  Lawyers  can  no  longer  assume  that  a  request  for  all   documents  will  mean  that  the  opposing  aEy  understands   what  is  out  there  and  should  be  produced;  requests  must  be   specific     •  Counsel  need  to  have  understanding  of  IT  systems  and  actual   costs  to  collect  and  produce  data  to  argue  undue  burden   and  know  true  purpose  behind  request  to  overcome  the   argument   •  Need  to  educate  clients  on  the  challenges  of  ESI  before   li?ga?on  arises,  so  that  clients  are  prepared     •  Evaluate  and  iden:fy  best  tools  for  handling  ESI  commiserate   with  value  of  maEer  
  15. 15. CASE  STUDY|  ACTUAL  COST  SAVINGS       220  GB   12  GB   220  GB   3  GB   $375,000   $42,000  
  16. 16. WHAT  YOU  NEED  TO  BE  DOING|  FORM  OF  PRODUCTION       FRCP  Rule  34(b)(1)(C):   The  Request  may  specify  the  form  or  forms  in  which   electronically  stored  informa:on  is  to  be  produced.       FRCP  Rule  34(b)(2)(d):   If  a  request  does  not  specify  a  form  for  producing  ESI,  a   party  must  produce  it  in  a  form  or  forms  in  which  it  is   ordinarily  maintained  or  in  a  reasonably  usable  form  or   forms,  and  a  party  need  not  produce  in  more  than  one   form.    
  18. 18.     Number  3:   Don’t  Ignore     Social  Media  
  21. 21. KEY  DECISIONS|  GATTO  V.  UNITED  AIR  LINES   Court  ordered  adverse  inference  instruc?on  aZer  Plain?ff  seeking   disability  following  accident  on  tarmac  “accidentally”  deleted  his  Facebook   account.         Even  if  Plain:ff  did  not  intend  to  permanently  deprive  the  defendants  of  the   informa:on  associated  with  his  Facebook  account,  there  is  no  dispute  that   Plain:ff  inten:onally  deac:vated  the  account.  .  .  Neither  defense  counsel's   allegedly  inappropriate  access  of  the  Facebook  account,  nor  Plain:ff's   belated  efforts  to  reac:vate  the  account,  negate  the  fact  that  Plain:ff  failed   to  preserve  relevant  evidence.  In  light  of  all  of  the  above,  a  spolia:on   inference  is  appropriate.              Ga#o  v.  United  Air  Lines,  Inc.,  2013  WL  1285285  (D.N.J.  Mar.  25,  2013)        
  23. 23. Number  4:   Making  Decisions   about  ESI  and   eDiscovery  Strategy   has  to  be  a  TEAM   effort  
  24. 24. Number  5:   Not  all  eDiscovery   Tools  are  Created   Equally  (and  they’re   not  all  just  for  review)  
  25. 25. FTK  Imager   • Collec:on  tool  for  making  forensic   images     • Free  download  at   • Install  on  hard  drive  and  use  for  mobile   collec:on    
  26. 26. •  PC  based  forensic  search  tool   •  Indexes  data  and  creates  concept  map  to  show   rela:onships  between  custodians  and  data   •  Allows  culling  of  data  with  low  cost  and  low   effort     •  One  :me  licensing  fee  –  requires  use  of  dongle  
  27. 27. •  Process,  Review,   Produce  ESI   •  Fixed  cost  per   document  vs.   per  GB   •  Use  on  iPhone   and  iPad   •  No  training   required   •  Cross-­‐planorm  
  28. 28. • PC  based  processing  and  review  tool     • Works  with  up  to  15GB  of  data  per   maEer   • $100  download  one  :me  fee  that  goes   to  Room  to  Read  charity   • Download  at   By  Nuix  
  29. 29. •  Mul:ple  tools  to  allow  for  collec:on  of  social   media,  review  and  case  management  in  cloud   based  services   •  Pricing  -­‐-­‐  $25/GB  flat  fee  per  month   •  Use  with  iPhone,  iPad     •  Built  by  former  paralegal  at  large  Chicago  firm  to   provide  li:ga:on  support     •  Cross-­‐planorm  –  web  based     •  Grows  with  what  you  need  for  your  case  
  30. 30.  
  31. 31. •  Includes  rules,  case  digests,  checklists,   templates  glossary  and  resources  for   eDiscovery     •  Designed  to  be  first  stop  for  eDiscovery     •  Includes  checklists  for  planning  strategy,   interviewing  custodians,  iden:fying  sources  of   ESI  to  meet  your  obliga:ons   •  Ini:al  download  -­‐-­‐  $29.99  with  monthly/annual   subscrip:on  cost  
  32. 32. Ques?ons?   Kelly  H.  Twigger,  Esq.     p:    303.379.3068        TwiEer:    @kellytwigger   LinkedIn:    Kelly  Twigger