Share point 2013 new and improved


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A quick tour of the some of the top new features in SharePoint 2013

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  • Shredded StorageBreaks BLOBs into smaller chunksGranular versioningReduced storage footprintImproved performanceDistributed CacheBased on AppFabric cacheUsed heavily in social featuresAlso for tokens, Access, OneNote, Security Trimming, View State, etc.Request ManagementNew architecture dramatically increases web server requests (REST in Apps, etc.)Provides rules-based approach for routing & throttling trafficBlock harmful requestsConfigurable, various weighting schemes & rulesWorkflowNew architectureStand alone componentMore robustOffice Web AppsStand alone serverNo longer an SAClaimsDefault Classic supported but removed from UITracking of FedAuth cookies in distributed cache (spans machines, no re-authentication)Multiple token signing certificates
  • FAST + SharePointDocument PreviewsResult BlocksQuery SuggestionsRanking ModelsQuery RulesHighly ScalableCrawl RoleContent Processing ComponentsQuery Processing ComponentsSearch Host ProcessImproved PerformanceContinuous crawlingAnonymous crawlingNear real time index refreshes; no waiting on mergesSee results before full crawl completesQuery RulesTransformation of query resultsConditions and actionsPromoted results (like Best Bets)Result blocksRelevanceResult SourcesRemote IndexImproved security (Oauth)Result source management at site collection levelExchange as a result sourceSearch Driven ContentSearch is everywhereCQWP now Content by Search, etc.Search driven publishing
  • My SitesBig overhaulEverything you are followingMentionsActivitiesLikesCommunitiesNew site templateDiscussionsLikesRatings & ReputationBadgesCategoriesPresentation pagesNewsfeedsConsolidated list of all activities and followsMicroblogging (Twitter)Hashtags and mentionsSharing & FollowingSimple invitation modelMuch like SkyDriveClick to follow sites, documents, people, feeds, etc., displayed in newsfeedTasksAggregated view of all tasks across SharePoint, Project and ExchangeFile SyncDesktop file sync to SkyDrive Pro or My Site doc libraryDefault Office save location
  • SEOClean URLsHome page redirectsXML SitemapsMETA PropertiesContent By SearchSimilar to CQWP but with indexed contentCross site collectionHTML Templates for client-side renderingMetadata NavigationNavigation structure based on term store hierarchyDynamic topic pagesCross-Site PublishingWrite once, read manyCatalogsAccessed via SearchCut & Paste EditingPaste from Word & get proper HTML markupVariationsAutomatic and manual translationsTranslation packagesTranslation service application
  • PowerViewPowerPivotBCSDashboard DesignerAccessExcel
  • Composed LooksNew take on ThemesXML docs uploaded to specific librarySpecify colors, fonts, imagesDeviceChannelsDefine visual display based on deviceSpecific master pagesExclude/Include portions of layout pagesDefine mobile rendering areasDesign ManagerVisual branding guideLocal editing of master pagesNavigation stylingLive previewHTML SnippetsUpload HTMLMap control placeholders to HTML elementsGenerate markup to place in sourceDesign PackagesExport all design elements in a single WSPVisual Studio no longer required to create WSPApply to any other site, overwrites default files with those from packageDesign ToolsNo design view in SPDUse any HTML authoring software
  • Share point 2013 new and improved

    1. 1. SharePoint 2013Overview
    2. 2. On PremiseOn Premise + Cloud Cloud
    3. 3. Simplified Modern Global TilesNavigation Deferred Social Upgrade
    4. 4. Shredded Distributed Storage Cache RequestManagemen Workflow t Office Web Claims Apps
    5. 5. FAST Highly + ScalableSharePoint Improved QueryPerformanc Rules e Search Result Driven Sources Content
    6. 6. My Communitie Sites s SharingNewsfeeds & Following File Tasks Sync
    7. 7. Content SEO By Search CrossMetadata SiteNavigation PublishingCut & Paste Variations Editing
    8. 8. PowerView PowerPivot Dashboard BCS Designer Access Excel
    9. 9. Composed Device Looks Channels Design HTMLManager Snippets Design DesignPackages Tools
    10. 10. HTML Remote +Applications Javascript App RESTPermissions Store OAuth & Catalog
    11. 11. Custom Code Premise Cloud Full Sandbox Apps Sandbox AppsTrustServer Server Server Client Client Client Client OM OM OM OM OM OM OM (Full) (Partial) (Partial)
    12. 12. App HostingAuto SharePoint Provider App App RemoteAzure Web Part Web IFRAME IFRAME CHROME
    13. 13. Now it’sup to you!