Customizing the visual studio 2010 share point deployment process


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Customizing the visual studio 2010 share point deployment process

  1. 1. Information Technology SolutionsCustomizing the Visual Studio2010 SharePoint DeploymentProcessEric ShuppsSharePoint Server MVP
  2. 2. About Me Technology Solutions Information• SharePoint Server MVP• President, BinaryWave• Member, Patterns & Practices Advisory Board (• Web:• Blog:• Twitter: @eshupps• Facebook:
  3. 3. Agenda Information Technology Solutions• Introduction to Code Deployment• Code Deployment Fundamentals• Customizing Code Deployment• Demos – Deploying SharePoint Assets – Creating Custom SharePoint Commands – Creating a Custom Deployment Step – Creating a Custom Deployment Configuration
  4. 4. Information Technology SolutionsIntroduction toCode Deployment
  5. 5. CodeInformation TechnologyObjectives Deployment Solutions• Implementation of packaged code in development environment• Modification of deployment options and parameters• Retraction of deployed solutions• Elimination of repetitive manual processes which decrease productivity• Single-click build/package/deploy process integrated into VS IDE
  6. 6. Legacy CodeTechnology Solutions Information Deployment Create Build Package Deploy Solution Solution Solution Solution Features Tools Directives Scripts Assets Scripts Manifests WSP’s Files STSADM MSBuild Solution Package Powershell
  7. 7. Legacy DeploymentSolutions Information Technology Tools VSeWSS STSDEV WSP Builder MSBuild STSADM MakeCab Batch Files
  8. 8. Legacy DeploymentSolutions Information Technology Challenges Poor Integration Artifact Obfuscation Removal Upgrades Modification Retraction Automation
  9. 9. Information Technology SolutionsCode DeploymentFundamentals
  10. 10. SP 2010 Code Deployment Information Technology Solutions Create Build Package Deploy
  11. 11. Visual Studio Integration Information Technology Solutions• Single unified interface for code build, package and deployment process• Auto-discovery of mapped assets• Visual package explorer• Edit-in-place configuration files (manifest.xml)• Extensible framework which can be modified to suit various requirements
  12. 12. VS2010 Deployment Process Information Technology Solutions Create Features Artifacts Build Pre-Build Actions Post-Build Actions Package Manifest Directives Cabinet (WSP) Deploy Deployment Tasks Deployment Actions Conflict Resolution
  13. 13. Create Information Technology Solutions• SP Project Items (SPI’s) provide pre- configured artifacts for common SharePoint projects• Automatic generation of Features, Manifests, .webpart and supporting files• Additional SPI’s via CKS:DEV
  14. 14. BuildInformation Technology Solutions• Projects expose SharePoint-specific properties• Selectable deployment to BIN or GAC• Scripts and STSADM may continue to be used with pre- and post-build commands
  15. 15. Package Information Technology Solutions• Packaging occurs after the build process and before the deployment Build process• Dependent upon auto- generated configuration files Package• All projects in solution will be packaged but only those marked as “start up” will be deployed Deploy
  16. 16. Package Elements Solutions Information Technology• Manifest – Auto-generated – Merge and overwrite options• Directives – No DDF file required• Cabinet – WSP constructed from project assets – Use Packaging Explorer to determine contents of package
  17. 17. Deploy Information Technology Solutions• New set of extendable deployment interfaces• Deployment Configurations• Deployment Steps• Conflict Resolution• SharePoint Commands
  18. 18. DeploymentTechnology Solutions Information Configurations• Deployment configurations are comprised of a set of deployment steps and related actions• Pre and post-deployment commands may be attached to any deployment configuration• Two deployment configurations ship OOTB: – Default – No activation• Custom configurations can be created using any combination of steps• Only one active configuration per project
  19. 19. Deployment Steps Solutions Information Technology• Drag-and-drop association with Deployment Configuration• Specifies order of execution for both deployment and retraction• Each step comprised of one or more tasks
  20. 20. Conflict Resolution Solutions Information Technology• Built-in conflict resolution for default SPI’s – Automatic – Prompt – None• Customizable detection and resolution via SharePoint Project Item Extensions• Removes artifacts previously installed and activated – Delete list, remove web part from page and gallery, disassociate workflow, etc.
  21. 21. Information Technology SolutionsDeploying SharePoint AssetsDEMO
  22. 22. DeploymentTechnology Solutions Information ElementsDeployment Configuration Default Deployment Steps Pre-Deployment No Activation Retract Solution SharePoint Commands Recycle App Pool Object Add Solution STSADM PowerShell Model Custom Post-Deployment
  23. 23. Information Technology SolutionsCreating a Custom SharePointCommandDEMO
  24. 24. SharePoint Commands Information Technology Solutions• Execute SharePoint- specific commands in a 64-bit process• Provide full access to SharePoint Object Model from deployment context
  25. 25. Information Technology SolutionsCreating a Custom DeploymentStepDEMO
  26. 26. Deployment Steps Solutions Information Technology Deployment Step• Custom code inheriting from Can IDeploymentStep Execute? interface• Container for invoking custom SharePoint Commands SharePoint Commands Object PowerShe STSADM Model ll
  27. 27. Information Technology SolutionsCreating a Custom DeploymentConfigurationDEMO
  28. 28. DeploymentTechnology Solutions Information Configuration Deployment Default No Custom Activation Configuration Deployment Steps SharePoint Commands