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Découvrez les concepts de e-merchandising


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Marc Vanhoutteghem, Bestuurder - Marketing Manager - PM Uniway & Stéphane Vendramini, VP Product Compario

Avec Uniway et Compario découvrez comment augmenter votre conversion et votre panier moyen sur tous vos canaux de vente avec un merchandising multi-canal et fidéliser vos clients grâce à de puissantes fonctionnalités de gestion de catalogue, navigation, personnalisation, recherche, social shopping et merchandising. La plateforme de commerce Compario offre aux professionnels de la vente et du marketing la possibilité de (re)prendre le pilotage des canaux de vente en ligne (Web, Mobile, Borne tactile, Tablette) pour optimiser l'expérience client !

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Découvrez les concepts de e-merchandising

  1. 1. Discover E-merchandisingconceptsMarc VANHOUTTEGHEM (Uniway)Managing Partner - E-Commerce ConsultantStéphane VEDRAMINI (Compario)VP Product
  2. 2. Mission statement Build efficient and secure Internet, Intranet, Extranetand e-business [multi-devices] solutions
  3. 3. 1998
  4. 4. 1999
  5. 5. 2012
  6. 6. 2012
  7. 7. E-commerce challenges today• Multichannel : Off-line VS on-line• Multi-devices : smartphone, tablets, IoTV• Integration of Social Networks• Time to market 8
  8. 8. E-commerce challenges todayE-merchandising - allow customers toaccess more easily and quickly to the offer, inorder to provide maximum comfort andpleasure in his online shopping experience:• increase the conversion rates,• increase revenue,• improve profitability,• increase the average basket,• acquire new customers and retain existing customers. 11
  9. 9. “The merchandising is the set of studies andtechniques to improve the implantation andpresentation of products in a retail space, toincrease sales and profitability of these products.”
  10. 10. E-merchandising“The e-merchandising, its selling more, better andmore frequently on the Internet, maximize sales andprofitability while best meeting customer expectations.” 15
  11. 11. MerchandisingThe three levels of merchandising• Organization: facilitates the consumer product research• Management: optimize the product range and the shelf space occupied• Seduction: everything that can be appealing, attractive, practical 16
  12. 12. E-MerchandisingOff-line On-lineDisplay Window Home pageUniverses Category pagesShelves Products list pagesPackaging Product detail pageCaddy Shopping basketCask desk Checkout process Online paymentSales receipt Order confirmation 17
  13. 13. E-merchandisingHome page commercial animation 18
  14. 14. E-MerchandisingPresentation of commercial proposals and good deals 19
  15. 15. E-MerchandisingPush new products and top products 20
  16. 16. E-MerchandisingIntuitive navigation and rapid access to the productoffering 21
  17. 17. E-merchandisingFacetted search and easy access to products detail 22
  18. 18. E-MerchandisingProduct detail 23
  19. 19. E-merchandising« Ambiance » 24
  20. 20. E-merchandisingCustomer Experience is the New Battlefield• Buyers are channel agnostics• Buyers are social• They demand dynamic, personalised and consistent interactions across channels• Digital experiences need to more accurately reflect physical buying experiences 25
  21. 21. E-merchandisingFrom e-commerce to e-customer experience 26
  22. 22. 27
  23. 23. E-shop Expo 2012Enhancing the buyerjourney
  24. 24. Compario OverviewWho is Compario? Compario is a leading provider of cloud-based e-commerce software, empowering business users to quickly and efficiently deliver a superior buyer experience through: •Personalized navigation and enhanced search recognize the buyer, serve her the right product at the right time •Cross-channel e-merchandizing dynamic, targeted and personalized offers across multiple touchpoints •Catalog and content management business users easily match, structure and enrich catalog data for fast and flexible publishing 29
  25. 25. Solution Coverage Structure Product data management Control Data pool matching Navigate ERP and analytics connector Browsing analytics Dynamic taxonomy Media management Faceting analytics Contextual faceting Virtual features Sales and visits KPI Browsing history External data feeds Customer preferences Dynamic dashboard Product comparison Transact Search Customer account Advanced autocomplete Shopping Cart Shipping Advanced search control Payment Tolerance and suggestion Order capture Faceted search Display Personalize Navigation-based merchandising Longtail URL actions Recommend Position and ranking Targeted merchandising actions Dynamic product highlight Multiple Product displayImplicit and explicit personalization Ratings and reviews management Content management Bundle and product links Look and field management CRM connector Rule-based cross- and up-selling Editorial content Behavioral recommendation Virtual advisor 30
  26. 26. Some of our customersCompario manages online revenus totalling €2bn 31
  27. 27. DecathlonAdvanced merchandising functions • Highlighted products • Product associations (up selling, cross selling…) • Product bundling • Sort order Management • Product/Content Targeting • Cross channel management of promotions 32
  28. 28. 3 Suisses BelgiumSocial Commerce • Filtering products based on preferences • Social media integration • Facebook connect • Widget & RSS feed • Wish lists 33
  29. 29. DelhaizeAdvanced search • Faceted search • Tolerance and “Did you mean…” suggestions • Autocomplete • Search redirect 34
  30. 30. Test-Aankoop - EuroconsumersAssisted shopping functions • Buying guide • Shopping agent • User reviews & recommendations • Subjective criterias 35
  31. 31. Thank you for your @compario Compario Compario ComparioSA