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Benefits of Using Courier Services for Small Businesses


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Want to learn all about courier services and how they can help your business reach the next level? Contact eShipper for information and a great courier service you can count on.

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Benefits of Using Courier Services for Small Businesses

  1. 1. Benefits of UsingCourier Services forSmall Businessesby eShipper
  2. 2. IntroductionWhen youre running a small business, especially with reduced staffing,you might be tempted to try and handle as much as you can byyourself... but it can get quite counterproductive really fast.You cant help your clients and serve them to the best of your ability ifyou also have to take care of shipping & handling, and so on. Notonly do you waste precious time preparing the packages andsending them through the mail, you also lose money by having topay full price with each order. In this presentation, we will show youhow using a courier service can help you reduce your workloadand save cash.
  3. 3. Speed of DeliveryThe number one reason for which people chooseto deal with courier services is often to be ableto benefit from their speed of delivery. Incontrast with traditional options such asnational companies or operating a fleet of yourown, theres just no comparison. With acourier service, your package will not end upin some warehouse, waiting hours on end forsomeone to pick it up and finally bring it todestination. There will be no changing hands,except with the final recipient.Ensuring a fast service can be a critical factor, even more so ifyoure into a business that requires same-day deliveries.
  4. 4. Ease-of-UseAnother pro in favor of courier services is that not only do they allowyou to save time by delivering your packages faster than any otherservice, but they also (for the most part) offer online managementtools to help you manage all your shipping needs right from yourcomputer.No need to waste any time on the phone or in endless lines at the postoffice, you can automate the whole process and use that extratime to serve your clients or find new prospects.
  5. 5. Discounted RatesIf youre any familiar with the prices charged by postal offices or whatyou would have to pay to set up your own system (price of a vehicle +an extra salary, etc.), theres no denying that courier services are themost cost effective solution.For one, as courriers work either on a flat-rate basis or implement a pricing permile, their rates remain very competitive.For two, the "economies of scale" effectcomes into play here as, by offering theirservices to hundreds of other clients, thosecompanies can better maximize the returnon their equipment and workforce, and thenpass those savings on to their customers.
  6. 6. Reliable ServiceOne factor that shouldnt be neglected either is the fact that hiring acourier service will also ensure that your packages keep arriving ontime and in good condition, whatever the destination, whether itrains or snows outside. It provides you with reliability.For extra peace of mind, theres also real-time tracking available, soyoull know – at any time – where your parcels are located. Andwhen theyre finally delivered, you can get an email notification tohelp you follow up with the orders.
  7. 7. Insured ParcelsEven though, as we just mentioned,courier services are amongst themost reliable ways to send aparcel out there, zero risk doesnot exist. So, should anythinghappen to your product, youwould want to have guarantees.Thats where youll be happy to learn that courier services are fullyinsured; meaning that, in case your package sustained any type ofdamage, you and your customer will be covered. The samecannot be said for using regular postal services.
  8. 8. ConclusionThe benefits we outlined in this presentation are only a few of the manyadvantages that courier services show over other types of deliverysystems. As common wisdom has it, you cant be a jack-of-all tradesand master every area. Leave that part to the experts so you canfocus on what YOU do best.Not only will you save a lot of time and money in doing so, you willultimately deliver a better service and improve on your customersatisfaction.
  9. 9. Want to learn all about courier services andhow they can help your business reach thenext level? Contact eShipper for informationand a great courier service you can counton.
  10. 10. Want to learn all about courier services andhow they can help your business reach thenext level? Contact eShipper for informationand a great courier service you can counton.