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Policy, Systems and Environment Change


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Policy, Systems and Environment Change

  1. 1. Policy, Systems, & Environment Change Projects Related to Food & Active Living inWorcester
  2. 2. Mass in Motion (MiM)  Year 1 recap  Year 2 activities and accomplishments ◦ Winter walkability ◦ Access to outdoor recreation ◦ Incentives for food retailers ◦ Safe Routes to School ◦ Land use, transportation, public health policy ◦ Other activities
  3. 3. MiM Transition  Partnership → Policy Council  Winter walkability  Outdoor access  Municipal policy – new work groups ◦ Improve pedestrian and bicycling safety and connectivity → ActiveTransportation ◦ Improve access to farm-fresh foods (mobile markets, FMs, CGs) → Urban Agriculture
  4. 4. MiM Policy Priorities FARM-FRESH FOOD Healthy mobile markets  Permits/licenses and incentives Community gardens  Conversion of blighted areas  Land use plans and regulations to promote, expand, protect potential sites  Municipal bonds to clean up, redevelop vacant land Farmers’ markets  Administration  Financial incentives to market operators  Coupons and lower-income incentives (EBT acceptance)  Land use regulations BIKE/PED SAFETY, CONNECTIVITY Bicyclist and pedestrian safety  Active transportation plans  Complete streets  Traffic calming  Other safety measures  Safe Routes to School Expanded connections  Connectivity policies for sidewalk continuity, direct routes, connection to destinations  Open space policies encourage PA Urban design, land use plans  Approaches - connectivity, access  Active transit-oriented development  Form-based zoning Community design to encourage PA  Street and sidewalk accessibility  Design guidelines
  5. 5. MiM Stakeholders FARM-FRESH FOOD  Hunger-Free and Healthy  Mosaic  REC  Community gardeners  Greater Worcester Land Trust  Division of Planning & Regulatory Services  Division of Economic Development  Mayor  Worcester Public Schools/School Nutrition  Worcester Farmers’ Market  UMass Med School BIKE/PED SAFETY, CONNECTIVITY  Central Mass Regional Planning Comm  DPWP  Division of Economic Development  Worcester Police Department  UMMHC/Injury Prevention Center  Promise Neighborhood  Safe Routes To Schools (state)  SRTS partner schools  Greater Worcester Land Trust  Mass Audubon  Common Pathways Transportation WG  Disabilities Commission  School Committee  Earn-A-Bike  Pleasant St Neighborhood Network Center  Columbus Park Neighborhood Association  Worcester Roots  UMMHC/Community Benefits  Community Development Corporations
  6. 6. Act FRESH 1. Pass the Comprehensive Land Use Reform and Partnership Act (Senate Bill 1019 by Sen. Eldridge). 2. Pass Physical Education Legislation (Senate bill 216 by Sen. McGee). 3. Use Economic Development Resources to Improve Access to Healthy Food Stores. 4. Successfully Implement State & Federal Legislation on School Nutrition.
  7. 7. Urban Agriculture  Urban Farming ◦ Farming on tax-title properties ◦ Farming/Gardening as a permitted use in zoning code  Chicken-hen ordinance
  8. 8. Workplace Wellness  Community Healthy Living Index (CHLI) ◦ Family Health Center ◦ Worcester Public Schools ◦ YWCA ◦ SaintVincent Hospital
  9. 9. Healthy Dining  Utilizing Choice Architecture and Simple Nutrition to Make Restaurants More Healthy for the Residents of Greater Worcester.  Designing a "WooFoods" rating system modeled on the LEED certification for green construction. In this system, there will be no "bad" ratings. Restaurants will either be certified at one level or another, or not be certified at all.
  10. 10. Grocery Store Task Force  Mass. Grocery Store Access Report  Statewide task force convened:Tim Garvin of UnitedWay represents Worcester  Looking at developing policy recommendations that will increase grocery store/corner store access in underserved areas.
  11. 11. Hunger-Free & Healthy  Implementation of WPS Wellness Policy  Implementation of School Nutrition legislation  The Farm Bill