So You Want to be a CMP?


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Certifications are quickly becoming popular ways to make a career change without a four-year degree in a new field. Degrees in hospitality and meetings management are more prevalent than they were in the past, however, perception remains that careers in hospitality, meetings and events do not require bachelor or graduate degrees.

Our industry is currently waging a battle against the public opinion that events are frivolous spending and do not result in positive return on investment (ROI) for the businesses hosting them or attending them. A professional certification showing the complexity of knowledge mastered helps in proving the business value of meetings.

Instead of being sponsored by one particular association within the meetings industry, the CMP program is sponsored by an organization that all of the associations collaborate with on projects that standardize the meetings industry. The Convention Industry Council began the CMP program in 1985 and reports there are over 10,000 individuals in 46 countries who have earned the designation.

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So You Want to be a CMP?

  2. 2. CMP Certified Meeting Professional 7/11/2014 @ELIZABETHGLAU
  3. 3. CMP REQUIREMENTS – PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Option 1: 36 Months of Professional Experience Option 2: 24 Months of Professional Experience and Bachelor’s Degree in Industry Study Option 3: 36 Months of Professional Experience in Academia 7/11/2014 @ELIZABETHGLAU
  4. 4. CMP REQUIREMENTS – CONTINUING EDUCATION Option 1: Industry Internship – 200 hours Option 2: Continuing Education – 25 hours 7/11/2014 @ELIZABETHGLAU
  5. 5. CMP INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS •Strategic Planning •Project Management •Risk Management •Financial Management •Human Resources •Stakeholder Management •Meeting or Event Design •Site Management •Marketing •Professionalism 7/11/2014 @ELIZABETHGLAU
  6. 6. REQUIRED STUDY TEXTS 1. CIC Manual 9th Edition  Hard copy: $99.95 USD  e-book format: $69.95 USD  Hard copy and e-book combo discount: $150 USD 2. APEX Glossary  $35.00 USD 3. Professional Meeting Management 5th Edition  $79.95 USD 7/11/2014 @ELIZABETHGLAU
  7. 7. Analyze the costs related to various preparation methods and determine your financial commitment comfort level. Ask for references to Study Group Leaders/Teachers from colleagues who have recently been successful in obtaining their CMP Certification. Contact those references and ask for feedback and evaluations of teaching methods and personal commitment. STUDY RESOURCES GROUPS Analyze the time you have to prepare for the examination and the optimal location for your course. Choose the method of studying that you believe will be most beneficial for you. Review the course syllabus and requirements before committing to a group. ONLINE PCMA Online Prep Course minar.php?seminar=18857 7/11/2014 @ELIZABETHGLAU
  8. 8. EXAM 7/11/2014 @ELIZABETHGLAU
  9. 9. TIPS Study over a period of time – do not cram. Read all study materials and take good notes. Isolate formulas, timelines, measurements and rules onto notecards or study sheets. Carry notecards/study sheets with you at all times. Budget your time to prepare for the CMP examination. Commit to your chosen preparation method. Travel to testing center ahead of time to make sure you know where the entrance is, where to park, or how long public transportation takes to get there. Watch the CMP testing site video and familiarize yourself with the test center procedures and what to expect on exam day. The day prior to the examination is an important preparation day. Feel free to look at important information once more but do not pull an all-nighter. If testing in the morning, set at least two alarms for wake up and have a good breakfast. Arrive early for your examination and try to relax so that you can think clearly. Be analytical – read the questions very carefully. Answer every question. 7/11/2014 @ELIZABETHGLAU
  10. 10. RECERTIFICATION Professional Experience Employment in the industry, full-time or part-time, for a minimum of 36 of the last 60 months or Employment as a full-time or part-time instructor of meeting, event, exhibition or hospitality/tourism management at an educational institution or in a university program, for a minimum of 36 of the last 60 months Continuing Education Bachelor’s degree or higher in an industry- related field within the past five (5) years or Twenty-five (25) clock hours of industry-related continuing education within the past five (5) years or Fifteen (15) clock hours of industry-related continuing education within the past five (5) years and participating in at least three (3) industry support activities 7/11/2014 @ELIZABETHGLAU