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Bible reading guide


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This is a bible reading guide I made

Published in: Spiritual
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Bible reading guide

  1. 1. A Sample Bible Reading PlanThis idea came to me from a mentor. I think this is good enough to promote.Remember, the key to Bible Study is to find things that work for you as well.No two people will have an identical study, but they may take parts from each other and use them.
  2. 2. Before Reading for the Day Pray long or anything, butIt does not have to be fancy or however you pray pray something to the effect of: I am going to read your word today. Speak to me about anything If not then have me read to where you want me to read to in the Bible
  3. 3. Start Reading with...The Gospel of JohnThen read through the rest of the New Testament untilyou read through RevelationThen read through the Old Testament starting withGenesis until you get to the New TestamentThen Read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and return toJohn then start over
  4. 4. Now Read Until God Gets Your attentionYou will want to read until you feel a tug or a pull or anattraction to a particular verse.Stop reading here.
  5. 5. Now ask God...Why did you get my attention with this verse?Is There anything I should do about it?And if so, when and how?
  6. 6. Now ask God...Is this an instruction to do something?Or to stop doing something?
  7. 7. And finally, ask God ifThis verse is a promise from HimYou should probably record these promises insomething... especially if they are a promise ofsomething to come so that you can check it off when ithappens They can also be used as a reminder for things in your life
  8. 8. Write down the ScriptureAnd the promise (if there was one)The next day start with the next verse
  9. 9. You may not...Have God speak to you about a verseOr You may not have anything for an instructionOr a verse may not be a promise for you (at least atthe point you are reading it). At another point a verse that was not a promise then, may be a promise for you now.
  10. 10. If God does not get Your attentionThen read until you do not feel like reading anymore God may want you to get ahead for something He wants to speak to you about tomorrow Or it could even be 10 years from now or more. God will know where you will be in 10+ years so if one day He does not speak to you while reading (or even several days) it is possible he may want you to be somewhere later on.
  11. 11. A Few Samples of mineI will list how I have been recording things whilereading this planThis plan is new for me, but I have been doing it fornearly 3 weeks now.So far I am still in John chapter 3. God has been speaking to me a lot in this chapter
  12. 12. Just rememberGod will not speak to two people the same way.God may get your attention with a verse that Iposted... but he will not speak about it identically withmine as me and you are in different places and differentexperiences with the world, people, God, etc.
  13. 13. John 1:9John 1:9 The true light that gives light to every man was coming into the world (NIV)
  14. 14. Why did God get my attention? Because this light (Jesus) has come to me, and is in me, and I have received it
  15. 15. What Should I do about it?Continue to receive the light and continue to believe thelight. Continue to cling to Jesus’ light and the darknessof the enemy will (and has less effect on me evencurrently) will become as if it has ceased
  16. 16. When, and How?This is happening now and will continue to happen moreand more as I continue to walk towards the light andreceive it more and more
  17. 17. Is this an instruction to do or stop doing something? This is an instruction to continue to believe in Jesus
  18. 18. Is this a promise?Yes, because Jesus is saying that I have been andcontinue to receive His light, the less and less the enemywill have power over me.
  19. 19. John 3:19This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, butmen loved the darkness instead of light because theirdeeds were evil.
  20. 20. Why did God get my attention? To remind me of the struggle that exists in myself in how there are parts of me that love the darkness, but want the light. I cannot have both the light and darkness.
  21. 21. What should I do about it?Choose the light and cling to it and get rid of thedarkness. Get to the point where I hate the darkness
  22. 22. Is this an instruction to do or stop Doing something? Stop trying to have both. I cannot have both. It is either one or the other.
  23. 23. Is this a promise?I do not believe so.
  24. 24. May the God of peace speak and bless you in yourstudies!