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A Crash Course on Creativity - Assignment 2. Are You Paying Attention?


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This week's assignment is done individually.
We had to go to at least 6 different stores. They could be at the same shopping center or different locations. Spend at least 15 minutes in each store making OBSERVATIONS using the lab guide for reference. Took photos to capture our observations.

Then create a presentation that captures our INSIGHTS and HIDDEN OPPORTUNITIES. What types of things had we missed before? What were our biggest surprises? Are there opportunities hidden in plain sight?

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A Crash Course on Creativity - Assignment 2. Are You Paying Attention?

  1. 1. Stanford UniversityEsfandiar KhaleghiBiomedical A Crash Course on Creativity Professor Tina Seelig, Stanford University Assignment 2. Are You Paying Attention ?
  2. 2. I’m not a shopaholic person and I usually don’t have time to spend my times forwindow shopping, and I commonly order my stuff from the brands websites or onlineshops such as amazon.But, whenever I have time to go and walk, I would take my time to go to the storeswhich really gives me a huge energy and motivate me and mostly the following shopsare in my top 10 stores to visit.Hence, I decided to go Oxford Street in central London and do this research in thoseshops.
  3. 3. Apple StoreI can not remember the last time which I passed from an Apple Store anddidnt go inside. It may be due to the same DNA of design within all AppleStores which could absorb me. Apple Store Regent Street Apple Store Regent Street 235 Regent Street London, Greater London W1B 2EL Apple Store Apple Store Brent Cross White City
  4. 4. Apple Store Apple Store Regent Street 235 Regent Street London, GreaterBy the help of using Glassy Interior Design you can easily find the department London W1B 2ELwhich you are looking for as well as enjoying the effect of lights and LCDsshadows on the glasses. Simple Stylish and Luxury in-store design.So, this simple structure absorb my attention for any offering products,promotions and all available products, accessories and services in one site.
  5. 5. Apple Store Everything are organized and you can easily understand which section you are going to go. Am I there to purchase something new ?, Do I have a problem with my apple product and I should go to Genius Bar ?, DO I need any help …. ? Apple Store Regent Street 235 Regent Street London, Greater London W1B 2ELWhenever I felt any help, I can easilyinform the nearest specialist via theiPad which are all over the tablesand I can raise a request for a personto help me or I can easily come andenjoy apple products without anyproblem.
  6. 6. Apple StoreThe good things about Apple Storesis that it’s absolutely no stringattached to you. No body wouldcome and harass you and push youto purchase with the silly andannoying “May I help you?” question… ( Im just looking :D ) Apple Store Regent Street 235 Regent Street London, Greater London W1B 2EL If you need help you can easily ask the Blue Shirt staff who have a May I Help You message on their shirts or easily through monitors which are designed like iPad that you can access to the nearest relative staff to come to you based on your help.
  7. 7. Apple StoreThe other good things is that I never experiencedto hear an alarm in apple store .They use stylishanti-theft alarm rather than bulky one in otherstores which always their alarms annoy everycustomer. Apple Store Regent Street 235 Regent Street London, Greater London W1B 2EL
  8. 8. Apple StoreI never ever forget the time which I purchased my iPad 2 and I stayed inthe queues for a while. Then, after my purchase and I when I wanted toleave the shop, surprisingly all of the apple staff started to handclap andthat experience is still in my mind… Apple Store Regent Street 235 Regent Street London, Greater London W1B 2ELTo sum it up, the simple DNA of Apple design are in both their productsand their stores. Simple, User Friendly and Stylish by the help of pureGlassy materials, aluminum and in white and black color.
  9. 9. Carphone Warehouse Ltd. 272-274 Oxford St., London, Greater London W1C 1DUI never enjoyed of Carphone Warehouse and I usually don’t go and shop in person though their stores. Although, their customer service are so good,I always preferred to buy from their website and not in their stores.
  10. 10. Carphone Warehouse Ltd. 272-274 Oxford St., London, Greater London W1C 1DUMy main reason is their messy design. Most of the phones are dummies andthe real models have been attached to bulky anti-theft alarms which not onlyso sensitive and would be easily activated, but also you can not sense theweight and look of the phone. Also, their staff are usually annoying me withtheir comments and offering the contracts and …
  11. 11. Although I usually don’t buy Nike products on my regular bases but Icommonly go and visit Nike Town Store London whenever I’ll be around asit always motivate me and give me energy, beside their motivative Logo asa tick and great slogan of Just Do It…. Nike Town London. 236 Oxford Street Marylebone, London W1C 1DE
  12. 12. CarphoneWarehouse Ltd.272-274 Oxford St.,London, GreaterLondon W1C 1DU
  13. 13. Zara stores, are kind of shops that absorb me as well. Their doors always areopen and Casual, Fashion and Smart sections are divided. You can easilyfind your desired location within a second. The great music is inbackground, and good perfume smell are around. Zara UK Ltd. London. 333 Oxford Street, Mayfair, London W1C 2HY
  14. 14. Zara UK Ltd.London.333 Oxford Street,Mayfair, LondonW1C 2HY
  15. 15. John Lewis, is those kind of chain stores which I go and visit them on aregular base. Not only they cover various brands which are organizedbased on their section and overall prices. JL has always has a big store withseveral levels that cover different sections and you can easily choose yourrequired section based on the floors and you would find whatever you wanton that floor. The security guard would welcome you on the entrance andwishing you the best on exit. John Lewis 300 Oxford Street London, Greater London W1A 1EX
  16. 16. John Lewis300 Oxford StreetLondon, GreaterLondon W1A 1EX
  17. 17. BMW i is a brand new section of the BMW AG which consist of design teamsthat has a new approach of thinking like me. We decided to rather thanopening a dealership, open and store and let people to come along andvisit us and know more about our design philosophy and technologies. Nonof the store team are from sales department and they do not offer anypurchase or lease, If you are interested to purchase you are more thanwelcome to walk for a minute and go to next store which is our dealershipbut here you are only o visit. BMW i London 77 Park La, Mayfair, London W1K 7TP
  18. 18. BMW i London77 Park La, Mayfair,London W1K 7TP
  19. 19. Although, we have only few ofthese conceptual cars but thepeople are happy to have a testdrive of whatever car they want.With this strategy million of visitorswalk in during Summer OlympicLondon 2012 and enjoyed stay inthe BMW I store which was BMW i Londonamazing record fir us. 77 Park La, Mayfair, London W1K 7TP
  20. 20. Thank for your attention.The used photos are commonly used from online sources and brands official websites. All copyrights belongto the website owners, blogger, photographers and brands intellectual property.