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Assignment 7 . CREATIVE TEAMS


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Stanford University
Crash Course On Creativity
by Professor Tina Seelig

Published in: Education
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Assignment 7 . CREATIVE TEAMS

  1. 1. Stanford UniversityEsfandiar KhaleghiBiomedical A Crash Course on Creativity Professor Tina Seelig, Stanford University Assignment 7. CREATIVE TEAMS.
  2. 2. Six Thinking Hats Six Thinking HatsThe term Six Thinking Hats is used to describe the tool for group discussion andindividual thinking. "Six Thinking Hats" and the associated idea parallel thinkingprovide a means for groups to plan thinking processes in a detailed and cohesiveway, and in doing so to think together more effectively. [Wikipedia]
  3. 3. Six Thinking HatsSix Thinking Hats
  4. 4. What hat color is most comfortable for you?As a person who studied engineering and creativity/art togetherand worked for several years in an innovative company as a designengineer, I use to wear the Green hat as an innovative person.However, I most enjoy wearing the Yellow hat, to see the positiveside of every idea, as well as the hard Red Hat which I shoulddecide which idea should be chosen to work on.
  5. 5. What is the least comfortable for you?Fortunately, I almost experienced wearing all these hats in somemanner and in different projects within various period of time.But It would be some how tough for me to wear a Logical Hat or theCaution because those hats bring the limitations and make borderline and restriction for your mind which destroy all the creativity.Although, they are so serious decision made hats, I prefer other guysfrom mostly administrative departments take them.
  6. 6. Try on several different hatsHow does each feel?Creative.Wearing the Creative hat feels very comfortable to me because of myexperiences in design studios. However, I found it difficult to come upwith very practical ideas with this hat.
  7. 7. Try on several different hatsHow does each feel?Logical.It really helped me to developed more practical ideas. Ideas I would notnormally come up with were much more likely to come to me with this haton. I still had to try different tactics to improve the brainstorming processbecause this hat bring lots of limitations and would stop your creative side,but those ideas were much easier to find without this hat on.
  8. 8. Try on several different hatsHow does each feel?Organised.As I had to always deliver the projects on time and was responsible for, theorganized hat feels very comfortable to me. In the brainstormingassignment, this hat facilitated me to put the many solutions to my tricky increative loads.
  9. 9. Try on several different hatsHow does each feel?IntuitiveIt’s a really tricky role as far as you would be some how responsible forall would happen to the project in the future. Particularly thecustomer feedback which you have to be responsible for all of thosefor your managers and colleagues in marketing department. So, youshould be prepared about their blames. I usually take in to this modeduring the each step of the project after a while which mind stormingsessions finish.
  10. 10. Try on several different hatsHow does each feel?CautiousThe cautious hat is not my typical style, but I can surely take part in aproject as a sprites believer. I can simply think through the possibleproblems of a designed plan or solution, but I don’t usually focus onthis. I will instead wear a creative hat to come up with several ideasand take the most useful one . I find the cautious hat to usually be animpairment to creative ideas, rapidly bashing down ideas beforethey have a chance to be developed.
  11. 11. Try on several different hatsHow does each feel?OptimisticI find the optimistic hat to be the conflicting of the cautious hat. It letme to come up with creative ideas that I might usually disregardbecause I don’t think they have any actual potential to beemployed. Instead of comparing pros and cons, I focus on theadvantages of ideas. Even if none of those works, I still keep going fora while and then combine them to make something innovative andpractical.
  12. 12. THANKS for your CREATIVE ATTENTION.The used photos are commonly used from online sources and brands official websites. All copyrights belongto the website owners, blogger, photographers and brands intellectual property.