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China Government


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China Government

  1. 1. Chinese Government and
  2. 5. Half and Half. They have presidents and people have rights but the main seats in the branches are controlled by communist. Democracy Communist Democracy Type of government Has four main branches, State, Military, Supreme Peoples Court and Supreme peoples Procuratorate. The people decide presidents just like here. They have the three same branches as us, executive, legislative and judicial. South Korea: Separated into three branches, judicial, legislative, and executive. Just like us, the executive branch is controller of the national level like the President. Also the legislative branch has control because they make important decisions and make laws. The Judicial is more local but still has a say in the nat. level. They have a document that they made in 1948 when they gained independence. This document is like our constitution. Lots of power in the government. It makes the decisions. People do get a say in things though. Power in the Government China South Korea North Korea USA
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