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A Visual Guide To learn Custom Reports in Google Analytics


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Earmark E Services Pvt. Ltd Digital Marketing Team build a visual guide for Google Analytics Report making – learn step by stem guide to build custom reports in GA.

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A Visual Guide To learn Custom Reports in Google Analytics

  1. 1. Learn How To Create Custom Reports in Google Analytics
  2. 2. What is Custom Report ? Google Analytics Custom Reports give you additional feature of Report extraction ..which can not be extracted generally in normal given option of Analytics Dashboard.
  3. 3. Click on New Custom Report Tab Use this link to get start !
  4. 4. Fill Title Field for e.g.: Goal Keywords Report
  5. 5. Name which will be shown in Report tab .. Choose Metric Field.. For e.g.: Organic Searches As per your requirement choose your one or more metric, learn about metric or follow next slide for ref link …… GA : Metric
  6. 6. GA : Dimension Add one or Dimensions in given Tabs **Tips : You can also search dimension from search box directly !
  7. 7. GA : Filters - optional Filters allow us to separate specific kind of data, exclude item with some conditions. You can choose between exact or Regex value . Regex give more commands to data filtration
  8. 8. Dimensions & Metrics Reference • Visitor • Session • Traffic Sources • AdWords • User Timings • Goal Conversions • Platform / Device • Geo / Network • System • Exception Tracking • Social Activities • Page Tracking • Internal Search • Site Speed • Experiments • App Tracking • Event Tracking • Ecommerce • Social Interactions • Custom Variables “ Read complete detail of Google Analytics Dimension and Metrics with each property detail ! Visit Above Link …. ! “
  9. 9. GA : Profiles - optional Profile selection helps your custom reports to be appear for which domain, you may select all or specific sites.
  10. 10. REPORT – EXTRA !! 1 For Better Result and data analysis choose larger date period from date range selection. 2 You can also download data in various format as PDF, EXCEL, CSV Etc. 3 On Report Dashboard you can share any Custom Report to friends using given link, this link appear in others customization report tab.
  11. 11. Sujit Kumar Lucky: Contributor On this Presentation – Social Media and Search Marketing Enthusiasts, A Tech geeks Works @eservicesindia having passion for digital marketing and Blogging ! Follow @eservicesindia @sujit_kr_lucky