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Why Ireland Needs a CONUL Union Catalogue


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Presentation given by Eoin McCarney, Head of Collection Services, UCD Library, at Annual CONUL Conference in Athlone, Ireland, June 2nd, 2016.

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Why Ireland Needs a CONUL Union Catalogue

  1. 1. Why Ireland needs a CONUL union catalogue? Eoin McCarney, UCD Library CONUL Conference, Athlone, June 2nd 2016
  2. 2. Outline • Benefits of CONUL union catalogue • A shared vison for the future • Challenges of collaboration
  3. 3. A shared vision of the future?
  4. 4. Collaborative…. • Storage • Collection management • Digitisation • Collection development
  5. 5. “We anticipate that a large part of existing print collections, distributed across many libraries, will move into coordinated or shared management within a few years” Lorcan Dempsey Collection Directions (2014): Lorcan Dempsey, Constance Malpas and Brian Lavoie
  6. 6. “By 2027, your collections will be mine, and mine will be yours” Caroline Brazier – LIBER 2015
  7. 7. Challenges of Collaboration • Workload • Cost in time and money • Access, Access, Access
  8. 8. Email: Twitter: @eoinmc73 PH: 01-7167575