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The Value of Being Valued: all in the eyes of the beholder


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Presentation given by Peter Hickey, Head of Client Services, UCD Library, at the Relationship Management in HE Libraries Conference, Stirling, UK on 20th Nov 2015.

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The Value of Being Valued: all in the eyes of the beholder

  1. 1. The value of being valued Peter Hickey 1st Relationship Management Conference, Stirling, 20 Nov. 2015 All in the eyes of the beholder!
  2. 2. Hmmm! How much am I worth?
  3. 3. From Old to New
  4. 4. Library Executive Collection Services Planning & Admin Research Services Special Collections Client Services
  5. 5. Client Services Academic Services x 2 STM & HSS Reader Services Floor Services Facilities
  6. 6. 13 Liaison librarians Research Services 3 Client Services 6 Collection Services 3 Planning & Admin 1
  7. 7. What we Gather
  8. 8. UniShare Collections Feedback Sentry Sierra Research Repository Digital Library Surveys LibQual SCONUL Online tutorials LibGuides Info skills IReL
  9. 9. UniShare: Queries by programme
  10. 10. Demonstrating Value
  11. 11. Using SCONUL Statistics Benchmarking 6 Russell 4 Irish Quality Review
  12. 12. Total expenditure on resources Print E-Books: Serials and databases Space / Workstations Library staff complements Library Budget/expenditure
  13. 13. The Review Group found an impressive commitment and motivation to deliver on the University Strategy. The Library has responded extraordinarily well to the changing nature of academic libraries. This is particularly worthy of note given the environment of rationalisation and economy in which it is operating. The last Library Strategic Plan was forward thinking, and has served to foster a climate of constant change;
  14. 14. The University units that work with the Library have highly favourable impressions of their professionalism, abilities, and flexibilities. There is strong and impressive evidence across the Library of a uniform level of commitment to the University; staff appear highly engaged, professional and motivated.
  15. 15. The resourcing challenges faced by the Library threaten to prevent the University from achieving its strategic objectives, but equally the Library is well positioned, were the resourcing difficulties to be resolved, to play a major part in supporting delivery of University Strategy 2015-2020.
  16. 16. What users Value
  17. 17. LIBRARY!
  18. 18. Quotes form the quality review Richview example 120 Journals moved to store Pre 2000 Only 14 titles Post 2000 39 titles More than 5 uses in a semester
  19. 19. 2015 School Quality Reviews: Library referenced in 13 of 38 schools Arts and Humanities: 7/8 Social science & Law: 4/11 Business : 0/1 Engineering & Archit: 1/6 Health and Agriculture 1/5 Science 0/7
  20. 20. Connecting Stories
  21. 21. Commitment to Irish culture Valuing the cultural heritage resources held uniquely at UCD which are of national and global interest …
  22. 22. With Data 0 50 100 150 200 250 Agriculture, Food Science & Veterinary Medicine Arts & Celtic Studies Business & Law Engineering & Architecture Health Sciences Human Sciences Sciences College Breakdown All other Levels UG
  23. 23. Outreach Team
  24. 24. Outreach Team
  25. 25. Outreach Team
  26. 26. Outreach Team
  27. 27. Outreach Team
  28. 28. Outreach Team
  29. 29. Matching the university speak
  30. 30. Matching the university speak
  31. 31. Value: Its all in the eye of the beholder!
  32. 32. Thank you Photo credits John Hickey: ICONSDB: Melanie Simpson , UCD Library Outreach Vincent Hoban, UCD Media Services All other photos are original by the author