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Promoting Digital Cultural Heritage Collections: Challenges and Opportunities


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Julia Barrett presents on increasing awareness of cultural heritage digital collections and the approach at UCD Library

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Promoting Digital Cultural Heritage Collections: Challenges and Opportunities

  1. 1. An Leabharlann UCD Julia Barrett UCD James Joyce Library Promoting Digital Cultural Heritage Collections: Challenges and Opportunities
  2. 2. “There is an awareness gap between the holdings of digital libraries and the communities they serve” 0.1300/J123v53n03_13
  3. 3. How Do We Know Who Our Communities Are? • Audience analysis – /2009/02/05/download- audience-analysis-toolkit/ • User-generated comments and feedback • Analytics – Google, Twitter • Log file analysis • Via Academic champions • Analysing Use – TIDSR: Toolkit for the Impact of Digitised Scholarly Resources – http://microsite dsr/
  4. 4. Build Personas • Stand-ins for real users • Group like- minded users • Write user stories / use cases • Include specific, granular tasks • Include benefits
  5. 5. UCD Digital Library Publicity Channels • Key University Contacts: users and political dimension • Commemorations Committee • National & Regional Media • Journals • Online Platforms and Hubs • Library Groups • Local History Societies • Schools; ScoilNet • Irish Studies / Academic History • Museums / Archives • Mailing Lists • Possible Funders • Collection Specific Links e.g. Maps – Universities – Publishers (e.g. RIA) – Online (e.g. OpenStreetMap) – Mailing Lists – Govt. Depts – Journals – Prof. Associations (e.g. Architecture)
  6. 6. UCD Digital Library Publicity Methods • Twitter • Blog • Facebook • Instagram • Internal – E-zines – Library website and screens – UCD channels • Posters • Press releases and media interviews • Flyers – General – Topic e.g. 1916 • Exhibitions – Kevin Barry – travelling out – Markievicz – travelling in (Eithne Coyle O’Donnell) • Launches
  7. 7. The Publicity Journey: Build Relationships • Partnering with Archives & Academics – Visits & ceremonies – MOUs, temporary transfer agreements, etc. – Increases publicity opportunities – Build trust • Champions – Involve – Contextual information – Conferences – Acknowledge • Library staff – College Liaison Librarians • Think not only end-users but political dimension – Impact and uniqueness • UCD Strategic Objectives – Funding opportunities
  8. 8. Be Part of the Conversation • Post comments on relevant blogs • Follow others on Twitter and retweet valuable content – give and take • Respond promptly to any queries
  9. 9. Celebrate Anniversaries
  10. 10. Create an Impact
  11. 11. Make a Case • Google Analytics – Individual Digital Library collections – Related guides / pages (e.g. Maps LibGuide) • Geographical spread • Keywords • Spikes • Wikipedia Page Views – Page views for whole page (e.g. Kevin Barry) – “Relevant Wikipedia entries are gold!” Spec Kit 341, p.47 • Altmetrics – Individual Digital Library collections – Social media spread
  12. 12. Kevin Barry Wikipedia Page UCD Library: 3/day Kevin Barry: 170/day Easter Rising: 4,665/day (22,957/day for March 2016)
  13. 13. UCD Digital Library Collections • Past year - 295,000 pageviews - Ireland, UK, USA… • Most popular – 1916 Rising Postcards (5156) – School Manuscript Collection (5044) – OSi Historic Town Plans (4967) • Least popular – Seán Lemass speeches as Taoiseach (32) – James Meenan papers (43)
  14. 14. Challenges • Maintaining momentum • Roles and workloads • Collections moving to services • Services moving to expertise (technologies / skills) • Adding functionality • Managing expectations
  15. 15. Maintaining Momentum: Enhancing Discoverability Kevin Barry UCD catalogue Wikipedia VLE e.g. BlackBoard Search engine optimisation GCI and online narratives Transcriptions / OCR / full- text searching Lesson plans (e.g. Military Archives)
  16. 16. Roles and Workloads • Centralisation v. decentralisation – Library Outreach team – Digital Library team – UCD Communications • Multiplicity of channels requiring tailored approaches (e.g. Twitter character limits and construction v. blog post v. press release v. GCI narrative) • New roles – Google Cultural Institute – Wider than just the Digital Library – Need input from experts – both tool and topic • Project v. workflow
  17. 17. Collections to Services • How do I download? • Can we use your images in an exhibition? There is a small 'download' button (with an inverted green arrow) beside the thumbnails of the photos. When you click on it, it gives you several options regarding the size of the image you require. Choose the largest if you wish to print it. Please let me know if you run into difficulty. I am currently researching images on behalf of a museum in Ireland who is opening an exhibition next year which will focus on the Irish diaspora across the world. It aims to be a celebration of the richness and diversity of Irish culture and the contributions that the Irish community have made globally. The curator would like to focus a small portion of the exhibition on Irish-born novelist, James Joyce, who attended the University College Dublin in the early 20th century. Therefore, we would like to include an image of the university from this time in an audio/visual display which will span his entire life. Might you have some images of the University from around this time that we may be able to license from you for the purpose of this exhibition please?
  18. 18. Expertise • “I’d like to visualise my data on a map – how do I do that?” Iberian Books http://iberia
  19. 19. Adding Functionality • Geospatial • APIs • Annotation Services • Transcription tools • Crowdsourcing Measuring the ANZACs
  20. 20. Crowdsourcing • NLI’s photos on Flickr – s/nlireland/ • “Crowdsourcing is the single greatest advancement in getting people using and interacting with our collections.” – 3/crowdsourcing-cultural-heritage- the-objectives-are-upside-down/
  21. 21. Managing Expectations • Fantastic map collection – are the Northern Irish maps available? • Now that you are signed up to Google Cultural Institute will you be able to create an online exhibition for my collection?
  22. 22. References • SPEC Kit 341 (2014): Digital Collections Assessment and Outreach (August 2014) – Assessment-Outreach-SPEC-Kit-341/59 • Schrier, R. A. (2007) Digital librarianship & social media: The digital library as conversation facilitator. D-Lib Magazine, 17(7/8). doi:10.1045/july2011-schrier • Buczynski, James (2007) Referral Marketing Campaigns. The Serials Librarian, 53:3, 193-209, doi:10.1300/J123v53n03_13 • TIDSR: Toolkit for the Impact of Digital Scholarly Resources –