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Open Minds and Open Doors: managing elearning supports at UCD Library


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Presentation given by James Molloy and Peter Hickey, Librarians at University College Dublin, at the 2015 HEAnet National Conference, Douglas, Co Cork, Ireland held November 11-13th, 2015.

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Open Minds and Open Doors: managing elearning supports at UCD Library

  1. 1. Open Minds & Open Doors James Molloy Peter Hickey HEAnet National Conference 2015 Managing eLearning Supports at UCD Library
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  19. 19. “Your group is certainly doing some great things in the eLearning arena” Ashely Sutherland, Liaison Librarian, University of Melbourne Library
  20. 20. / @hickey_peter / @jpjmolloy Thank You! Photo Credits Melanie Simpson (UCD Library Outreach) Robert Molloy Vincent Hoban (UCD Media Services) all other photos are original by the authors