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Open Educational Resources: Nuts & Bolts of Developing an Online Plagiarism Tutorial


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Presentation given by Jennifer Collery, College Liaison Librarian at University College Dublin Library to LIR Annual Seminar, Dublin, Ireland on March 21, 2014.

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Open Educational Resources: Nuts & Bolts of Developing an Online Plagiarism Tutorial

  1. 1. Open Educational Resources: Nuts and Bolts of Developing an Online Plagiarism Tutorial Jenny Collery, UCD Library
  2. 2. What’s the link? OERs & Open Access • Open Educational Resources have been described as a “public good” where “the producers of the good decide that they do not want to exclude people from this resource.” (Billings et al., 2012) • OERs are part of “Open Movement” (JISC and McGill, 2013)
  3. 3. UCD eLearning Team est. May 2013 Jenny Collery, Plagiarism Lead Diarmuid Stokes Sonya Hood Michelle Dalton Gerard Walsh Susan Boyle James Molloy, eLearning Lead Carmel Norris Emily Doherty Sue Daly
  4. 4. Nuts & Bolts: Searching for OERs • Top locations - JORUM, Flickr, Google, YouTube and Slideshare etc. (Graham and Secker, 2012) • Sharing practice: visit to team by Philip Russel, Deputy Head of Library & Information Services at ITT Dublin • Local over International (de Beer, 2012) • Benchmarking & idea generation (Common Wealth of Learning and UNESCO, 2011) Courtesy of LOC, Hollem, Howard R., (photographer)
  5. 5. ITT Tutorial - Perfect structure High Quality Academic Standard User tested Clear, intuitive design Major learning objectives covered Plain English Image courtesy of Phil Gyford Compatible s/ware used
  6. 6. Branding & Localisation
  7. 7. Mobile Ready, Interactivity & Assessment
  8. 8. Mobile Ready, Interactivity & Assessment
  9. 9. Auditory Visual Kinaesthetic Kolb (1984) Multi-sensory learning Image courtesy of Joalo Loureiro
  10. 10. Plagiarism as Gaeilge • Request from UCD School of Irish, Celtic Studies, Irish Folklore & Linguistics • First Irish Language Plagiarism Tutorial* • Collaborated with Bord na Gaeilge, UCD (translation & audio narration)
  11. 11. Where to share OERs? Professional Networks… “I think the online tutorial is excellent – very clear, with lovely interactive aspects, and the Irish is a delight. It’s sadly rare to come across something of such high quality in Irish…” Coláiste na hÉireann/Gaelchultúr “it's really high quality, we are all delighted with it.” School of Irish, Celtic Studies, Folklore & Linguistics, UCD “Delighted by this tutorial as #Gaeilge on avoiding plagiarism Fáilte roimh an suimh seo - conas bradáil a seachtaint, Bríd McGrath, McGrath Barrett Consulting
  12. 12. Where to share OERs? Professional Networks… • Request for Multi-Lingual IL resources for “Overview of Information Literacy Resources Worldwide” (Horton Jr., 2013)
  13. 13. Where to share? OER Repositories…
  14. 14. hurdles + (training + patience) = success
  15. 15. Using OERs: Evaluation • OERs provide a Vygotskian “Scaffolded Learning Environment” (Daniels and Net Library Inc., 2005) • Sharing in OER repository makes the invisible, visible (Hughes & McKenna, 2012) • Adaptable across institutions, e.g. MOOCs • Time efficiency* • Adapt for new technology • Team Feedback & Review • Professional Development
  16. 16. Tempted to re-purpose an OER? Save some time… NDLR* JORUM OER Commons OpenLearn (OU) MERLOT Primo MIT Open CourseWare WikiEducator Xpert UCD Library Tutorials ITT Tutorials
  17. 17. References Billings, M. S., Hutton, S. C., Schafer, J., Schweik, C. M. and Sheridan, M. (2012) 'Open Educational Resources as Learning Materials: Prospects and Strategies for University Libraries', Research Library Issues: A Bimonthly Report from ARL, CNI, and SPARC, (280), pp. 2- 10. Common Wealth of Learning and UNESCO (2011) Guidelines for Open Educational Resources (OER) in Higher Education. Available at: Daniels, H. and NetLibrary Inc. (2005) An introduction to Vygotsky London ; New York: Routledge,. Available at: de Beer, T. (2012) SCORE Library Survey Report: SCORE. Available at: Graham, N. and Secker, J. (2012) Librarians, information literacy and open educational resources: report of a survey. Available at: Horton Jr., F. W. (2013) Overview of Information Literacy Resources Worldwide, Paris. Available at: JISC and McGill, L. (2013) What are Open Educational Resources JISC. Available at: 2014 Russell, P., Ryder, G., Kerins, G. and Phelan, M. (2013) 'Creating, Sharing and Reusing Learning Objects to Enhance Information Literacy', Journal of Information Literacy, 7(2), pp. 60-79.
  18. 18. Thanks for Listening… Jenny Collery Tel: 01 716 7097