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LibGuides: Migrating from Version 1 to 2


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Presentation given by Rosalind Pan (Head of Outreach, UCD Library) to the ANLTC Seminar "Using LibGuides: from simple online guides to complete library websites" held at University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland on March 25, 2015.

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LibGuides: Migrating from Version 1 to 2

  1. 1. Ros Pan Head of Outreach UCD Library
  2. 2.  Better out of the box look and feel – can match colour of tabs to your website colour exactly  Option of the website-like left bar navigation style  Some better flexibility in terms of layout of boxes  Much better ability to mix and match different types of content within a box  Manage all your assets in a shared way and better way, with single record used by all who want it  For those who want to code, much enhanced ability to alter whole look and feel to suit your own wishes than with version 1.  Responsive design via bootstrap to will re-size and re-arrange to suit tablet, desktop, mini tablet, smartphones in better way than version 1.  Better nested URLS for each page of a guide, but do need to create these after migration.
  3. 3.  Expand your guide range and authors  Consider wider use of LibGuides  Weed content, remove outdated items  Re-think the layout of your guides including new features
  4. 4.  It is a significant project to migrate, best approached with a project plan & manager  There is plenty of online help on the Springshare site which is accurate in what it says  You may want to expand your project plan to include the essentials of migration PLUS optional tidy up and reshape and enhancements you want to do locally
  5. 5.
  6. 6.  It is a new system on a new server – it is free to migrate  You have to do some preliminary tidy up of current system – checklist provided example: delete old guides, unused docs and images  Then all is migrated to the new system  Then you tidy up new system e.g. if you have multiple records for Web of Knowledge, get all guides using the same record and delete the spare ones  Then you go live with the new system  You want to keep the period where you have migrated the guides but the LIVE system is still the old system to a minimum: will need update embargo or will have to update old and new at this time
  7. 7.  Why not do this? Can begin to see the new administrative interface, begin to set up the colour scheme etc, begin to try coding adjustments if going that route  No obligation to proceed at any given time after you have a beta version 2 site set up Requesting a LibGuides 2 site is super easy: Log into your LibGuides v1 site. Click the LibGuides v2 Beta Request button in the upper left hand column of your LibGuides v1 Dashboard. Read through the information on the next page. Click Submit!
  8. 8.  Learn new interface  Set up colours, widgets on home page, groups etc  Perhaps train wider author group  CLEAN UP OLD GUIDES ATTHE SAMETIME
  9. 9.  Company will run a report for you: unused guides, images not being used that sort of thing  There is a checklist for administrators and one for authors on things to look out for e.g. unused accounts for staff who have left, unused images, unpublished and unwanted guides to delete  They also recommend that if you have been a bit slack about sharing a single record for a database or document and have multiples you tidy that up now  If you want to have a Databases library in the new system you will need to mark up which assets you want to go there, as against going over as general links (are other ways to approach that…)
  10. 10.  Assume cleaned up old system and have new one reasonably set up  Pick a date for the migration  DON’T DOTHIS UNTILYOU HAVETHE POST- MIGRATION CLEANUP PLANNED AND AGREED!  Because you want to keep the period post-migration but not live withVersion 2 as short as you can I think  Most of your guides, subject headings, accounts and images will migrate: there is a clear list of what will not migrate and will need to be set up new
  11. 11. Got your LibGuides v1 site all cleaned up? Super! :) It's time to request that all of your content be migrated into your shiny v2 system... In your LibGuides v1 site, click the drop-down under LibGuides v2 Info and select Prepare for Content Migration. In the Step IV: Schedule Your Data Migration area, choose the date you'd like your site migrated and click Schedule It!. Important to know: You cannot change the date once selected, so make sure you're choosing the best date for your system. Migrations are limited to 25 / day. If your preferred date is not available, that means our dance card is full! Please choose another date. Content will be migrated based on the system back up that occurs at 1am U.S. Central time the day of your migration, so all changes must be made by then. Any changes to your v1 content after 1am U.S. Central time the day of your migration will not be migrated. You may need to use a Time Zone Converter to figure out what day/time that is in your region of the world. When the day of your migration arrives, we'll transfer all of your content from your v1 site into your v2 site. Check your v2 system the next day and you'll see all of your content! You can then start on post-migration clean up and get ready to go live!
  12. 12. Will be Migrated Will Not be Migrated All User Accounts System/ Group Banner Images All Guides / Most Guide Content(See Will Not be Migrated list for content thatwill not be migrated.) System/ Group Custom HEAD Code Statistics (happensjust before going live) System/ Group Custom HeaderCode Images in the Image Manager System/ Group Custom FooterCode Subjects PrinterFriendlyCustom HEAD Code Tags PrinterFriendlyCustom HeaderCode Friendly URLs PrinterFriendlyCustom FooterCode Groups (LibGuides CMSOnly) Tab / Box Color Choices Resource Icons Custom AnalyticsCode AccessRules (LibGuides CMSOnly) System/ Group Homepage Options Language Options AdminAlert Box Content E-Reserves These Box Types:  Tableof Contents (Switchto side nav templatepost migration.)  LibAnswers(Willbe a LibGuidesv2 content type, but only for LibAnswersv2; manual additionof LibAnswersv1 widgets willneed to happen.)  Surveys (Willbe a LibGuides v2content type, but only for CMS clients, just like in v1)  Events (No equivalentin v2; if you have LibCal,add LibCalwidgets via theMedia / Widgetcontent item.)  Delicious (IntegrateDeliciouswidgetsvia Media / Widgetcontent itempost migration.)  User Link Submission(No equivalentin v2.)  Feedback(No equivalentin v2.) Remote Scripts  will become widget assets  an iFrame tag will point to the original script URL Forms & Surveys (beingreplaced withLibSurveys) Images from Deleted v1 Account Image Libraries
  13. 13.  Again company have a checklist for that  One for authors and one for administrators, just need to follow them – agree all of it  Do any local enhancements at this time  Do your author training at this time is a good idea
  14. 14.  Decide which clean-up things can be done AFTER you go live – e.g. if people have put links into text rather than using the proper link content type and you want to change that you can tidy that up post-live  You will probably need help from your IT staff to go live – to point the URL to the new version 2 server at an agreed time: open discussions with them now – DNS mapping, is a whole page in the guide on this  Decide the date you want to make the move: you, Springshare and IT staff have to all be synchronised  Do some PUBLICITY to your users about this change (links should still work as before so no broken links)…
  15. 15.  It is worth migrating  Well planned and documented by the company  Not difficult but is quite a bit to it before, during and after migration  View as a project with a project manager  Consider taking opportunity to refresh use of LibGuides, agree all changes authors will make  Do a detailed workplan capturing all actions essential and optional, admin and author levels  Start in good time if want to have version 2 live for next academic year – now!