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UCD Development Studies Library Reorganisation & promotion of a specialist library. Author: Anne-Marie Smith


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UCD Development Studies Library Reorganisation & promotion of a specialist library. Author: Anne-Marie Smith

  1. 1. UCD Development Studies Library Reorganisation & promotion of a specialist library. Anne-Marie Smith, James Joyce Library, University College Dublin. Contact : annemarie.smith@ucd.ie Background UCD Development Studies Library (DSL) is a specialist research library for development issues, founded in Reorganisation in 10 steps: May 2010-Sept 2011 1987 by UCD and the Department of Foreign Affairs. From 1987 – 2011 the DSL has been supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs, the National Committee for Development in Education (NCDE) and Irish Aid. This library provides print and electronic information resources and specialist support services to the Summer 2010 it was decided to mainstream the processes in this library bringing them in line with standard UCD development community in UCD and in Ireland. Library practices. The collections were reorganised, the space re-designed, and the Library promoted to a wider Collections include reports and publications from Irish and international NGOs and other organisations community. including the European Union, Irish Aid, United Nations and the World Bank. Multidisciplinary subject content includes: Aid, Agriculture, Economics, Environment, Human Rights, 1. DSL at capacity, no room for growth on shelves. Millennium Development Goals , Politics, War, Rural/Urban Development. 2. Small amount of money made available to “brand” the library, give the space /collections their own identity. This Library is open to the public. 3. Extra shelving became available from another library project. 4. Plan to re-design collection layout with the extra shelving. Team Work 5. Stock taken off shelves, stored on tables, shelves dismantled. • Facilities Staff – dismantling & re-erecting shelving, health and safety checks of layout. • Floor Services staff – re-shelving stock. 6. Once space empty, new design lay-out marked on the floor. Change from six short separate runs of • Information Resources Management staff – cataloguing. books/journals to three long rows of shelves holding reference, long loan books, older journals and reports. • Development Studies Library staff – planning and overseeing project. • Academic Services Manager. 7. Current journals located adjacent to the back issues of journals. • Senior Management. • Cleaning staff. 8. Shelving cleaned and re-erected. All stock put back on shelves leaving one shelf per bay empty for growth. • Designer, carpenter & painter. 9. Collection is mainstreamed by the Information Resource Management team by: • Assigning a suffix to all development journals, making them easier to locate. Challenges • Amending catalogue records and weeding the collection of single issues/duplicate journals. • Re-boxing loose-leaf material. Summer work: Project had to be done out of term time to minimise disruption. 10. Development of meeting room for development studies community. Re-design space by: Sequencing: Each team dependent on previous team completing their work, before the subsequent stage could • Painting eight surrounding grey pillars white with a Millennium Development Goal (MDG) graphic on each of begin. Slow process. them. Sick leave/Annual Leave: Process slowed further through sick leave/annual leave . • Painting the collection shelf-ends orange. (Other shelf-ends on the floor are blue). Time pressure: Work needed to be complete before new academic year. • Commissioning designer to create and install three development themed wall panels. Weeding: Many DSL resources unique to this collection. With weeding, staff had to be extremely careful so as not to lose any important material. Funding for re-design / promotion of specialist library donated by UCD School of Politics & International Relations. See photograph examples below of this process. Results Promoting the collection • Collection is easier to locate & navigate around. • Room for growth. Visuals- Three new wall panels. Shelf ends painted orange to highlight collection. • Brighter, cleaner and more defined area. Website-New webpage for development studies library written for the overall library website. • Sense of identity with themed wall panels. Social Networking- Twitter account set up - tweets on development related issues. • Classmarks in line with the rest of the library. Conferences-Attendance and participation at development related conferences & seminars. 4.Pillar with Graphics 5.Empty Floor Space 6. New Collection Design1. Blank Wall 2. Themed Wall Panel 3. Pillar