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Developing Irish Online Publishing Through Blogging


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Presented by Ms. Michelle Dalton, College Liaison Librarian, University College Dublin Library, at the seminar "Developing Academic Writing among Librarians" held at NUI Maynooth Library, Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland on Monday, 27th January 2014.

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Developing Irish Online Publishing Through Blogging

  1. 1. Developing Irish Online Publishing Through Blogging #dawal2014 Michelle Dalton / Liaison Librarian, UCD e w t @mishdalton
  2. 2. “conversational scholarship” (melissa gregg, 2006)
  3. 3. november 2011 300+ posts 30+ contributors libfocus 1500+ followers open editorial policy new voices
  4. 4. the same but different Source:
  5. 5. discussing collaborating sharing reflecting creating blogging publishing thinking writing learning informing
  6. 6. no author guidelines no word counts no conventions no restrictions no formatting
  7. 7. freedom is not free.
  8. 8. “one of the most difficult things is the first paragraph…” gabriel garcía márquez Source:
  9. 9. low pressure
  10. 10. on an average web page (593 words) users only stay long enough to read up to 28% writing for the web is different Source: Harald Weinreich et al. (2008) “Not Quite the Average: An Empirical Study of Web Use,” ACM Transactions on the Web, vol. 2, no. 1 (Feb)
  11. 11. writing for yourself versus writing for an audience
  12. 12. a space to make mistakes
  13. 13. develop “Most people give up on doing something new after one or two tries, but normally, six iterations of making something is enough to get you 90% of the way to understanding what it is, and how you want to make it.” Matt Locke, clarity
  14. 14. personality can make a good blog great
  15. 15. try it on for size first
  16. 16. thank you Michelle Dalton / Liaison Librarian, UCD e w t @mishdalton