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Spain IV Martin Ocelotl


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Spain IV Martin Ocelotl

  1. 1. Martin Ocelotl Clandestine Cult Leader
  2. 2. Shaman and Priest • Born in 1496, in 1519 Martin Ocelotl was imprisoned for a year by Moctezuma for an unfavorable prophecy • In 1525, Ocelotl, already a shaman, was baptized in Tezcoco and named Martin • Too set in his ways to change and too smart not to, Ocelotl became skilled in Folk Healing, Shamanism, Divination and ministering. His skill in divining made him sought after by the Spanish as well as indigenous peoples • Eventually angering the friars, Ocelotl was denounced as a wizard, believed that he could transform into a lion or tiger. It was also presumed he was immortal and could see the future
  3. 3. Big Trouble • In 1533 he was coerced into marriage by the church, the same year he foresaw a drought to come in five years time • In 1536, reports of his heretical behavior reached Bishop Zumarraga, and six witnesses testified to the Bishop of Ocelotl’s sorcery, idolatry and depravity, as well as meetings in Martin’s cellar and predictions of drought • On 11/8/1536, Ocelotl was brought before Zumarraga, and prosecutor Alonso Perez called for burning at the stake • Ocelotl was banished from New Spain and sent to the inquisitors • On 2/10/1537, Ocelotl was subjected to public humiliation, his estate was confiscated. The ship sunk mysteriously en transit