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Brazil All


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Brazil All

  1. 1. Brazil
  2. 2. History  Portuguese explorers first made contact in the 1500s  Brazil wood was the initial export, and lead to the rise of the sugarcane industry  Gold and diamond deposits were mined by the African and Amerindian Slaves in the 1700s  1808-1815 Brazil was the seat of the Portuguese court and Empire
  3. 3. History  1835 Brazil had the largest slave rebellion in the Americas, the Malê Revolt  Brazil was last to abolish slavery in 1888  Getulio Vargas held dictatorial control after a coup in 1930 until 1945  Besides a military coup from 1964 to 1989, Brazil has held Democratic
  4. 4. Geography  Brazil is the 5th largest country after Russia, Canada, America, and China  Brazil is split up Hydro-graphically  The largest river in Brazil is the Amazon, it stretches some 4000 miles
  5. 5. Geography  Shares a border with every South American country but Ecuador and Chile  1/3 of the territory is Pre-Cambrian – almost 240 million years old  66% is covered by forests, more than any other Latin American country
  6. 6. Brazilians  43% of the population is Pardo, a mix of white, black and native peoples, the self-recognized racial group of Brazilians  50% are white, descendants of Portuguese and Italians
  7. 7. Brazilians  Brazil received 35% of the Africans brought to the Americas in the slave trade  There are currently 184 Million people living in Brazil, making it the 5th most populace in the world  Brazil as well holds the 10th largest GDP at $1.99 Trillion
  8. 8. Culture  Brazil has people from Japan, Portugal, Germany and Italy as well as the 3 million Slaves and Native people, who all bring their own culture  Although extremely diverse, 70% of the population identifies as Roman Catholic
  9. 9. Culture  Football is the most popular sport in Brazil by a wide margin. Over 10,000 Brazilians play professionally worldwide  Brazilian music is very distinct, such examples being Sergio Mendes and Chico Buarque
  10. 10. References  world- factbook/rankorder/2001rank.htmlhttp://en.wikip 
  11. 11. Architecture  As Brazil's economy explodes, new art rises as the buildings  The developing regions of Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo have become richer, and are currently home to some of the most elaborate Architects in the world
  12. 12. Film  Brazilian film is largely influenced by early post- modern german cinema  Some of the best Brazilian films are City of God, by Fernando Meirelles, and Bicho de Sete Cabeças, by Laís Bodanzky
  13. 13. Music  Brazilian music is very distinct, such examples being Sergio Mendes and Chico Buarque,  Samba, Brazil Reggae, Boroque and Rap are the most popular forms of music
  14. 14. Dance  Carnaval, four days before Ash Wednesday, is celebrated across the world but most distinctly in Brazil  Bahia and Rio each have distinctive parties, but all have the Dance Schools, thousands of people large following a float, singing and dancing in elaborate costumes  As well, there are Blocos, who are smaller groups, and tend to satirize current politics